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  • 2. INDEX PROFILE BRAND EXTENSION Postabacchi proposal to Posteitaliane Group Parcel pick-up service in Tabacchi Posta Vacanza proposal to Posteitaliane Group Integrated group service to make holiday happen PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MYTANDA collaborated with Lovable Disposable Underwear MOODY collaborated with BTicino Software of Home Automation System INDEX
  • 3. PROFILE Deeply passionate about design, marketing, and management, I enjoy being challenged, easily adapt to a variety of work pressures, work well individually and in collaboration with others, and make positive contributions to the workplace through the strength of my work, creative input and personality.
  • 4. PROFILE I-MINGHUANG +886 975 004 145 /// EDUCATION Domus Academy, Milan, Italy Master in Business Design Oct. 2008 - Dec. 2009 Major: Business Design Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan R.O.C, Bachelor of Arts Sep. 2003 - Sep. 2007 Major: German Language and Literature Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany, Exchange Student Sep. 2005 - Sep. 2006 Major: German Language and Literature /// RELEVANT COURSE WORK Business and Design, Economics and Management, Design Thinking, Product Management, Sales management, Globalization: the growth of a multilayered economy, Internationalization (International strategy), Unconventional marketing, Brand management and brand innovation, Communication management: advertising, event, marketing and design strategy, Anthropological and sociological research models (user studies, scenarios and trend analysis), Design vision models: user-based scenarios and customer experience, Event/places/urban/destination marketing and design, Integrating Design experience and sensorial design into the strategic management. 1 | PROFILE
  • 5. PROFILE /// WORK EXPERIENCES Internship July 2009 - Oct. 2009 DARC Research and Consulting, Milan, Italy - Project research, Competitors Analysis, Trend Analysis Internship Sep. 2007 - Feb. 2008 German Trade Office, Taipei, Taiwan - Trade fairs marketing, Website updating, Event Contact /// PROJECT EXPERIENCES MYTANDA collaborated with lovable New product development for Lovable brand by creating new disposable underwear product with marketing strategy, new logo, packaging. MOODY collaborated with BTicino New software development uses in BTicino Home Automation System. POSTABACCHI proposal to Poste Italiane Group Brand extension of Poste Italiane Group by using existing relation between Tabacchi and Poste Italiane to create new strategy and service. POSTA VACANZA proposal to Poste Italiane Group Brand extension of Poste Italiane Group by using integrating group services and products with “make holiday happen” concept to offer new marketing strategy and financial product. /// LANGUAGE SKILLS chinese ( mandarin ), english, german, italian 2 | PROFILE
  • 6. POSTABACCHI | BRAND EXTENSION Nowadays more and more people make purchases online and they all have demands on fast and safe parcel delivery and also convenient and flexible pickup channel, which Poste Italiane cannot satisfy them with its system. So considering high density of Tabacchi, and the postal connection (selling stamps) with Posteitaliane, through adding new parcel pick-up service in Tabacchi to extend the connection, and also offer customer and flexible parcel pick-up service.
  • 7. POSTABCCHI proposal to Poste Italiane Group TABACCHI is a shop, usually with small size, and it born for selling the products(Salt, Tobaccos, Stamps) which were controlled as monopoly by Italian government. They usually combine with different stores ( ex. coffee shop, bar, restaurant, lotto...etc.) around people’s daily life. It is not only a shop, but also a social network place for Italians. The density of Post Office in Milan Take an example in Milan, TABACCHI has higher density compares with Post Offices in this case, it could be the business opportunity to use in the proposal. The density of TABACCHI in Milan POSTABACCHI | BRAND EXTENSION
  • 8. POSTABCCHI proposal to Poste Italiane Group +5% shipping fee per parcel POSTABACCHI SERVICE ORDER ORDER DATA PAY ONLINE GOODS DELIVERY ORDER PICKUP DATA DATA DATA UPDATE GOODS DELIVERY GOODS DELIVERY 5% - 8% commission per parcel Inflexible parcel pick-up service from Posteitaliane Not only Tabacchi can get additional commission but also offer a flexible pick-up service Inspiration Feasibility STRATEGIC KEY VALUE DISTRIBUTION CUSTOMER PARTNER ACTIVITIES PROPOSITION CHANNELS SEGMENT Using advertisements to promote, and also cooperating with online platform stamp selling Marketing stamp TABACCHI TABACCHI Posteitaliane selling Posteitaliane pickup service COST REVEUES Expanding the connection between TABACCHI & Posteitaliane Customers can order online, and pick-up in Tabacchi through physical/virtual channel Concept Business Model POSTABACCHI | BRAND EXTENSION
  • 9. POSTABCCHI proposal to Poste Italiane Group C 0 M 0 Y 100 K 0 C 100 M 90 Y 0 K 0 LOGO and Naming Postabacchi represents the parcel pick-up service. Posta means post in italian and Tabacchi. The Logo keeps the Posteitaliane Group’s brand identity style and colours (yellow and blue). Posteitaliane Posteitaliane Group’s brand images POSTABACCHI | BRAND EXTENSION
  • 10. POSTA VACANZA | BRAND EXTENSION The major postal operators over the world are all developing new services and products through their brand extension strategy to create more profitability and benefit. For this reason, Poste Italiane has the demand to integrate its service network through adding travel service to merge the trend in order to fit its customer’s need and create new business opportunity.
