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Pro Media 2009 Eng

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  2. 2. Kirill Pozhidayev  Customer support CEO ProMedia Management Service in the sphere of media is not just random projects. It is a process. It is a continuous work on controlling transactions, their verification, optimization, solving hundreds and thousands emerging problems. The agency supplies the Customer with the expert information and serves as his/her agent and representative in all the complicated situations. This process requires professional management  Strategic planning It is analysis of the market and of the position of the brand, development of the communication strategy, setting tasks for the Media Planning section.  Media research The analysis of the media market and its developments, based on all the data available within the advertising industry.  Media planning A broad range of unique planning and distribution instruments, creative approach to standard tasks .  Media buying All media and carriers, both standard and non- standard types and layouts. Strategic approach and unique arrangements with the contactors. 2
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  4. 4. Vyacheslav Chulyukanov CEO ProMedia  1997 – The company is founded. The agency grows rapidly to become one of the major players at the regional television market. The stuff is 15 people.  2000 – ProMedia starts to plan and implement advertising campaigns in all the media both at the regional and at the national levels  2001 – The Agency starts to provide service in marketing, media service, development and production of creative content, special projects  2002 – ProMedia becomes a full-fledged member of the Russian Association of Communication Agencies (AKAR)  2003 – provides service in creating the marketing and communication brand strategy  2004 – foundation of the designated agency ProMedia Consulting. New spheres of operation: media and marketing consulting, audit, research, optimization of investments in advertising, brand-building  2007 – foundation of the ProMedia Communication Partners holding Today more than 60 employees work for the agency. Main spheres of operation of the agency – strategic planning, media research, media planning, media buying But the main thing is… that we are still young!  4
  5. 5. ProMedia thoroughly analyses the information on the specifics of the Customer’s market. That is why the Customers receive the most efficient solutions, individually developed strategies and products fully We deeply suited to their marketing tasks. understand the business-models of our clients Alexey Agapeev THAT’S WHY WE OFFER THE MOST Media-research director EFFICIENT SOLUTION WITH THE OPTIMAL INVESTMENT 5
  6. 6. Strategic planning Partners: TNS Gallup Media | COMCON | GFK | Russian Research | Magram Research | Romir Monitoring | MIC | VCIOM PEOPLE are the main. The most important is not “the soft”. It is the team of experienced analysts, working for Julia Ustinova the agency for many years. Media Planning Director
  7. 7. Marketing & Strategic Research WHAT WE CAN IF YOU TRUST US (AND GIVE US DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT) It is analysis of the market for  Successful implementation the product and of the of all the research applicable to the advertising industry position of the brand, development of the communication strategy,  Using the data available for all the research period setting tasks for the Media Planning section.  Executing the independent accumulated analysis on the And after that – the analysis perennial basis of the media market based on all the data available within the advertising industry. Ljuba Granson Director, Marketing & Strategic Research
  8. 8. Media planning Julia CREATIVE WAYS FOR STANDART Khamsina Media Director TASK SOLUTIONS Main principles for media planning: Careful selection of media according to Client’s target audience media consumption Accurate calculating of media investments Never forget that “Media is a message” 8
  9. 9. Media-buying HOW TO ENHANCE THE EFFICIENCY OF ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS A broad range of the unique  Long-term relationship with the instruments of planning and major contractors distribution, creative approach to standard tasks.  Always up-to-date information on media market All media and carriers, both standard and non-standard  The choice of time for approving types and layouts. the conditions Strategic approach and  Multi-stepped system of buying unique arrangements with Optimization of the distribution costs the contactors  Risk analysis for the secured budget  Budget packaging Alexey Shpolsky Director, Media Buying
  10. 10. 6 REASONS TO TRUST  People. Employees of ProMedia are experts in their field, many of them are well-known at the market, have well-deserved professional reputation and are even famous.  Money. ProMedia is a financially stable business. Even in the situation of the economic crisis our billings grow, do not fall. Our old customers stay with us. And new customers come.  Connections. Using its connections the agency is able to offer the best conditions at the market, to be always aware of the current developments, and take into consideration ALL the factor that make possible to influence prices.  Partnership. ProMedia started up as a B2B-agency. No wonder that over the years it has formed solid business relationships with the best specialized Russian companies. Whatever ProMedia cannot make – ProMedia can buy from its partners.  Business code. ProMedia has its own business code, the foundation of all its operations. That is – user-friendly cooperation between the Customer and the agency. You will appreciate it when you start working with the agency.  Independency. ProMedia is not a part of any international “network”. ProMedia is a Russian brand. There is no other “protection”, no “backup” businesses. The agency totally relies on itself.
  11. 11. Vyacheslav Chulyukanov CEO ProMedia 11
  12. 12. PROMEDIA COMMUNICATION PARTNERS Россия, Москва, ул. Усачева, д.33 стр.2 Тел./факс +7 (495) 626-5346 12