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A app designed for children ages 4-6 to draw and interact with friends and family

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410 project 4&5

  1. 1. Sloane DanzigerProject 4&5TITLE: Snappy and short and memorable “Color Me Bored”CONCEPT: A one-sentence log line that describes the idea in an appealing way. This app is designed to inspire children to write and draw, without the mess ofsupplies.CONTENT: A description of the product itself. This may include characters, settings,story lines, action or interactive elements. This app designed for Ipads, Iphones, and Andorids. It is meant to work as asubstitute for a real chalkboard, for children ages 4-6, but without the dusty mess. Theapp includes a black board background, and a green background, six shades of chalk,three sizes of chalk, and an eraser. Color Me Bored has all the characteristics of an actualchalkboard. The eraser needs to be used a few times to fully erase lines, and drawings canbe gone over multiple times to increase the color and thickness. Color Me Bored alsofeatures a draw and guess feature, which allows children to play against another randomchild, and guess what each other’s drawings, are. The game has 5 levels, and the picturethat needs to be drawn is given to the child. For example, Level 1 will say “draw a cat”and the opponent will need to use their best judgment to decide what it is. Each level has2 chances before the opponent looses and is forced to move on to the next level. Anotherfeature this app has is “saving” the pictures the child draws, and allowing the pictures tobe shared on Facebook or Twitter, so family and friends can see what the child isdrawing.
  2. 2. GENRE & FORMAT: A description of the style or form. What type of content is this? Isyour project live action or animation? A narrative story, non-fiction documentary or quizgame? My project is a interactive animated game that can be played via smart phone ortablet. It is an outlet for children to be creative on their own and also get their minds torecognize unfamiliar images with the game.AUDIENCE and DISTRIBUTION: A precise description of the specific demographicgroup you seek to reach. Some background information about their needs andpreferences. This app is intended for children ages 4-6. At these ages, children are becomingcreative and doodling and drawing often, so this acts just as a chalkboard, but virtually.This game will teach children how to draw certain objects as well as get their brains ableto recognize foreign pictures with the guessing game. In order to play the game or justdoodle, the child needs to have access to a iPhone or Tablet. Other than that, the app ispretty self explanatory and simple to use.COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: A description of other childrens media that is similar toyour idea and an explanation of how your idea is better and different This app is similar to Draw Something, which is also an app for iPhones andtablets. Draw something allows you to play with your friends or against randomopponents, a guessing game of drawings. Draw something has three levels with amaximum amount of points for each level. The difference between my app and Draw
  3. 3. Something is that Draw Something doesn’t allow you to just doodle and save or uploadyour creations. You have to play a game. I give the option of not playing a game and justusing this app as a creative outlet for children.APPEAL: Explain why children in your target audience will love this new product. I think children in my target audience will love this product because it is a newtwist on a old fashioned hobby. Chalk has been around for so long, and as a child, I loveddrawing with chalk and playing games. I think children will love the use of chalk withjust their fingertips and no mess! I think parents will also love this app for their childrenbecause it is easy to obtain if you have a iPhone and/or tablet and it’s a no mess fun pasttime, that is educational.DISTRIBUTION: How will your new product reach the target audience? I plan on reaching my target audience through commercials and ads on childrensnacks. I plan on promoting the app on channels such as Nick and Noggin, so that parentscan repetitively see the app and therefore feel more intrigued to get their child involvedwith it. Also, I think it would be a good idea to put ads on gummy snacks and evenvitamins so parents and kids have the app in front of their face everyday.MARKETING/PROMOTION/LICENSING/MERCHANDISING: How will you helppay for the development of your childrens media product? I plan on proposing my app to investors in hopes that one or more of them willlike it and donate money to the company. If this plan works, I will have enough money tocreate the app as well as advertise, and then I plan on making enough to pay every loanback, while giving up a certain percentage of the company to the investor.