"The Lean Mindset": Mary & Tom Poppendieck's Keynote at AgileDayChile 2013
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"The Lean Mindset": Mary & Tom Poppendieck's Keynote at AgileDayChile 2013



Mary & Tom Poppendieck bring to us their analysis of the famouse rescue of the 33 chilean miners through lean glasses, and they propose a Lean Mindset grounded in business & technological success ...

Mary & Tom Poppendieck bring to us their analysis of the famouse rescue of the 33 chilean miners through lean glasses, and they propose a Lean Mindset grounded in business & technological success cases around the world.



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"The Lean Mindset": Mary & Tom Poppendieck's Keynote at AgileDayChile 2013 "The Lean Mindset": Mary & Tom Poppendieck's Keynote at AgileDayChile 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • lsoftware development e a n The Lean Mindset Ask the Right Questions mary@poppendieck.com Mary Poppendieck www.poppendieck.com
  • Against All Odds Aug 5, 2010 The San José Mine Collapsed The Rescue Team Sponsor: President Sebastián Piñera Leader: André Sougarret – Codelco Mine Manager The Leadership Team: 32 Handpicked Codelco Mangers IF the miners had survived and followed protocol, they would be in a ‘refuge’ area with enough food for 10 people for 2 days and water for a month. The Rescue Effort Step 1 – Drill to the refuge area Many quick probes to learn how to drill accurately. [17 days] Step 2 – Rescue the miners Try Plans A, B, and C to see which is fastest. [52 days – Plan B wins] 2 November 13 Success! October 13 Headline: All 33 Chilean Miners Rescued in a Flawless Operation Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC l e a n Leadership Lessons from the Cilean Mine Rescue, by Rashid, Edmondson, and Leonard, Harvard Business Review, 8/2013
  • Four Lessons The Power of Challenge The Need for Expertise Not Too Easy, Not Too Hard And Expert Leaders “The best moments [in our lives] usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.” There are no instant experts in chess… We would estimate, very roughly, that a [chess] master has spent perhaps 10,000 to 50,000 hours staring at chess positions. Herbert Simon and William Chase - 1973 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - 1991 Think  Try  Learn  Dynamically Intertwined Execution and Adaptation Energized Workers  Delighted Customers  Sustainable Profits In today’s world of apps and platforms, the boundary between developing and deploying software has largely disappeared. Continuous Delivery is now standard engineering practice for the web, cloud, mobile and Saas space. 3 November 13 It’s Not About Money Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC The energy fueled by being part of a winning team. The pride of a job well done. l e a n
  • Lesson 1: The Power of Challenge Remember times when: Anxiety  Y are deeply engaged ou  Time evaporates This is called FLOW. Challenges  Distractions disappear Boredom Skills “The best moments [in people’ lives] usually occur s when a person’ body or mind is stretched to its s limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi something difficult and worthwhile.” (me-high chick-sent-me-high-ee) 4 November 13 Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC l e a n
  • Thriving on Challenge Challenge: Moore’s Law At Intel, every department is involved in Moore’s Law. Including PDE. 1 2 3 (Product Development Engineering) From First Silicon to PRQ (Product Readiness Qualification) Timeline 1. 2007-2008: Early Agile 2. 2009-2010: Advanced Agile l e a n 3. 2011-2012: Beyond Agile 5 November 13 Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC Post-silicon Validation Challenges, by Keshava, Hakim, & Prudvi (Intel), presented at DAC ’10, Anaheim, 2010
  • Triple Productivity in 18 Months 20011 – 2012: Beyond Agile Moore’s Law required: 3X More Validation Cycles Same Funding and Time 18 months to figure it out. Lean Product Development Solution sets converge through a series of Integrating Events (IE’s) before detailed design begins. 3X Working Group: Translate 3X to Specific Targets 6 November 13 Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC l e a n www.targetedconvergence.com
  • Have You Tested It? Goal: Every two weeks, over a 48 hour weekend, software will be validated by placing 55,000 units in test sockets. Feasibility: Robot specs show it is capable of doing this. Coach: Have you tested it? Team: No…but – Team decided to test 1500 parts. Robot broke down after 80…. It took a year of improvements for the robot to work reliably at the needed volume and speed. 7 November 13 Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC l e a n
