Assignment #4 5 - Ryan Giviens


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Door Icon at the top left on page 1 is meant to have the Name over it in word art that slideshare was not able to import properly.

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Assignment #4 5 - Ryan Giviens

  1. 1. RDG NOK-NOK Nok Your kids can open up hundreds of doors that will allow them to experience the world, its cultures, its languages, and its people while they embark on Nok countless adventures all from within the palms of their hands, and allthey have to do is Nok. IN-APP CONTENTNok-Nok is an interactive role-playing adventure game for children ages 6-10 that provides them with theexperience of traveling around the world, learning about different places, peoples, and languages, all whilemaking new friends. They will love the thrill of adventure and the excitement of meeting other kids. Parentswill rest easy when they find that their kids are learning while they play and all within a safe environment.Incharacter mode, the player can create a fun avatar that will get to choose between hundreds of doors, eachof which leads to a different location in the world. Once a door is chosen, all the child has to do is Nok and thedoor of choice will magically fly him or her to a far off destination to begin an adventure. Destinations included in the Nok-Nok Game Pak vary from o A tour around France completing puzzles inside La Louvre o A trip to China’s Great Wall to barter with local tradespeople o A trek across the plains of Africa solving poaching crimes o And over 267 other amazing settings across the worldAt each location, the player must play out a scenario in which choices must be made. How else should thosechoices be made but by – you guessed it – another Nok! Every time a new decision is to be made, a series ofdoors will appear before the player. Each door will play out the remainder of the scenario in a different waydepending on what choices the child makes (sometimes they can be good, sometimes they might be bad)!Infriend mode, kids can use their avatars to chat with their friends and even other kids from across the worldin a variety of global settings. The safe chat system provides them with pre-filtered messages to choose fromwhen talking with other members as to avoid inappropriate discussion and introduces them to otherlanguages as they chat with people from other cultures.When the player finishes the pre-loaded scenarios in the game or gets tired of the same old experiences,expansion sets are available in the App so that the fun can go on forever! Continental Expansion Paks include Time Travel Expansion Paks include o South America o The Stone Age o Australia, Down Under o Ancient Rome o Exploring Antarctica o And many more!Lucky for those children who like to take breaks or forget about the game – as if those ever come around – theNok-Nok Passport will track all of their experience and travels in one handy log. With their Passport’s help,kids can make their way up the leaderboards, as they gradually become citizens of the world! 1
  2. 2. RDGGENRE & FORMATNok-Nok is a game for children developed as amulti-platform mobile app, both for theAndroid Market on Google Play and the AppStore by Apple, Inc. Versatility as a mobile appallows Nok-Nok the potential to break groundon the newest and potentially most profitablemarket for children’s media. IPads, tablets, andeven smartphones are becoming increasingly One Marketpopular among adolescents, as they provide Many Platformsconstant access to the stimulation they need.AUDIENCE APPEALNok-Nok aims to please children, both boys and girls, between the ages of six and ten. Children at this age loveadventure; they need to feel involved and encapsulated in whatever it is that they are doing at the momentthat they are doing it.When it comes to games, bright graphics, playful animation, and jubilant voices all adda significant amount of weight to the fun factor.Parents, who act as gatekeepers – and ATMs – must also be inclined to buy into the product. Realisticsettings, events, and choices as well as exposure to real world cultures and people act as encouragement forparents to purchase theapp for their children and allow them to play it day-in and day-out.PRODUCTDISTRIBUTION MARKET FINANCINGAs a multi-platform app, Nok-Nok will be made In order to compensate for startup costs, proposalsavailable to all consumers with an Android or Apple will be submitted to select investors to builddevice via purchase on Google Play or through the venture capital in the project. Once the productApp Store. Through these mediums, parents will be reaches the market, revenue will begin to developable to buy the $0.99 starter App. Once the game from game purchases and the product will sustainhas been opened, in-App purchases of several its own income as purchases of in-App expansions$0.99 expansion sets will be made available. increase and the game expands multi-nationally. COMPETITIVE ANALYSISAs an app that provides potential as a social media device, Club Penguin acts as a direct competitor to Nok-Nok. This specific competitor enables children to interact with other kids from around the world via theInternet. Nok-Nok will instantly differentiate itself from this market through its use of native cultures andlanguages in similar conversational settings.Dora the Explorer is an equal competitor through the medium ofa television because of its qualities of adventure and participation. Since Nok-Nok is a mobile App, its playerswill be granted an even greater opportunity to interact with the game and explore the world on a moreregular, on-demand basis. Its realistic scenarios based on real-life events will bring this type of game to aneven higher new level. 2