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Luxurt collection   propeties - villa urubamba
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  • 1. AuthenticLuxury CollectionPropeties
  • 2. Heinze PlengeCusco
  • 3. Villa
  • 4. Villa UrubambaSacred ValleyLodge
  • 5. Nestled beneath the majestic birds that awaken all of the Valleymountains of the Sacred Valley with their songs and the aroma ofof the Incas, near Urubamba our freshly-ground coffee blend incity, there is a place where the the air which completes the scene.ancient legends meets the peaceand quietness of our Lodge. Everyday enjoy the temptation of a lavish breakfast buffet, a festivalEnjoy your stay in a countryside at- of flavors that invites you to taste;mosphere with all the comforts you homemade granola with native ce-might need. Where everything is reals such as Kiwicha, Quinua, Maca,specially prepared for your maxi- dried fruits, natural yoghurt, andeanmum well-being. Here you will for- bread and cheese and carafes of de-get your normal routine and all the licious juices; All this can be enjoyedagitation you may regularly have. next to a roaring fire during the chi- lly time or out on the patio on sunnyAllowing yourself to be submerged days.in all the wonder and beauty that iswaiting for you to discover. And whi- Servicesle enjoying yourself, the staff of Vi-lla Urubamba Lodge will treat you as • Restaurantthe ‘most important one’, providing • Cafeteria- Bara personal service throughout yourstay. • Satellite TV • TelephoneVilla Urubamba Hotel is the perfect • WI–FI Internetstarting point to acclimatize to the • Meditation Dome-Yogahigher altitudes in order to continue • Conference Roomyour discovery throughout your jo- • Secure for your valuablesurney and tours in the Valley. • Storage of luggage (free) • Buffet serviceWe will pamper you right from • Specially designed vegetarian,the start Novo Andina and creole menus • Teas and Infusions as courtesyYou will have a welcome cocktail • Faxwaiting for you. At dawn you will • Prints and copieswake up to a wonderful view of the • Tour Services and reservations-sacred mountains surrounded by a Pick up services from the airportmixture of beautiful colors that is • Medical assistance and ambulan-accompanied by the twittering of the ce, oxygen.
  • 6. Sacred ValleyThis is a spectacular place. The In-cas chose it for its extraordinary fer-tile soils, extreme beauty, uniqueclimate and abundant fresh waterthat are supplied by the majesticglaciers that surround UrubambaValley. Even now thousands of pea-sants continue to plow the earthand produce the fresh products they Valley of thousands stories, tradi-used in ancient times. tions and visions, where the visitor encounters a space surrounded byLocated at 2,800 mts. above sea le- an array of rich and cultural legacyvel, 300mts lower than Cuzco city, thousands of years old. EverythingThe Sacred Valley provides the tra- around, wherever you go and inveler a better way to acclimatize to every step that you take here is athe altitude. It’s ideal mild climate piece of living culture.of eternal, springtime, pure, free ofcarbon air and blue skies with magi- In the Valley your senses are exal-cal starry nights are a plus. ted in a kaleidoscope of impres- sions, colors, aromas and richThe Valley is one of the routes where culture, expressed through theirthe traveler can reach the Jungle in a people, food, textiles and their owncouple of hours. Not to mention the unique way of living.wonderful opportunity to count onalways fresh seasonal tropical fruitsthat allows brand new flavors thatare desired by any traveler. Manyproduct fairs during the week can bevisited where the peasants offer avariety of fruits to the traveler.
  • 7. RoomsVilla Urubamba has a total of 16bedrooms. Singles, doubles, triplesand a family room for four. Each onehas a place within the gallery terra-ce where the visitor can sit a whileand contemplate the lovely view, su-rrounding mountains, gardens andflowers. All the rooms have privatebathrooms, abundant hot water, softtowels and amenities.The comfortable and spacious adoberooms keep a mild and nice tempe-rature, with it’s high and see throughceilings that allow you to see thewonderful starry nights while layingon feather beds spreads and soft pi-llows. Artisans creations with smalldetails around the room that trans-form each room into an ideal placeto rest, sleep and dreamRoom Amenities• Private bathroom (24 hrs hot water).• Feather Bedspreads• Hand made wooden closets• Room heaters.• WI-FI Internet• Hairdryer on request• Safe for your valuables• Room service• Wake up call
  • 8. FacilitiesWithin the facilities of the Villa Urubamba Lodge, the Restaurantstands out, as does our bright and spacious Meditation Dome, bothwith grand views of our gardens.Our colourful gardens with its beautiful typical species from theValley embellish the views from each room. There is also a lovelymanmade waterfall that provides a soothing sensation.Restaurant.We have a spacious countryside style creating a perfect atmosphere forrestaurant and cafeteria, with high meditation.ceilings and garden views. Here our Especially designed for this purpose;guests may taste our chefs special it is an octagon building with woo-creations, surrounded by the war- den pattern floors where our guestmth of our log fireplace oven. can practice yoga, tai-chi, medita- tion and any other discipline of theirNovo Andina variety of food and in- choice. Plenty of space to host manyternational dishes as well as food people.based on local ingredients such astrout, lamb, guinea pig, pasta or ve- Its wonderful octagonal ceiling asgetarian dishes are always part of well as its structural design of woo-our menu. den work ‘beams’ together with the view of the gardens and draw you to No matter if you choose the meditation and contemplation. buffet or the menu, we will for It has an excellent natural illumi- sure overcome your expecta- nation, with a chimney that warms tions. up the environment during the cold days or through the chilly nights.Meditation Dome Yoga, Tai-chi, meditation, films,This building is in the middle of our seminars, photography & artgardens from where the running expositions, can all be conduc-waters of the paccha can be heard ted in The Dome
