Com 410 into the mind of babes chap 10
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Com 410 into the mind of babes chap 10



Esteban Valencia

Esteban Valencia
COM 410
CH 10: Into the Mind of Babes



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  • Dora: they took the so called interactive show and actually turned it into an interactive computer game in which the child needs to control the steps through clicking on the mouse in order for the show to continue. They compared this to the actual show and discovered children responded better to the television show but the interactive computer game was not far behind in second place.Mobile: a psychologist at rutgers wanted to test if children actually realized that they were controlling the actions on the screen or the toy they were playing with ex) the train experiment with the levers and no clicking noises.Warren: constantly testing childrens interactive media products, in one study he found that young children are not often amused by the games when faced with other distractions. A mother sat down with her child attempting to play a game and the child was easily distracted by the family dog and even with encouragement from the mother, the child continued to pay no attention.

Com 410 into the mind of babes chap 10 Com 410 into the mind of babes chap 10 Presentation Transcript

  • By: Esteban Valencia
  • -Comparing the effect of interactive software andgames vs. television-Observing children’s interactions and reactions to“interactive” toys, games, and television-Defining a better choice between the options-Whether or not families have access to other optionsaside from television and interactive games such asparks and playgrounds
  • -Georgetown “Dora” experiment directed by Sandra L.Calvert-Rutgers “mobile” experiment directed by CarolynRovee-Collier-Warren Buckleitner editor of Children’s TechnologyReview
  • -The author states that although there have been manystudies done, none actually define if these games areany good for children-There are many exceptions to the rule. She says shewill only chose sites that: -let her children take control -are ad free so the kids are not distracted -allow the children to push themselves forward, andnot a site that does everything for them.
  • -With modern society becoming more technologydriven everyday, wouldn’t it be better for children tostart interacting with computers at an early age?-This chapter focuses on in home interactions. Due toan increase in technology, will schools soon start tochange over to a technology driven curriculum, even atyounger ages?-What will parents of the next generation (us)encourage?