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Gruppo8 berardi cingottini_poggi_zhang

  1. 1. The design game
  2. 2. PACMAN IS SEARCHING DESIGN IN THE LABYRINTH OF THE CITY! Challenge the opposing team and test your skills and knowledge about design. You can choose between the characters of Dragon, Princess, Knight or Pirate. Have Fun! Story*
  3. 3. Why PacMan?* PAC MAN pac man is a game born in 1980, known and played by all and therefore has a well-fixed place in the collective imagination. Everyone knows the rules, everyone knows how to play, we all have played at least once in life.
  4. 4. COMPAC _ The design game What is ComPAC?* GAME TYPE adventure game GOAL earn as many points as possible and win the game! time limits (1h30) HOW IT WORKS Players move into the game area to find design object, when one of them comes accross with a player from the other team they have to face off with each other. Teams earn points when answer in the right way to design question about the object had find, or through clash with the other team.
  5. 5. COMPAC _ The design game They are located in the game area, each one of them has been awarded with Compasso d’Oro. Design objects*
  6. 6. COMPAC _ The design game Players* 4 teams of four players each. Every team is a different Pacman (Dragon, Princess, Knight, Pirate). The team that plays sees respectively the opponent like ghosts.
  7. 7. COMPAC _ The design game Rules 1/2* Move freely in the game area and search for design objects. Photograph the object found and answer questions about it. The informations required to answer the questions are provided at the beginning of the game and randomly during the game. correct answer wrong answer gain points do not earn points
  8. 8. COMPAC _ The design game Rules 2/2* Meeting the opponent meeting one of the other teams in the game area means there is a challenge. Challenge the player or the team that has more points (in the category of the object) win 10% of the opponent points. PAY-OUT the winner is the team with the most points in total at the end of time.
  9. 9. COMPAC _ The design game Questions* alla luna A cosa si ispira la forma della lampada Eclisse di Artemide? Design alle lanterne cieche ai caschi delle tute spaziali
  10. 10. COMPAC _ The design game Questions* un albero Il fusto al centro è progettato per somigliare a che cosa? Design una mano delle radici
  11. 11. COMPAC _ The design game Location*
  12. 12. COMPAC _ The design game Location*
  13. 13. A project by: Paola Berardi Chiara Cingottini Juliette Poggi Yifei Zhang