  • 9. ActivitiesYoga markable effect in the body as well as in the mind that help to confrontExperience the joy and happiness with the daily ups and dowof meditating in our specially builtDome to connect these 3 bodies that Rural Tourismembodies your being: body, spirit&soul. Give yourself time to learn to There are so many ways to con-relax and learn something more nect with the local people of a pla-about the transcendence of still- ce, one of them by sharing a closeness while you enjoy the marvelous experience in their lives. There arethings this country offers. many communities that share their everyday work with visitors such asWe offer you the possibility of practi- ploughing, sowing, harvesting, co-cing a Yoga class with a master if it is llecting honey, preparing chocolateplanned ahead with time. Come and or chichi, the natural drink made ofparticipate of our annual programs corn. Take this opportunity to knowof retreats prepared for you, with in- better the Sacred Valley of the In-vited masters from all the corners of cas.the world.Balance your body, spirit and soul. It Clay, pigments, dyes; seeds anddoesn’t matter if you have experien- fruits have a very import role in thece or not, whether you are student, daily life of each of the peasantsbeginner or expert, yoga is a disci- of every community; Discover withpline that can be practice by anyone. them the wonderfulness and com-This Holistic healing science pro- plicated that life in the countrysidemotes the wellbeing and has a re- can be. Allow yourself to be received in the peasant’s homes as well as in
  • 10. a community and live the extraordi- Travel impressionsnary experience of knowing a coun- If you wish an unforgettable memoirtry people in their natural environ- of all your tours, we have an exclusi-ment. ve photograph expert than can por- tray those unforgettable momentsExpeditions without disturbing your excursion. He will register your travels either inOur strategic situation allows us to photos or CD’s.have more time to visit the princi-pal archeological sites in The Sacred Extraordinary beauty surroundingsValley as Chincheros, Maras, Moray, are unique in The Sacred Valley thatPisaq and Ollantaytambo. It is also are a must to be known by all thoseeasier to reach the Train station to who want to meet with peace, tran-Ollantaytambo to visit Machu Picchu quility and to connect with nature.without needing to wake up so earlyat dawn. WorkshopsIt is also possible to discover several Within the Lodge it is possible tohistoric and natural places that are bring to you some demonstrations ofnot so popular as: The Ollantaytam- the several traditional activities thatbo quarries, Pumamarca Inca terra- are preformed all throughout theces, Willoq and the thermal springs Valley. If you prefer a cultural andof Lares. educational experience we also haveWhether in a pick up car, bike or tre- several workshops and short cour-kking there are multiple routes and ses, which are given by specialists inoptions to discover the Valley. photography, Spanish, gastronomy or ceramics. This will be an extraor-If you are willing to do The Inca Trail, dinary experience to any passengeryou have found the perfect spot to who wishes to enrich with this cultu-acclimatize yourself, as well as it is ral interchange.the ideal space to rest and relax af-ter the Machu Picchu Tour. Produced with ancestral techniques
  • 11. that were shared by their ancestors, excursion of the valley.ceramist and handcraft weavers,portrays their history with every cra- Light, color, form, framing and ob-ft they create. Learn the meanings of jectives. You will have a totally neweach colour, designs and differences meaning of photography and canbetween the patterns of the existing appreciate it in a different way af-communities, while you listen the ter participating in the photographyexplanation. course with our naturalist photogra- pher. Take the photo that you haveDig your hands on clay, try to fabri- appreciated in magazines. Knowcate a form, chose your colours and all that our photographer knows aspatterns and take back home the di- he can train you in just a matter ofrect experience of having lived du- hours.ring your journey, life as an actor. TextilesPhotography Learn to appreciate all the complexi-Learn the basic points of photo- ty and the effort needed to manu-graphy guided by our professional facture each textile craft.photographer,Luis Torres. He will The spinning, dying of each one ofteach the techniques to take maxi- the colours and complex processmum advantage of your camera and applied to the piece sowed in an ar-will guide you to achieve the most tisan warp. The demonstrations ofwonderful photos of the magnifi- these hand made crafts are made bycent valley. Appreciating the details the weavers of different communi-of light, forms and colors in order to ties as well as the ceramists, bothtrain your sight to achieve the best can be seen in the Lodge where theypictures and enjoy photography like will explain this beautiful process asnever before. well as some of their most elabora- ted pieces.You can program the workshop atthe hotel or integrate it with your Other short workshops: Pottery, Chi-
