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Multilingual Websites - UX Camp Europe 2013
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Multilingual Websites - UX Camp Europe 2013


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In my talk at the UX Camp Europe 2013 I show some good and bad examples for multilingual websites, common mistakes and how to avoid them.

In my talk at the UX Camp Europe 2013 I show some good and bad examples for multilingual websites, common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Last oneisthe Chinese Flag
  • Simple, clear it’s a language switcherOnly thing I would do different is that I would use bold for English to show it’s selected. But I’m sure that the opinions will differ on that one.
  • Basically a good exampleGlobus Symbol on the top right corner. Obviously the search was deemed more important for this client.“Standorte” which thay translated into Country, so it’s more of a “headquarter” selector than a language selector. I guess….But only the shortcut of the country name in the dropdown. Why? There is enough space. And already the question comes up again, is it a language selector or a country selector?And who really knows what ES means? What does for example EL mean? => Greek
  • 50 languages, plus some unofficial ones, like pirate speach10 Languages
  • Transcript

    • 1. Multilingual WebsitesRémy BlättlerChef vom System, Supertext | @swissghostriderCommon mistakes andgeneral knowledge
    • 2. About meRemy @swissghostrider
    • 3. Browser language detectionGeolocationAllow for easy change and remember the selection.
    • 4. Flags for language selection
    • 5. Best place for the language selectionBest
    • 6. Language selectionUse a Globe or a Map iconCountry and/or Language Selection
    • 7. Language selectionAlways in native language
    • 8. Politically correctNo need to step on someones toes
    • 9. Rest of the world?Or “Other countries”Are you serious???
    • 10. URL design and
    • 11. Cheap translations and SEO
    • 12. Translation toolsTranslation MemoryTerminologyCAT (Computer-assisted translation)
    • 13. Strings with PlaceholdersTranslated :What the translator gets:
    • 14. Strings with PlaceholdersFormat StringsTranslation:
    • 15. Nice numbersPlural formsAdd multiple versions::no sone27 s
    • 16. Plural formsngettext() can solve this in PHP, Java and .NET
    • 17. ArticleWorks perfectly.
    • 18. ArticleUnfortunately in German:einBut:eine
    • 19. Your website?Let’s look at some websites
    • 20. http://remy.supertext.ch