Emotional Webdesign am Internet Briefing 2013 in Bern


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Mit Usability ist es nicht getan. Damit der User zurück kommt, braucht es Emotionen.

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  • Feedback Form after user got a translationUser says he is not happyWhat is the context?Unhappy userWishes for us to contact him and create a new version.And what do we do?«Thanks for your feedback» ???Not what will calm him down.«Sorry that you are not happy. We will contact you immediately»
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  • Instead of information and overview, start with the dream.
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  • Emotional Webdesign am Internet Briefing 2013 in Bern

    1. 1. Usability is so 2012...
    2. 2. MAKE THE USER SMILE Emotional Design
    3. 3. About me  Remy Blaettler  Spent 8 years across the ocean  Then back with my own translation agency Supertext  Chief of the System
    4. 4. User's hierarchy of needs Functional Usable Reliable Pleasurable Missing
    5. 5. Why?  Only bad usability leaves a lasting impression  Good usability is taken for granted  We are looking for the «Have you seen this» effect
    6. 6. Skeuomorphismus Isn’t flat design bad for emotions?
    7. 7. Lets do it
    8. 8. R.I.P. Clippy 1997 - 2007
    9. 9. Be context sensitive  Time  Weather  Place  Etc.
    10. 10. Feathers
    11. 11. Greetings and goodbye Boring  Hello Remy In the morning  Good morning Remy  Almost time for lunch? Afternoon  We hope you’re on the way home soon?
    12. 12. Greetings and goodbye Evening  Wow, still at work, Remy? Before a holiday, instead of «Regards»  Happy Easter!  Enjoy your long weekend!
    13. 13. Use humor
    14. 14. Give automation a personality  Emails are signed with «Boxed Ice Robot Llama» at Boxed Ice  Don’t do the noreply thing
    15. 15. Or be personal  Sign automated emails a name  Address the customer with his name  Use the appropriate greeting (Du/Sie)  Hey Paul  Dear Mister Smith  Make sure this is stored appropriately in your CRM  But then people might write back?!
    16. 16. Error Pages
    17. 17. Copywriting Which is the most interesting way to describe a 4,700-pound chandelier? A. Blinged out B. More brilliant than a studious Christmas tree C. A death trap D. Really big and shiny
    18. 18. Copywriting “The Tooth Fairy is a burglarizing fetishist specializing in black-market ivory trade, and she must be stopped. Today’s Groupon helps keep teeth in mouths and out of the hands of maniacal, winged phantasms.”
    19. 19. Copywriting Pikante Sauce EUR 1.95 Vulkanausbruch auf der Zunge EUR 1.95
    20. 20. Copywriting Nil-Kreuzfahrt, 14 Tage, al inclusive, EUR 699 Liebesurlaub auf Kleopatras Spuren. 14Tage, all inclusive, EUR 699
    21. 21. Bills (Supertext Reminder) Hi. I’m the computer at Supertext. During the cleanup of my hard drive, I found the following open payment: { Payment Information } Nobody knows about this here yet, please pay quickly so it stays that way.
    22. 22. Next: Emotional CRM “Emotional customers are not problematic customers. They are customers who care.”  Track your customers emotions  From feedback  Product reviews  Social Networks  And ACT upon them!
    23. 23. Next: Experience Design Motion Sensor: Switches on the light, when you enter the room Path: No check-in necessary, the app dectects automatically if a user stays in one place. Netflix: Who’s watching the movie? Me, my wife or my friends? Recommend
    24. 24. Contact remy@supertext.ch @swissghostrider
    25. 25. Links Examples  Little Big Details Link Collection  http://mem.to/t/g/63Cvwe644 Better copywriting  http://blog.supertext.ch/2010/01/referat- im-technopark-zurich/
    26. 26. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The end.
    27. 27.  SupertextAG  The first copywriting and translation agency on the internet.
    28. 28. Emotions make the difference Humans are not rational beings. A human is a walking bag of squishy meat and liquids, awash in chemicals.
    29. 29. Bad emotions are the worst  Music  Flash intro  Full screen  New windows  Lost passwords during sign-up  Errors 
    30. 30. Team Pages Good place to play around a little Ideas  Handwritten signature  Automatic daily horoscope  Mouse-over pic with something funny behind it Avoid:  Information that is too personal
    31. 31. Personal not personalized  Be personal in e-mails, newsletters and on your webpage.  Personalization is often just another feature that clutters the interface  Du / Sie in German. Track it in your CRM  «Hi Remy» sounds so much better than «Dear Mister Blättler»
    32. 32. Error Pages  Avoid them   Plan for all cases, check logs, analytics  Use the same design
    33. 33. Error Pages  Avoid them   Plan for all cases, check logs, analytics  Use the same design  Apologize and calm the user down
    34. 34. Error Pages  Avoid them   Plan for all cases, check logs, analytics  Use the same design  Apologize and calm the user down  Help with the next step / recovery  Allow for feedback
    35. 35. Risks  Emotions are emotions!  Some will hate them. Some will love them.  Be careful where you use them. If used properly, they can be a very powerful way to create an identity and a connection to your brand.
    36. 36. Links  Cool 404 Error Pages  404 Best Practices  Fab404  Emotional Interface Design  Don’t listen to Le Corbusier
    37. 37. You can download this presentation from blog.supertext.ch
    38. 38. Set the stage right
    39. 39. Typography Blackrock Western Store Blackrock Western Store