Evaluation Question 2 - How does your Opening Sequence represent particular Social Groups


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Evaluation Question 2 - How does your Opening Sequence represent particular social groups

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Evaluation Question 2 - How does your Opening Sequence represent particular Social Groups

  1. 1. Evaluation 2 – How does your Opening Sequence represent social groups? Luke Chillingsworth
  2. 2. Protagonist – Jordan The character here is when he is a good character and our protagonist. The use of blue bedsheets shows the calm nature of this character now and suggests we are safe around him. The use of normal clothes also shows his normal personality. The character is seen with more high key lighting throughout. This is when the character is still in the gang several years previously. The use of the hood shows suspicion and uncertainty and shows we cannot trust this character. The gun is also symbolic as it shows the character has violent connotations and definitely does not want to be messed with.
  3. 3. Woman – Maddy The clear walls in the background alongside the clear and blank top suggests this character has a clear personality and not the Black Thoughts which the criminals obviously have. The character has high key lighting throughout the Opening Sequence suggesting we can feel safe around her.
  4. 4. Antagonist – Sam Throughout the Opening Sequence we very rarely see the front of the antagonist, Sam. We regularly see the back of him and other areas of his body. The heavy use of black clothing suggests he has the black thoughts of the criminal. This also suggests that we cannot feel comfortable with the character and feel safe around them. The antagonist is often seen with Low Key Lighting again suggesting that this is an unsafe character. The balaclava is symbolic to this character, balaclavas are usually used in robberies and criminal behaviour so without these events happening we can instantly presume that’s what will happen later on. The black door also suggests the character can blend in and go unnoticed, a key trait of criminals when needing to.
  5. 5. Antagonist – Luke Firstly we see this character rom close up and then behind before seeing his face. This builds up a sense of mystery and suspense as we do not know who we are dealing with. The first shot of this character does show black gloves and a weapon so we can definitely presume a lot about the character from this shot. The black gloves could suggest he also has the criminals black thoughts and is someone unsafe to be around. The high key lighting on the weapon shows its high importance in the scene and further suggests this character is of high danger. When we see the characters face, the use of the balaclava confirms he is working with the other antagonist. The way the character is pointing the gun at the camera shows a sign of aggression and willingness to use it. The black car on the right is also important, again suggesting that the character can blend in and go unnoticed.
  6. 6. Ending At the end we see Five Years Earlier. The Antagonist Sam on the right of the screen is wearing a grey hoodie with jeans. This is important as it shows they are not taking part in a robbery but shows the character is not safe to be around either as his hoodie is up, suggesting he does not wish to communicate with anyone else and showing he could potentially be a dangerous character for the viewers at this moment. The character on the left is also the same suggesting these characters might be considered dangerous. The use of the gun again confirms this.