Advertising providers on facebook platform


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Advertising providers on facebook platform
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Advertising providers on facebook platform

  1. 1. Advertising Providers on Facebook PlatformAd ProvidersTo better serve your monetization needs while developing your application, below is a list ofcompanies that provide advertising services on Facebook Platform. Advertising Providers on thislist have all signed the Platform Terms for Advertising Providers and are bound by all Facebookpolicies. Developers must only use services from companies that appear on this list. Any otherprovider is prohibited until they agree to the terms above.These providers are not approved by nor affiliated with Facebook and, therefore, it is yourresponsibility as the developer to ensure compliance with Facebooks Advertising Guidelines eventhough the companies on this list have agreed to the policies as well.We hope that by providing this list of companies that have acknowledged their commitment toadvertising quality that we can all foster a better user experience.Note: If a company you wish to work with is not on this list, please direct them to the terms linkedto above. • 4w Marketplace • ad:C media • Ad4Game • • Adconion Media Group • Adfunky • AdJug • Adknowledge - (Cubics) • adnboost • Admeld • Adperio • Advideum • Adverline • Advert Stream - (AdsMarketPlace) • • Alfy Video Network • Appatyze • Applifier • APP Prizes • appssavvy • BannerConnect
  2. 2. • BrightRoll• Casale Media• ClickForce• CPMStar• Criteo• deal united• DSNR Media Group• Ebuzzing• Engagebdr• Evonia (Affiz CPM)• Fox Networks• Goviral• Harren Media• Hi-Media• Hooplo• igapi by Social Game Universe• Improve Digital• Innity• Intergi• Jun Group• Lifestreet Media• Live Gamer• MakeMeReach• Malepar• MATOMY• maudau• MediaBrix• Mediastay• Memoriki• Meta Network• mobAVE• myThings
  3. 3. • NextPerformance• Nextperience• One iota• Open Inventory media• OpenX• Playnomics• Peanut Labs• Promote Clix• Publicidad• PubMatic• Pulse 360• RockYou• Rubicon Project• Selectable Media• Sharethrough• Smowtion• Social Games Ad Network - SGA• Social Reality• SociaVibe• SocialVideoBytes• Specific Media• SponsorPay• SpotXchange• SupersonicAds• Technorati Media• TradableBits Media Inc.• Traffective• TrialPay• Tube Mogul• Underdog Media• Unified• Unruly Media
  4. 4. • WildTangent • XTEND • Ybrant DigitalHow to put google adsense ads into your facebook app question I get asked frequently is “How can you monetize with Google Adsense ads in aFacebook application?”Anyone who has tried will find it is not as easy as it sounds. This is because Facebook plays aboutwith Javascript code as it serves your pages up. This is a security thing on their part, but it alsomeans that a lot of standard Javascript does not function as you’d expect.But there is a fairly easy work-around…Before we get into the ‘HOW’ and give you some code examples I want to ensure that you know ofthe potential issues you could run into by implementing Adsense in your app.The warnings and considerations…In a nutshell it could be considered a breach of Googles TOS. Despite this there are manydevelopers, both large and small who put adsense ads into their applications and I’ve not comeacross any genuine stories of Google shutting anyone down yet. Indeed Rockyouads sometimesserves up a form of Google ad and they are one of the highest regarded ad companies andthousands of apps use their ads.The problem lies in the fact that Google don’t like ads been put in iframes. But in the case ofFacebook there simply isn’t an alternative way.But to cover myself from anyone claiming my advice landed them in trouble here is a warning:The Google Adsense terms of service do not permit the use of IFrames to show their ads and therefore you run the risk of having your adsense account suspended. Therefore you take any advice given here at your own risk.OK, that aside here is some additional advice; If you are going to put adsense ads into yourapplication don’t go mad! I would suggest that on any canvas page you only run one or twoadsense ads per page and ensure that there is some content in the pages served up within the framesand not just a bunch of keywords.Setting up your Google Adsense account.You need to have an adsense account set up and you must be using this account to serve ads up ona proper web site. You cannot sign up and only use it for Facebook applications. This is arequirement of Google, they need you to be running a site that adheres to their policys and that their‘Googlebot’ can view. If you don’t operate any kind of site then the easiest thing to do is set up ablog on and insert some ads into that. This will get you an account and approvalfrom Google.How to do it…The actual process is fairly straight forward.Step One: Make a simple html page which has relevant content and keywords in it and the ads thatyou want to show within your application.Step Two: Make a second page to view the first page you made through an iFrame.
  5. 5. Step Three: Insert a simple piece of Code into your application that will show these pages throughFacebook without effecting the way that the Ads should be shown.Code example:The first file (in my case is called head.html) contains the following;
  6. 6. file serves first in an iframe.Finally this is the ad-include.php file that I include in my canvas pages where I want the ads toappear. I call it from php like this:include ‘ads/ad-include.php’;The ad-include.php file contains a fb iframe command which loads the fhead.html file in a 90 highx 728 wide iframe (set all margins to zero and have no frame border).If you would like source copies of the three files required which you can simple load up and editthen they are made available for download below for a small fee, or you can click the ‘Get it Free’icon below and complete a quick survey or trial offer to get your free copy of the source files.How to Put Your AdSense Code in FacebookRead more: How to Put Your AdSense Code in Facebook | eHow.com can now post your AdSense code on your Facebook page or app. Facebook Developers canuse the iFrame tool to build apps that run in HTML, JavaScript or CSS. To get your AdSense adsdisplaying on a page tab or app, you will need to insert the Javascript code snippet into a newiFrame Facebook app. Once set up, you can begin advertising via Googles third-party ad platform,reaching Facebooks large user database. Instructions 1. AdSense Code Set Up
  7. 7. o 1 Go to and log in to your Google AdSense account. o 2 Generate your AdSense code in your account by clicking the "New Ad Unit" button from the "My Ads" tab. • Customize the appearance and settings for your ad display. Click the "Save and Get Code" button when finished. • 4 Select the code snippet and copy it into the computers memory buffer. • 5 Open an HTML document in a text editor and paste the Javascript code at a location you want to show the advertisements. • 6 Upload the file to your Web hosting server. Copy or record the full Web address to the uploaded HTML file. You will use this hyperlink later in the Facebook app as the "Canvas URL."Facebook App Setup • 7 Go to, log in to your account and then click the "Set Up New App" option in the top right corner. • 8 Type a Facebook application name and accept Facebooks terms and conditions. • 9 Confirm your Facebook Developer account via credit card or mobile phone. • 10 Fill out the required information necessary to create the app and click the "Save Changes" button when finished. • 11 Click on the "Facebook Integration" tab and add the required details for "Canvas Page," "Canvas URL" and "Canvas Type." When finished, click "Save Changes" button. The "Canvas URL" is the Web address that points directly to the file you uploaded to your hosting server. • 12 Click on the "View App Profile Page" option located on the left side of the screen. On the next screen, click the "Add to my page" link on the left column. A pop-up dialog box will appear. • 13
  8. 8. Choose which page or pages you would like to add the Facebook app to and then click the "Close" button. Your AdSense ads should now display as a tab on the Facebook page you selected.Read more: How to Put Your AdSense Code in Facebook | eHow.com