  • 12. cha elaboration, Chocolate, Horticul- Discoverture. All of our passengers, after their ex-Cerámicas peditions though the Valley, have the chance to choose in between the di-The complex and arduous elabora- fferent night activities we have pre-tion of a simple ceramic vessel can pared. Whether having fun watchingbe comprehended in this thoroughly the stars or listening to a special se-presentation. Know which kind of lection of music under the light of aclay is used to manufacture speci- bonfire, or preparing a typical gas-fic pieces, how each one of them tronomic dish, or participating ofmust be processed, how much time some board game that might revealit takes for a complete process in the him something else about himself,manufacturing of a ceramic. he will always dictate the rhythm of the night.See how all the colours must be coa-ted one on top of the other, and all Learn how to recognize which arethe time it takes. the stars of our galaxy, which are the flavours no mortal man shouldLearn to appreciate with this de- ever miss, cook a special dish frommonstration the invaluable effort and the country you are visiting, and re-detail that each craftsman invest in turn to your home country with athe whole process, to give to you a treasure in between your hands…single but magnificent piece; return Be that actor, live this experience ofhome with something far more in- travelling and transforming yourselfteresting than a simple souvenir. at the same time.!Dig your hands on clay, try to fabri- Stargazingcate a form, chose your colours and a real startrek!..patterns and take back home the di-rect experience of having lived du- It isn’t another chapter of the wellring your journey, life as an actor. known science fiction series. Is just
  • 13. that as our Lodge is at 2,800 mts. Bonfires…a. s. l. every night, you can almost The enchantment of fire in a veryreach the stars with the palm of your special wayhands and practically you can reallynavigate through them. Come and Each night something different isenjoy of a wonderful starry night. prepared, accompanied by the toastLearn beside our wonderful guide of an aguaymanto sour, the narrati-who will teach you in his simplicity ve of local stories and leyends or un-and expertise, how to recognize thestars that surround our beautiful Sa- der the selection of music’s that willcred Valley. carry your thoughts away unto the unlimited corners of the vast univer-As well as those ones who are seen se of stars.in the southern hemisphere of ourbeloved Planet. Enjoy with others Every day the participants will dic-the wonderful sensation of knowing tate the tendency of the night. Thehow to situate in a stellar map, know soiré is finished with a pizza buffethow to recognize the famous zodia- and wines of selection.cal constellations. Observe helpedby a computer program how far this Board gamesstars from earth, their antiquity and Share with others an amazing gamemany other things that will give your that will reveal so many things aboutlife a far greater perspective of the you that you will never guess youuniverse as well as your life. have. Enrich yourself moment byAnd after this delightful evening you moment meanwhile other playerswill be given a certificate of your transit through the board. Share aachieving, and continue from the- perfect interchange of visions, expe-re on elevating your sight towards riences, wishes and desires all whichthe heavens, letting your friends to you can take with you whenever youknow under what stellar influence return back home.each night they are…
  • 14. Enjoy a wonderful game of transfor- ge and ancient way of cooking food.mation and liberation…Momentum! Taste vegetables, alpaca, pork and cow meatsCinema As well as de different variety of po-An Art Soirée during your stay in the tatoes, only known in Peru, cookedVilla in their juicy stew, preserving notShare the best movies, from diffe- only its extraordinary taste, but alsorent festivals and thematic, directors all its nutrients, under the vapor ofand countries that offer you a diffe- hot stones ans special spices of therent approach to inspire you even region. An unforgettable eveningmore during your stay. you will bet!Musical octagonEncounter with yourself in a special Pizza Nighthour of the evening in an Octagon Elabore su propia pizza con produc-Dome specially created for meeting tos de primera calidad, sea vegeta-with the peaceful meditation under riana, hawaiana o de salame cual-the rythem of the music of octa- quiera que sea su elección participeves, illuminated by the dim light of cual chef, de su cena. Vea como sefloating candles. Here a conscious cocina en el horno de barro y apren-meditation, which could be sponta- da a encontrar el punto perfecto deneously guided by any one of the cocción.participants, or of the Being, can beexpressed. Kabob Night Prepare your own kabob made ofPachamanca cows heart marinated for hours in aThousands of years old, you will prepared and special hot spice mari-have the chance to eat as the ainca nating. prepared by our special chefdid, only that you will be the fortu- with its unbeatable flavour. Or if younate to eat this food. Share the labor are vegetarian, prepare a kabob ofof making this special meal with all vegetables as you wish and taste itthose others signed for it, this stran- under the light of the stars, near the warmth of a bonfire, sharing with others passengers of a warm fami- liar night. Learn how to recognize which are the stars of our galaxy, which are the flavours no mor- tal man should ever miss, cook a special dish from the country you are visiting, and return to your home country with a trea- sure in between your hands… Be that actor, live this expe- rience of travelling and trans- forming yourself at the same time.!