Handing Over the Social Media Reins to Your Employees


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Handing Over the Social Media Reins to Your Employees

  1. 1. Empower Employees Socially to Extend Your Brand Jessica Masterson, Social Media Manager U.S. Cellular@ AWomansWork
  2. 2. …there was a community of happy customers@ AWomansWork
  3. 3. talking and sharing online ―I would love to thank you to Brad, Heather, Ashley and Lisa for all your help on Sunday May 27th, at the Ankeny, IA store‖ ―THANKS FOR BEING AT THE ―I walked into the Roscoe Village WISCONSIN STATE FAIR!!! & (Chicago) store and Brandon THE BEST PROVIDER OUT helped me with a Phone THERE!!!! ♥‖ Replacement for a brand-new device. Yay!‖ ―So glad I have U.S. Cellular. Feels good to have service in Cowen.‖@ AWomansWork
  4. 4. about a brand entrenched locally@ AWomansWork
  5. 5. +1 rogue (but effective) employee 22%@ AWomansWork
  6. 6. The Business CaseOpportunity: Customers and prospects demonstrate buying signals online every day, but without a social media sales capability U.S. Cellular® was unable to capitalize.Strategic Solution:• Create a nimble distributed social sales function in local markets• Pursue an integrated sales approach that exploits short-term opportunities (relationship building) and creates future leads• Define clear social media sales roles and responsibilities@ AWomansWork
  7. 7. Architect It@ AWomansWork
  8. 8. Build It• Beta: 5 stores => 52 stores…• Training/Support(Toolkit + Webinars + Peer Learning)• Regular participation• Engage local online communities• Produce quarterly “social” events(Tweet-up, Social Media for Biz Workshop)• Manage new relationships holistically@ AWomansWork
  9. 9. Set Guidelines Your voice: We want to hear it The respect you project: Our brand reputation matters The content you share: Links add credibility to responses Support: Support your community Sales: Sell softly — social channels are sensitive channels@ AWomansWork
  10. 10. ResultsFor those that have “built it”, seeing business results & forging new relationships, FASTER than traditional networking channelsNearly 3,000 tweets have taken place at the store level since inception; each conversation an opportunity to convert sales and create brand loyalists 60,000 Consumers 49,869 50,000 Engaging with U.S. 40,000 Locations, Cellular 24% Twitter 30,000 Handles, 76% 20,000 10,000 2,721 0 U.S. Cellular U.S. Cellular Retail Locations@ AWomansWork
  11. 11. Local Engagement Aids Brand Buzz/Sentiment 160 2,500 1.0 # of Tweets - Retail Locations 140# of Tweets - U.S. Cellular 2,000 120 0.5 100 1,500 0.0 80 1,000 60 -0.5 40 500 20 -1.0 0 0 U.S. Cellular Competitor Avg U.S. Cellular U.S. Cellular Retail Locations Delta (U.S. Net Sentiment vs Competitor Avg) @ AWomansWork
  12. 12. Wins@ AWomansWork
  13. 13. Give Them More!@ AWomansWork
  14. 14. (Don’t Stop at Winning.) SCALE. Build Again!Local social is evolving at U.S. Cellular and beyond.(We’re thinking about)• Growth• Tools (Content, Analytics, Collaborative)• Better/Smarter Reporting@ AWomansWork
  15. 15. We Tested. What Did We Learn?• Pick the right people/market conditions• Mañana nunca viene (Start it, today!)• People like you, they really, really, like you!(But you need to really, really, LOVE them back.)• Feed the ―SHOW‖ers & the ―GROW‖ers (not the “NO”ers)• People will surprise you.• Enterprise programs need enterprise tools to scale@ AWomansWork
  16. 16. 5 Things to Take Away• Start today: build & iterate• Get support (people/processes, then tools)• People don’t live only online – we’re SOCIAL• Get ready to lose control (& LIKE it)• Focus on results & add fuel to the fire(You won’t convert everybody.)@ AWomansWork