A Workaholic’S Legacy Ch.3


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A Workaholic’S Legacy Ch.3

  1. 1. A Workaholic’s Legacy; Ch. 3
  2. 2. Welcome back to a Workaholic’s legacy! When we last left off, Charles was growing up. Here is the handsome hunk himself before his makeover. “Makeover?” Oh, sorry. Does hair cut sound better? “Yes, voice. It does!”
  3. 3.  Charles grew up rather cute, if I might say so myself. And because he did so well in school was a child, he acquired the perfectionist trait.
  4. 4. For all of you guys who forget what the other children in the house look like, Here is Rhonda, the grumpy bookworm. “I’m the grumpy bookworm?” Well yea… Do you have a better way to describe you? “Yea! The future heiress of the Johnson fortune!” You aren’t the heiress yet though. “What planet do you live on? Of course everyone will pick me!”
  5. 5. And here is Bonnie, the super excitable, but sweet kid. “Hi, Voice. I don’t understand this homework…I don’t understand anything! Dad said if I can’t do this, I might as well join the circus! I don’t even like watching the circus!” She isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed though…
  6. 6. Charles took up the hottest hobby known to simkind, the guitar! He isn’t very good at it, but I have some hope for him! “What are you talking about! I am great!” Yes, of course you are! *crosses fingers*
  7. 7. Since we are all acquainted with the kids again, it I about time we catch up with Haeju! One of Haeju’s traits is neat which I have to say I just love! With this girl around, we will never need a maid! “Happy to make you happy, Voice!” Aw, you are too sweet! (You just have to love the sims who actually want to do things for you!
  8. 8. Bonnie, as I said before, is a major bookworm! Well, I can’t exactly blame her. If I was a sim, I would be just like her! “Exactly! And since you are so like me, wouldn’t you just hate to have a camera shoved in your face?” Yes, I guess I would… But we have this whole Jon and Kate plus 8 thing going on, so act more like those kids and enjoy the attention!
  9. 9. “Hi, Voice!” I love how she always greets me the same way… I know I am a little odd… “Your not odd! Your just… just… quirky!” Well, aren’t you turning into your mother’s clone! Boy, I would love to have you next generation. A heir that actually treats the creator with respect! That sounds so unrealistic…
  10. 10. Lately, the twins have been getting around rather well. It is really a wonder how since they have such a big difference in personality. Maybe it’s a twin thing? “Blahhhhhh, I am a zombieeeeee!” “*insert moose noise here*, I’m a moose!”
  11. 11. Now, I am sure you have all been wondering what has been going on in our founder’s life. Well, nothing. Boss exercises during the day and works at night. Fun guy, right? “Hey! I am earning this family the big bucks!” That is true. Boss has earned a lot of money from his job. Aided by the money Haeju brought with her work, her moving in, and the money from stolen cars, the Johnson’s were able to move.
  12. 12. Actually, they were able to afford this beauty here. Rather nice for the 1st/2nd generation! Hopefully, this house will be enough for the next couple of generations.
  13. 13. The first thing the twins did once they arrived at their new house was check out their new room. I think they were a little disappointed that they would have to share, but once they saw all of the cool new toys and books they had, they were fine.
  14. 14. Our insane founder Boss decided it was a nice day to go swimming in his formal attire. How are you enjoying that, Boss? “Oh, so you are talking to me now? I thought you were only interested in stalking my kids now!” Well, I am… but I figure I should put some more of you in here. “No! You don’t love me, so I don’t love you anymore!” Since when did you turn into a girl?
  15. 15. Charles made the honor roll everyone! “Thanks, Voice. Uh, do you know anything about factoring equations?” I do, but I am not going to teach it to my sim… You should pay attention at school Mr. Honor roll! “Thanks a lot.” Ask your dad to! “Um Voice… my dad is more of an idiot then Bonnie is!” True… tough luck kid.
  16. 16. To go with their pool, the Johnson’s bought a sprinkler, which is the best item in all of the sims 3 buy mode! “Hahaha! It tickles!” Oh jeeze, Charles… You think with an evil criminal as a father, he would be more of a man.
  17. 17. “Wooh, this toy is amazing! Plus 5,000,0000 points to my moodlet!” Excitable sims make my day.
  18. 18. So, all in all, I believe the kids enjoy their new home and all of their new toys to play with.
