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A R T D M171  Week14  Multimedia

A R T D M171 Week14 Multimedia






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    A R T D M171  Week14  Multimedia A R T D M171 Week14 Multimedia Presentation Transcript

    • ARTDM 171, Week 14: Multimedia on the Web
      • Gilbert Guerrero
      • [email_address]
      • gilbertguerrero.com/blog/artdm-171/
    • Homework
      • Put your homework in my dropbox
      • Put them in a folder with your lastname and first initial
      • Example:
      • smith-h contact
    • Multimedia
    • Plug-ins
      • The Web was designed to display text and include images
      • These are the “native” formats of the Web
      • Everything else is only viewable on the Web through a plug-in
    • Significant and Problematic
      • Although plug-ins significantly expand the possibilities of the Web, they’re equally problematic
      • Compatibility with Browsers and OS
      • Must have the right plug-in to view, or the most up-to-date plug-in if it changes often
      • Not centrally controlled or standardized
      • Security concerns, since software will be installed on your users’ computers
      • More sophisticated coding to use them, with specific parameters and languages for each
    • Eolas patent
      • Microsoft was sued by the Eolas company which held a patent on technology to play media automatically
      • Microsoft changed Internet Explorer to stop playing media automatically, including Flash
      • Click here to activate message appeared before users could interact with all multimedia
      • The Workaround: load multimedia dynamically using JavaScript
      • Dreamweaver automatically adds the JavaScript whenever you add Flash to a page
    • Codecs
      • Compression-Decompression , or Code-Decode
      • Source files are not viewable on the Web
      • Your editing software compresses and encodes your source files with codecs
      • Plug-ins decompress and decode your multimedia files to make them viewable to your users
      • Some plug-ins can read multiple formats, not all of them can  
    • Common codecs and formats
      • Video:
      • Flash Video, .flv
      • Windows Media, .wmv
      • AVI (Audio Video Interleave), .avi
      • MPEG, .mpg or mpeg
      • MP4, .mp4
      • Quicktime, .mov
      • RealVideo, .rm or .ram
      • IPod, .m4v
      • Audio:
      • MP3, .mp3
      • MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), .mid or .midi
      • Real audio, .rm or .ram
      • Wave, .wav
      • IPod, .m4a
      • Other interactive media formats:
      • Java Applets, .jar
      • Flash, .swf
    • Design considerations
      • Don’t surprise your users with multimedia
      • Present media on a secondary page
      • Use a fast loading plain HTML page as the main page to present users with information and a screenshot or preview
      • Include the running time, format, and file size
      • Explain any special software requirements and provide a download link to required browser plug-ins
      • Provide playback controls
      • Make viewing your multimedia a user choice , allow your users to confirm their systems are properly configured and that they have enough bandwidth, time, and patience to continue
      • Further reading, Web Style Guide: Multimedia
    • Embedding a Flash Video
    • FLV - Flash Video format
      • Flash is the most widely used plug-in on the Web right now.  98% penetration , more than WMV and Quicktime
      • Just drag and drop, or:
        • Select Insert > Media > Flash Video
        • For other types of media, go to Insert > Media > Plug-in
      • Select a player skin
      • Upload all files to server
    • More about embedding Flash
      • Bye Bye Embed by Elizabeth Castro, A List Apart 
      • Flash Embedding Cage Match by Bobby van der Sluis, A List Apart
    • Other Flash Video Players (skins)
      • If you're not excited about Dreamweaver's skins, you can:
      • Build your own
      • Download one someone else has built
        • JW FLV Media Player
    • Inserting Flash
    • SimpleViewer
      • SimpleViewer is a Flash movie that can pull images and thumbnails from a folder and show them in a slideshow
      • Use the Manual Instructions for the most control
    • JavaScript Slideshows
    • Coda-Slider
      • Coda-Slider uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create a tabbed slideshow
      • This alternative works where you don’t want to or can’t use Flash
    • Final Projects
    • Timeline December 1 8 15 24 17 10 3 27 20 13 6 29 November October Last day of class Present revisions Present final projects (two days) Page production (add content and images) Site development (html coding) Design Strategy Usability Testing
    • Final project presentations begin in two weeks
      • Let’s schedule day 1 and day 2
    • Homework, due April 30
      • Read and do exercises in Chapter 18: Managing Your Site
      • Read Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia by Cory Doctorow
      • Work on your final projects
      • Next week: Accessibility and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Thank you