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Getting real - Blog Camp Zurich 2007
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Getting real - Blog Camp Zurich 2007


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My favorite learnings from the book "Getting real" from 37signals.

My favorite learnings from the book "Getting real" from 37signals.

Published in: Technology

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  • 2. Remy Blaettler Certified Geek from the HSR Rapperswil After 6 years in the Land of the evil Texan back in Switzerland Now since 1st of Jan fulltime with my own Company Supertext
  • 3. Getting real A book from 37Signals (Basecamp, Highrise) Founder of Ruby on Rails Made more money from the book than most other startups with their business model Contains lots of unconventional advise for young companies No, I don’t’ have shares and I don’t get commission
  • 4. Less is moreClaim: Underdo your competition You cannot outrun Microsoft with more features. Try it with less. Use the 80/20 Rule. 80% of the users need only 20% of the functionality. Build for the 80%. Leave out what doesn’t matter Ask people what they DON’T want
  • 5. Feel the pain Put developers into support Make them use the system they built Move everybody into the same room Scratch your own itch
  • 6. Release early and often Point: Race to running software It just doesn’t matter Start with No Half, not half-assed Don’t wait until you have the perfect product, put it into the wild as early as possible. Everything you have planned will then change.
  • 7. Delete your To-Do ListClaim: Forget Feature RequestsFor: Against: Really important  Sometimes the best items will bubble up ideas only come only again and again. No once need to track them. Customers are not always right
  • 8. The Blank SlatePoint: Don’t forget the first run During design and testing, you normally have your app full of data, but what a new users sees is a view without any data. The first impression counts. Opportunity for tutorials, examples, first- steps, demo-screenshots, etc.
  • 9. Easy On, Easy OffPoint: Let customers come and go easy Signup and cancelation Data import and export No long term contract, signup fees, hidden charges  Don’t scare them away, build trust instead
  • 10. Bad news are good newsPoint: Don’t fear bad news Don’t hide your mistakes, explain them Bad press? Use it Price increase? Announce and justify it early
  • 11. Where is the fire?Hint: Google Alerts Who’s talking about you? (Blogs, Digg, Press, Newsgroups) Someone cloning your business? Talk back, be an active member of the community. Monitor and learn from your competition.
  • 12. Your idea is worthless Idea Execution Awful = -1  No = $1 Weak = 1  Weak = $1k Good = 10  Good = $100k Brilliant = 20  Brilliant = $10,000kThe most brilliant idea, with no execution, is worth $20.A weak idea with brilliant execution is worth $10,000.  Don’t hide your idea  Don’t wait until you invent the wheel
  • 13. Move in with your parents(or stop drinking early)Claim: Don’t get VC Funding Spent over 100k for parties in the last 10 years Could survive for 2 years on that now instead of giving up shares in the company! On the other hand, VC money brings a lot of experience and good networks with it. That can be very helpful too.
  • 14. Just do itDon’t wait for the perfect idea waste time writing a business plan make a logo build the perfect website with a great design wait for a partner  Build something useful and put it out there
  • 15. Links Getting real (The book in HTML) (My blog) Web 2.0 Logo Creator Basecamp