  19. 19. Rhonda do me a favor and keep reading… do not look up! “Why would I? Bookworms do not take their eyes away from a book ever!” Well, I am sure some bookworms do… but that’s besides the point. Boss and Haeju really need to learn to go to their bedroom to do this…
  20. 20. After reading so many books, Rhonda expressed an interest to write her own. I think that writing would be exactly the right profession for Rhonda to go into. “My book is about a pony!” A pony? That doesn’t sound like you at all… “A pony who is pushed off a mountain by a spider!” Oh… alright.
  21. 21. Boss, what are you doing? There aren’t any stars out in the middle of the day! “I am not looking at the stars! I am watching the Altos.” Why? “They are planning something! They are evil, that’s what evil sims do! They plan!” But your evil too, so why don’t you just make a plan to beat their plan? “That’s what I am doing! My plan is to watch them make their plan and then plan to beat that plan.” If any of you readers were able to follow that, I will be shocked.
  22. 22. As Boss was scheming, Charles headed over to the spa to get a job. He is now the clothes folder there. What a job!
  23. 23. Charles also headed over to Hogan’s Deep-fried Diner with a plan of his own. But his plan wasn’t to watch the altos… more to beat them at their own game. Charles bought a partnership with the diner knowing that the more businesses his family owns the better.
  24. 24. “Rhonda, where should I put my white guy now?” “Right in front of my black guy, Bonnie! No.. No.. Yup! There!” “Okay! Your move!” “Check mate.” “How do you do that! You are so good at this game, Rhonda!”
  25. 25. Besides Rhonda’s way of taking advantage of her sister’s lack of brain cells, the twins spent almost all of their time together and were really the best of friends. They swam together…
  26. 26. And they fished together! And whatever else they found fun in town, they did with each other.
  27. 27. At night when Rhonda spent time writing her book on the spider who pushed the pony off of the mountain, Bonnie painted. Maybe she won’t have to join the circus, our little Bonnie here can become the next Van Gogh! Hopefully, she won’t cut off her ear though…
  28. 28. Haeju also took up an interesting hobby… if you would call it a hobby. “Ride ‘em cowboy!” Right now, she is playing the mid west version I see.
  29. 29. The twins birthday finally came, so the two inseparable girls gathered around their cakes. I really wish there was an interaction where only one cake was needed for both the girls to grow up…
  30. 30. Here is one last look at Bonnie! “Yes! Maybe when I grow up I will get smarterer.” Maybe…
  31. 31. Bonnie took on the workaholic trait, so now she has a chance at becoming heiress! “So voice.. Am I smarterer now?” Did you just say smarterer? “Yes!” Then no.
  32. 32. Rhonda was next in line. Any birthday wishes? “Yes! I wish that your camera would break!” Thanks…
  33. 33. Rhonda also earned the Workaholic trait, but if she becomes heir I think me or my camera might die… “You know it!”
  34. 34. Charles took up another hobby which was gardening. Now he can play the guitar and harvest fruits! What a man.
  35. 35. Here is Bonnie after a little makeover. Braids may work for their mother, but not for the twins.
  36. 36. And here is Rhonda. Her hair suits her rather well, don’t you think? “Watch you camera, Voice.” Yea, yea. I am so scared!
  37. 37. Rhonda decided to see why her mom liked those goggles so much, but needless to say, I don’t think Rhonda enjoyed them as much as her mom.
  38. 38. Charles got caught by the cops AGAIN. You would think once would be enough, but apparently not.
  39. 39. Have fun in the slammer, Boss! “They don’t feed you there, or let you sleep! Don’t make me go!” Sorry, Charlie “I’m not Charlie, Voice. He is at home.” Oh boy.
  40. 40. It figures that the other brain dead sim in the family is also causing a mess. “No, water! Stay in the cabinet!”
  41. 41. It’s a wonder how I can stand these sims so much… “*insert zombie noise*” “*insert moose noise*”
  42. 42. I guess Boss was right… they don’t let you sleep in prison.
  43. 43. “Hey Rhonda, wait up!” “What, Bonnie?” “Aren’t we going to do homework together? I need your answers!” “Why must I have all the brains?” “Because, I have all of the looks!” Ouch!
