Evaluate Content with Google Analytics (Oct 2009)


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Google Analytics (GA) reveals tons of information about which pieces of content perform the best on the eXtension Public Site. Come learn how to use GA to find your best (and worst) performing content on the eXtension Public site. You will learn about bounce rate, the power of links, traffic sources, organic search keywords, advanced segments, and how to get this information emailed to you from GA on a weekly basis.

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Evaluate Content with Google Analytics (Oct 2009)

  1. 1. Evaluate Your Content with Google Analytics Ben MacNeill User Interface Designer, eXtension October 22, 2009
  2. 2. Google Analytics • Traffic analysis tool • Free (Need a Google account. No public view unfortunately*.) • Who (Visitors), What (Content), Where (Traffic) How (Bounces)
  3. 3. What's the most popular content?
  4. 4. Where are your visitors coming from? *82% from search
  5. 5. How are your readers finding your content?
  6. 6. boiiiiiiing How many boiiiiiiiiiiiing boiiiiiiiiiiiiing visit your bo– page and boing boiiiiiiiing leave? boiiiing (and is boiiiiiiiing that good boiiiing or bad?) boiiiiing
  7. 7. What about my content? • the Public site GA data is aggregated • No way to look at a single category of content (until recently!)
  8. 8. Top-Level Categories in GA • Available in content reports • Top Content (Most Popular) • Top Landing Pages (Arrivals) • Top Exit Pages (Departures) • Look at all content or limit to specific types (Articles, FAQs, Learning Lessons, Events)
  9. 9. What Does it Look Like?
  10. 10. How it works • Actual url: http://www.extension.org/faq/824 • We pass an extra parameter to GA when the visit is recorded • Extra parameter = Top-level categories
  11. 11. Using the 'Find Page' Filter • Select a report: Content > Top Content • Choose any CoP resource area tag • No spaces. "beef_cattle" not "beef cattle" • View all content: fire_ants • View only FAQs: (faq).*(fire_ants) • View only Articles: (pages).*(fire_ants)
  12. 12. Let's Go to the Browser
  13. 13. Analysis: Bounce rate • the percentage of visitors to a page who leave without visiting any other page
  14. 14. Bounce rate: 41%
  15. 15. Bounce rate: 91%
  16. 16. Bounce rate: 41%
  17. 17. Under-performers? • Don't unpublish a piece of content • Destroys all the Google page rank built up for that page • Generates a "Page not found" for all new visitors coming from search • Damages the reputation of the site • Breaks all links that point to your page
  18. 18. Content, check. What about my visitors?
  19. 19. Let's Go to the Browser
  20. 20. Set up a Category Segment 1 3 4 2 5
  21. 21. Advanced Segments • A slice of all traffic • Great for Visitor-based reports (Visits, geography, traffic sources) • Page-level metrics will be skewed (Pageviews, Average Pageviews, Time on Site) Because the segment includes all pages the visitor viewed – not just your pages.
  22. 22. Get Reports by Email
  23. 23. Schedule Email Reports
  24. 24. Getting Access to GA • If you need access to eXtension GA, send me your gmail address or the email associated with your Google user ID. • ben.macneill@extension.org • thanks!