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ARTDM 171 Week 8: Remapping Cyberspace
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ARTDM 171 Week 8: Remapping Cyberspace


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. ARTDM 171, Week 8: Remapping Cyberspace
    • Gilbert Guerrero
    • [email_address]
  • 2. Homework
    • Nothing to put in my dropbox this week
  • 3. Remapping Cyberspace
  • 4. IV: 1st draft of a manifesto: Remapping cyberspace Remapping Cyberspace
  • 5. 1st draft of a manifesto: Remapping cyberspace
    • For the moment, what "we" desire is to:
    • remap the hegemonic cartography of cyberspace;
    • “ politicize" the debate;
    • develop a multicentric theoretical understanding of the (cultural, political and aesthetic) possibilities of new technologies;
    • exchange a different sort of information (mythopoetical, activist, performative, imagistic);
    • do all this with humor, inventiveness and intelligence
    • – Guillermo Gómez-Peña from Virtual Barrio @ The Other Frontier–Communication, Mobilization, Utopias, Identity, Language, and the Internet
  • 6. Zapatista Movement
  • 7. Zapatista Movement
    • Zapatistas used performance tactics and media attention to survive what would normally be crushed by the army
    • Communiques were posted on their website, from the jungles of Chiapas
    • More info: Wikipedia entry on Zapatistas
  • 8. McLibel
    • 1990, McDonalds sued 5 volunteers of Greenpeace London for libel
    • Dave Morris and Helen Steel defended themselves in a highly publicized trial
    • McSpotlight – website created to cover the case (and archive the history)
    • Further reading, Noami Klein’s book No Logo
  • 9. Bad Publicity for McDonald’s
    • Feb 16, 1996, McSpotlight site launched
      • More than a million hits in the first month
    • Became one of the longest running trials in British history
    • Coverage in the Wall Street Journal: Activists put McDonald's on Grill
    • Although Morris and Steel lost the case, McDonald’s dropped their claim for costs and injunction
  • 10.
    • Internally: “We don't sell nutrition and people don't come to McDonald's for nutrition”
    • Publicly: “Every time you eat at McDonald's, you'll eat good, nutritious food.”
  • 11.
    • Confidential Operations Manual: “Ronald loves McDonald's and McDonald's food. And so do children, because they love Ronald. Remember children exert a phenomenal influence when it come to restaurant selection.”
  • 12. More McFacts uncovered during the trial
    • McDonald’s spies infiltrated Greenpeace and other organizations
    • McDonald's is responsible for the destruction of rainforest in Central and South America, to make way for cattle pasture
  • 13. McLibel Followup
    • In 2000, Morris and Steel brought the UK to the European Court of Human Rights over unfair libel laws
    • In 2005, the European Court court ruled in their favor
  • 14.
    • Someone even made a movie about it
    • (2005)
    • Full movie
    • Trailer
  • 15.
    • Started in 1998 as an email by Joan Blades and Wes Boyd
    • An interview on Charlie Rose (interview begins at 33:08)
  • 16. Independent Media Center
    • San Francisco Bay Area –
  • 17. Facebook – Causes
    • Facebook Causes take advantage of social networks
  • 18. Sitemaps and Wireframes
  • 19. Sitemaps
    • Before writing, designing, or coding, determine what the scope of your site will be by creating sitemaps
    • Use Adobe Illustrator
  • 20. Wireframes
    • After the sitemap is created, determine:
      • what will go on each page, 
      • how the navigation will work, 
      • how much room there will be for content
    • Create wireframes for the layout of Home Page and Basic Subpages
  • 21. Homework due Oct 16
    • Read an essay by Guillermo Gómez-Peña
      • “Virtual Barrio @ The Other Frontier – Communication, Mobilization, Utopias, Identity, Language, and the Internet”
    • Build a Sitemap
    • Create two Wireframes: Home Page and Sublevel Page
    • Next Week: Visual Design in Photoshop