  • 11. POSTA VACANZA I proposal to Poste Italiane Group Main Services and Products in Poste italiane Group Other service Additional Service: Flight ticket selling and picking–up in post office Financial Service Postal Service Poste Italiane Group is constantly increasing quality and adding more variety to the products and services offered. As the top employer and leading group in Italy, it has expanded upon its original mission, breaking into the sectors of finance and insurance, logistics, IT, and, most recently, mobile telephone Insurance Service services. It is an internationally recognised corporate model, based on its ability to diversify business and maintain a strong presence in the country and a tight bond with the Italian people. POSTA VACANZA | BRAND EXTENSION
  • 12. POSTA VACANZA I proposal to Poste Italiane Group Combination of Poste Italiane Group and Travel Postal service A Trusted Branded Travel Planning Communication Network Travel Insurance Covering Financial service Complete Service Network Travel Advice Insurance create new holiday Payment service ………. experience Currency Exchange Private Mail Organizing …….. The concept of this project is going to use the brand extension of Poste Italiane Group through adding travel service to integrate its group services, and provide their customer new experience with Poste Italiane Group and travel behaviours. POSTA VACANZA | BRAND EXTENSION
  • 13. POSTA VACANZA I proposal to Poste Italiane Group Travel Money management, saving, investment, loan The user needs from Holiday Happening to Holiday Arranging to Travelling. g -Pay nin ing Needs m - Ma ents de pl an issu il ho ur ance t a ldin ling -To sur en g - In ocum g n tio D ckin oda ation - e m rt ch com spo n -Ac d tra n king a o bo Start Point of your holiday travel Travel Agency The most travel agency only can arrange the whole holiday plan for you, But in this proposal is to make your holiday happen, a new holiday experience. New Holiday Experience POSTA VACANZA | BRAND EXTENSION
  • 14. POSTA VACANZA I proposal to Poste Italiane Group TRAVEL INSURANCE TRAVEL PLANNING: Transportation, accommodation, city tour, payments…etc. HOLIDAY PLANNING POSTA VACANZA is a financial product, which offer “3 years with 5 cities” travel account management. TELEPHONY For the Poste Italiane Group, they can gain the values and profits from Posta Vacanza business by increasing INVESTMENT: HOLIDAY PAYMENT the number of the deposit accounts in their bank. Posteitaliane The multiple uses of existing distributing network can Group, Alitalia Airline MAIL HOLDING reduce the expense from distribution expanding. Leisure Industries On the strategic partner side of Alitalia Airline, the company can offer sales of the flight tickets and gain the fund from the investment by Poste Italiane through Posta Vacanza Kit. For the company, it can also create more working opportunities to help the travel service in Posta Vacanza service. Moreover, more cooperation with different airline companies internationally could be created in the future, so that an even more powerful network of air routes could be connected with the post distribution system. Also, various hotels that coordinate in the airline network of the airline companies can be joined and introduced to the post network, so that the customers of Posta Vacanza can have much more choices. Step by step, a more comprehensive service system will be established in the future. POSTA VACANZA | BRAND EXTENSION
  • 15. POSTA VACANZA I proposal to Poste Italiane Group C 0 M 0 Y 100 K 0 C 100 M 90 Y 0 K 0 LOGO and Naming The name of Posta Vacanza presents the business related to Poste Italiane Group, the word “ Posta”shows the original business of postal service from the group, and the “Vacanza” represents the core business in the travel sector. The logo of Posta Vacanza is composed of two parts: the lettering and icons with box and airplane. The lettering follows the same font and positioning of the “Poste Italiane Group”. The box symbolizes the core business of the parent company, and airplane represents the concept of travelling. The whole image gives off a feeling that the new travel business branch derives from the root of the parent company. POSTA VACANZA | BRAND EXTENSION
  • 16. MYTANDA | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Underwear can become another field of extension into the simple life model, while at the same time improving the aesthetic, comfort, environmental sustainability, and the malice in underwear items..