  44. 44. I guess I have been neglecting Charles… Why on earth are you in the trash? “I want to discover something!” Oh… cause that makes sense.
  45. 45. So what is with the puppy dog eyes? “I want people to pity me, not think I am a trash picker!”
  46. 46. After finding a rubber ducky in the Jolina’s trash, Charles came home to blow out his candles.
  47. 47. Who wouldn’t love that face? “I am going to be old! Yes!”
  48. 48. So cute! Charles grew up resembling his father with the same haircut and everything! He choose the lifetime wish to become a creature-robot cross breeder… interesting.
  49. 49. What a cutie! “I know, I am going to get all the babes!” Yea.. Maybe not all of them, but some!
  50. 50. Because Charles has no school now and no work yet, he became the house’s handyman! “They don’t pay me enough for this.” They don’t pay you at all!
  51. 51. After fixing up the house, Charles applied and got a job in the science tract.
  52. 52. He then went to the park to show off his guitar skills to all of the ladies. Surprisingly, one girl actually showed some interest in him!
  53. 53. They hit it off right away, but they didn’t exactly talk much. They stared at each other a lot… which was, as you can all imagine, super awkward!
  54. 54. Eventually they started to talk. This girl is Dixie Kim. She kind of makes me think of Dixie cups… and Gatorade.. Yea, I know I am random.
  55. 55. So as Charles and Dixie were talking, I spotted this fine piece of lady. Her name is Tamika Hathaway, and I believe she is the one for Charles. I mean, who wouldn’t love her?
  56. 56. Charles started off telling a funny joke, most of the time humor wins the ladies over, but not in this case. It turns out, Tamika has no sense of humor and HATES jokes. She wasn't exactly impressed with Charles…
  57. 57. Believe it or not, but our founder is growing up! *tear* Ready for the elder years? “No! I haven’t even gotten my lifetime wish done!” I know, but we will work on that once you’re an old fart!
  58. 58. Haeju was also growing up. Yay, for my first elderly couple in Sims 3!
  59. 59. Boss looks so different! “I feel different too! Since when did I have an aching back?” It comes with the age, Boss!
  60. 60. “Ooh, you are right Boss! My back does hurt!” Lovely, we get to enjoy hearing about the pains of the elder years for however long they have left in life.
  61. 61. The kids, well I guess I have to call them the teens now, finished up the party by playing with the sprinkler and swimming.
  62. 62. You get that but wet, Charles!
  63. 63. The next day, they all went to the beach to soak up the sun’s rays.
  64. 64. The girls decided to relax for a while, but I could see Rhonda was getting bored. Only bored sims, would play with their tongues like that.. Look at her twisting that thing!
  65. 65. Rhonda gave up tanning and picked up a book. I finally get her out in the sun, and she reads. SOCIALIZE! “No.” Fine, be a hermit.
  66. 66. “Look at him, Voice. His hair is so luscious… his body is so fit… he is like a god!” He is too old for you “When is comes to love age doesn’t matter!” It does in this game
  67. 67. Charles was a little bit more social then both his sisters. He decided to invite Tamika to hang out with him at the beach. She did not come dressed like before though which was a little bit of a disappointment.
  68. 68. Charles is the definition of a ladies man. It looks like he is trying to inhale her… “I’m just taking all of this in, Voice!”
  69. 69. “MMMM,” Charles leaned in for his first kiss making extra noise. (It makes him all the more attractive, right?” “Um Charles, no thanks.” And just like that, Charles was DENIED
  70. 70. The kids went back home for the twins big birthday! Finally, we can choose a heir!
  71. 71. Say goodbye to childhood, Rhonda! “Bye! Hello to the beginning of my life!”
  72. 72. And with that, the girls blew out their birthday candles.
  73. 73. Now it is time to pick our heir/heiress! Here is Rhonda Johnson Traits: Brave, Grumpy, Bookworm, Workaholic, and Mooch Life time wish: become an international super spy
  74. 74. Bonnie Johnson Traits: Good, Excitable, Workaholic, and Hydrophobic Life time Wish: become a world renowned surgeon.
  75. 75. And last but not least, Charles Johnson Traits: Absent-minded, Clumsy, Workaholic, and Perfectionist. Life time wish: Become a creature-robot cross breeder Thanks for reading! The heir poll will be up shortly, please vote! What to expect next: Generation 3!