  • W eek l Week2 Week4 WeekS Week6 Add capabilities System test tea m (Fix) lntegrate & validate Test Product A Product B Product C Product D W eek8 lnfrastructure team :Q9J Module tea m System test tea m
  • Lesson 2: The Need for Expertise Decades of successful software engineering without detailed specifications, a backlog of stories, or long list of features and functions. Requirements for a Process Control System 1. It has to make good product. 2. It MUST be on time. 3. Operators must find it convenient to use. 4. It will be maintained by the plant engineer. 5. It should contain the latest technology. l e a n Everything else is design! 9 November 13 Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC
  • Where Does Expertise Come From? 10 Years / 10,000 hours of Deliberate Practice  Identify a specific skill that needs improvement.  Devise (or learn from a teacher) a focused exercise:     – designed to improve the skill. Practice repeatedly. Obtain immediate feedback: – adjust accordingly. Focus on pushing the limits: – expect repeated failures. Practice regularly & intensely: – perhaps three hours a day. Athletes Musicians l e a n Software Developers 10 November 13 Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC Doctors
  • The Four Elements of Deliberate Practice 1. Coach 2. 4. 3. 11 Challenge Progress Feedback November 13 Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC l e a n
  • Lesson 3: Think  Try  Learn  Agile Development Adapted from chart by Joshua Kerievsky, Industrial Logic, 8/2011 https://elearning.industriallogi c.com/gh/submit?Action=Page Action&album=blog2009&path =blog2009/2011/agileVsLeanS tartup&devLanguage=Java 12 November 13 Product Owner Product Vision Product Roadmap “On-Site Customer” Release Plan Backlog Iteration User Story Continuous Integration Iteration Review Acceptance Test Definition of Done Customer Feedback Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC Lean Startup Entrepreneur Product-Market Fit Business Model “Get Out Of The Building” Minimal Viable Product “To Learn” List Build-Measure-Learn Loop Hypothesis Continuous Deployment Persevere or Pivot Split Test V alidated Learning Actionable Metrics l e a n
  • Today’s Software Engineering Source Code & Tests Self-Service Deployments Testers BINARIS Metadata Reports Configure Environment Deploy Binaries Smoke Test Manual Testing Capacity/Security Accept Configure Environment Deploy Binaries Testers Smoke Test Run Acceptance Tests BINARIS Metadata Reports BINARIS Compile Commit Tests Assembly Code Analysis Metadata Commit Design Code & Script Unit Test Refactor Reports Develop User Acceptan ce Operations Push-Button Releases Configure Environment Deploy Binaries Smoke Test Run Capacity Tests Production Configure Environment Deploy Binaries Smoke Test l e a n ARTIFACT REPOSITORY 13 November 13 Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC Metadata Model Hypothesis SBE Wireframes Environment & Application Configuratio n Scripts VERSION CONTROL Reports Design
  • How Spotify Builds Products By Henrik Kniberg Product idea! Mgmt Worth prototyping? Think It Yes! Tech Squad Prod Def Prod Write narrative Define metrics Build prototype Prod Def Mgmt Mgmt Narrative Metrics Design Create a Think It squad Build it Worth building? Yes! MVP Expand to a Build It squad Internal releases Narrative Metrics MVP good enough for real users? x x Not yet x Ship it Tweak it Prod Def Narrative Metrics Continuously tweak, A/B test, measure 14 November 13 Release to 100% of users Yes! < Squad Mgmt Good enough for full rollout? Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC MVP Measure, learn, adapt A/B test Release MVP to few % of users l e a n Copyright©2013 Henrik Kniberg
  • Lesson 4: It’s Not About Money Todd Park Harvard Graduate (Economics) Booz Allen Hamilton Consultant (Managed Care) Athenahealth (1997)  Maternity Clinic (Opps…)  Health Care Records (Got it right!)  Very successful IPO (2007) Retirement ......... Act II US Health and Human Services CTO (2009) Purpose: Improve the health, safety, and well-being of America     15 November 13 The Job: Bring Entrepreneurial Mindset to HHS Reluctance: A Step Backward in lifestyle and compensation No Surprise: Lots of dedicated workers in the government The Surprise: The amazing databases of HHS Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC l e a n
  • Data Liberation 2010 2011 2012 Artist Regina Holliday l e a n Todd Park – Federal Government CTO 16 November 13 Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC
  • The Satisfaction of a Job Well Done 1. 2. 3. 4. 17 Proud of our purpose Proud of the way we work Proud of the products and services we deliver Proud of the impact our work has on the world November 13 Copyright©2013 Poppendieck.LLC l e a n
  • lsoftware development e a n Thank You! More Information: www.poppendieck.com mary@poppendieck.com Mary Poppendieck www.poppendieck.com