  • 17. MYTANDA I collaborated with Lovable RESEARCH AND ANALYSE Market Situation : The underwear market is flat and fragmented: disposable underwear is produced almost entirely in Asia and sold almost entirely through e-commerce in the US, Asia and UK. This market currently has no relevancy in Europe. Business Opportunities : Develop a new line of business in disposable underwear by choosing one of the following opportunities: A. Create business complementary to the current company profile B. Create potential business (to be the firs, big mover in Europe) $%*$+,-%(. ()"##%( !"#$%&' )&/+,-%(. Underwear Market in Italy Main players Consumer Purchasing behaviour in Disposal Underwear Market MYTANDA | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  • 18. MYTANDA I collaborated with Lovable IDEA DEVELOPMENT Key Directions the product must be perceived as a wear and toss item with a modern look, good fitting and invisible under clothing. The most suitable material must be comfortable, good elasticity for fitting, no transparency and the quality level must give the reassurance of a 24h wearable product. Target Consumer Active and open-minded women with a busy daily life, searching to free up time from needed tasks to pursue other activities. Key Factors Low price, environmentally sustainable, comfort, look (aesthetic) and easy to find. CONCEPT KEYWORDS NATURAL EXPERIENCE PURE SEDUCTION PLEASURE always on the move young & fun Easy Adaptable define the product direction define the target market and consumer MYTANDA | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  • 19. MYTANDA I collaborated with Lovable PRODUCT DESIGN Product models and colour board the basic models with the colours from nature. !"#$%#&'-)**'&+' !"#$%#&'(*)('&+' !"#$%#&'()(*'&+' !"#$%#&'(,)'&+' !"#$%#&'(-.'&+' Material proposal - the bamboo fiber - similar to silk - smooth and soft touch - lower cost - antibacterial - 100% biodegradable - breathable adsorbent - thermo insulating - anallergic MYTANDA | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  • 20. MYTANDA I collaborated with Lovable MARKETING STRATEGIES meeting space Concept Store idea: provides the customer as a network point, product display space that they can meet people there to exchange the shopping experiences. event space magazine advertisement envent promotion MYTANDA | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  • 21. MYTANDA I collaborated with Lovable LOGO and Naming C 0 M 64 playing with sounds to memorize Y 21 my = it is mine K 0 tanda = mutanda ( italian: underwear) + panda the proposal of the product’s material is made by bamboo fiber, which can use the image of panda to rerpesent it. MyTanda 105 15 45 30 30 Packaging of disposable pack ( 1 pz ) Packaging of week ( 7 pz ) and weekend ( 3 pz ) - made by PLA (comes from corn) - made by Paperboard: (comes from cellulose) - biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, insulating - biodegradable, recyclable, compostable - the underwear is folded inside MYTANDA | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  • 22. MOODY | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT In our daily life, we live in the ACTION-REACTION environment. Sometimes REACTIONS might be positives, on the other hand, they might be deceiving. MOODY is an interface which act react between people and space. Through MOODY, people can make their life better by interacting with their places through a software in BTicino’s device.
  • 23. MOODY I collaborated with BTicino MOODY concept is based on all human senses. It affects on senses to change the state of mind of the user. Instead of traditional stress reducing, MOODY can relax you as good as all these activities without any physical effort and there is no needs to leave the space you stay in. Just use MOODY and feel it. MOODY | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  • 24. MOODY I collaborated with BTicino Travelling is stress for most of us. And sometimes we have flights delayed or cancelled. It can make you really nervous. But imagine a room that will reduce anxiety and stress and also remind you when to board your flight. How it works? Using the technology equipment, MOODY system uses projection, sound, cosiness and all other ways to make users as comfy as possible. MOODY | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  • 25. MOODY I collaborated with BTicino LOGO and Naming MOODY has to be connected with ease and happiness, so the colours and textures of the logo are a bit hippie. MOODY | PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  • 26. THANK YOU if you need any information, please feel free to contact with me.