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PEPSI. Let your dream go!
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PEPSI. Let your dream go!

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Adverising conception for PEPSI. The brief of Red Apple Young Creators 2010 contest.

Adverising conception for PEPSI. The brief of Red Apple Young Creators 2010 contest.

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  • 1.  
    • Creation of advertising campaign which says « Pepsi. Make your life brighter » . Explanation: Pepsi make creative ideas of youth free.
    • Goal
    • to represent the brand image: stylish, youth, creative, individual and original. Pepsi is brand for those, who love fun.
    • Task
    • having scruples of other people opinions we are often afraid of being unappreciated, afraid of showing our desires, immure them inside of ourselves. The strategy is to say, that you should not run away of your dream, you should not be afraid of other people thoughts. Express yourself! Drink Pepsi, be free and fly with your dream like a bird flies.
    • Strategy
    • To create advertising heroes and gift them such qualities, which we’d like to get or qualities, which we are afraid to show being in public. We are afraid of being brave, afraid of tell all the world about our talents. We are often afraid of telling words « I love you » , being dear and romantic. But try destroy stereotypes together with Pepsi, and you will get a draught of freedom. Your life will fill up bright colors.
    • Idea . Advertising heroes
    • the dream to be brave, strong and daring
    • Bravy
    • the dream to be extraordinary and creative person
    • Creo
  • 7. ADVERTISING HEROES. Romantida
    • the dream to be feminine as young lady from XIX century were
    • Romantida
    • Idea . Message
    • with the help of advertising heroes to illustrate literally, what is happened with our dream, when we
    • lock it in our interior and do nothing to let dream comes true. The idea is to show, how Pepsi helps the dream to get freedom. Pepsi is a key to our dream, the key to the bright and extraordinary life.
  • 9. PRINT . Bravy
  • 10. PRINT . Creo
  • 11. PRINT . Romantida
    • Advertising heroes. Implication to social media
    • we create personal accounts in different social networks for the advertising heroes (twitter, facebook, vkontakte) and begin making posts and frending other users. In which we publish their photos and home videos together with their friends. We absolutely imitate life of real people. And the posts jump together the heroes’ characters neatly.
    • For example, Bravy posts about interesting brave and venturous acts, and Creo writes about different creative, amazing things. Besides of interesting and funny posts and tweets, they participate in advertising campaign events promotion (see chapter Digital)
  • 13. SOCIAL NETWORKS . Bravy
    • Bravy’s account
    www.twitter.com/Bravy_ It really subsists now. Visit the link.
    • Creo’s account
    www.twitter.com/Creo__ It really subsists now. Visit the link.
  • 15. SOCIAL NETWORKS. Romantida
    • Romantida’s account
    www.twitter.com/Romantida It really subsists now. Visit the link.
    • Look for instructions from Pepsi heroes Creo, Bravy and Romantida on the streets. Fulfill them, let your dreams and desires go, confirm success with photos and videos. Post your deeds on www.letyourdreamgo.ru . Get bonus points and take part in the most free man in the world election (according to Pepsi version).
    • Ambient idea
  • 17. ABMIENT & PROMO. Mechanics
    • Tasks from Bravy:
    • Have a bath in a fontain . + 10 points . www.letyourdreamgo.ru
    • Dance on a street . + 5 points . www . letyourdreamgo . ru
    • Hang on a tree . + 3 points . www . letyourdreamgo . ru
    • Go head over heels . + 7 points . www . letyourdreamgo . ru
    • Tasks from Creo :
    • Draw a graffiri. + 20 points . www.letyourdreamgo.ru
    • Tasks from Romantida :
    • Kiss a stranger . + 10 points . www.letyourdreamgo.ru
    • Ambient’s mechanics
    • The point of the idea is that simple passer, who will see the tasks, but who doesn’t know about the action, will be interested in what are the points. There is a high expectance, that these people will visit the promo site and will take a part in this Pepsi game.
  • 18. AMBIENT . Task from Bravy
  • 19. AMBIENT . Task from Creo
  • 20. ABMIENT . Task from Romantida
  • 21. ABMIENT . Posters
  • 22. BTL . T-shirts
  • 23. DIGITAL . Strategy
    • Idea of Internet promotion
    • to raise a report, which attract attention of the aim audience, and making users to follow the thoroughly planned script, dip them into intriguing, almost detective internet-quest. Involving the audience into the game, we unobtrusively translate the advertising campaign idea « Let your dream go » . In this media advertising heroes Creo, Bravy and Romantida are the helpers. The help to attract people attention to events from the script.
  • 24. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 1
    • 1. News publication
    • The following news appears on youth sites: « Famous street racer Evgeny Novikov is going to jump by his car from the roof of one building to the opposite building » . There is a link to his site in the news text. Also we can find Evgeny Novikov in search engine. So, it’s quite a real man.
  • 25. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 1
  • 26. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 2
    • 2. Site of street racer. Ban of police
    • On Evgeny Novikov’s site we can find his photos and awards, read news in the blog. The last news devoted to his jump. From this news we discover, that the police has known about the event and banned it.
  • 27. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 2
  • 28. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 3
    • 3. Comments to the Blog. A man with a nickname Free Dream
    • Among the comment links to Facebook and Twitter communities, where the votes for Evgeny Novikov selected appears. And one of the commentators with nickname Free Dream tells that he will help Evgeny and will organize all. This person has a profile (he is registered on the site), where users can find his real name and site address: www.artgrant.ru . This is absolutely a real person. We can find his name in the web and know that he works in Pepsi Co.
  • 29. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 3
  • 30. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 4
    • 4. ArtGrant. A non commercial organization
    • We make a click to the link from the Free Dream profile and go to www.artgrant.ru . Art Grant is a non commercial fond, which finds creative people and help their dreams come true. It is sponsored by Pepsi (somewhere on the page we can see a small banner and information about sponsorship).
    • In the latest site news we see the following: « Art Grant will help famous street racer Evgeny Novikov » .
  • 31. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 4
  • 32. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 5
    • 5. Error and hidden text on Art Grant site
    • In the news about Evgeny Novikov we see text, that marked as hidden. There is an illusion, that some errors on the web page take place. We see html tags. The text says, that Art Grant will help Evgeny Novikov, but there is a need to keep confidentiality, because the police is waiting for the event.
    • « If you see this text, you have passed a VIP validation with success. Sorry for discomfort. To get exclusive invite with the date and time of amazing Evgeny Novikov’s auto jump, please send an e-mail to [email_address] . We will send the invitation. Thank you! Lets strengthen hands Evgeny Novikov! It is supposed to be great show.
  • 33. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 5
  • 34. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 6
    • 6. Event
    • Real event. Evgeny Novikov has made his amazing jump. Paparazzi are around. After the jump, fetching his breath, Evgeny is making a draught of Pepsi. This shot takes one of the photographers.
  • 35. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 7
    • 7. Pepsi official site and campaign site
    • Next day the photo of Evgeny Novikov, who drink Pepsi appears on the Pepsi site. The photo looks like a commercial. It is clickable. We click it and go to the Art Grant. And this organization , as we remember, helpes dreams of creative and talents people come true.
  • 36. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 7
  • 37. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 8
    • 8 . Art Grant Site
    • Here we see the same picture: Evgeny Novikov is drinking Pepsi after the jump. The header is: « Street racer Evgeny Novikov let kei dream go: he has jumped, in spite of all the circumstances » .
    • The final tag line is: Pepsi helped Evgeny Novikov’s dream come true.
  • 38. DIGITAL . Script . Stage 8
  • 39. DIGITAL . Script . Map news street racer’s site police ban yelp of Art Grant invitations the event the photo on Pepsi site the header on Art Grant site PEPSI let your dream go
    • Contacts
    • Team name: Michel Mour (Tomsk, Russia)
    • Creator & copywriter: Dmitry Chigirin
    • Art Director & illustrator: Boris Klimov
    • Cell: +7-952-881-2595 (Dmitry) Phone: +7 (3822) 56-53-41
    • E-mail: [email_address] [email_address]