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MicroCreditNH Entreprenurial Exchange 2008 Event Presentation

MicroCreditNH Entreprenurial Exchange 2008 Event Presentation

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  • Peggy O’Keefe MicroCreditNH Hannah Grimes Center for the referral


  • 1. Exploring Social Media Marketing Stephanie Jacques Social Media Workshops www.stephaniejacques.com http://stephaniejacques.activerain.com Realtor Better Homes and Gardens The Masiello Group
  • 2. My Mission
    • To build, energize and support community partnerships
    • www.stephaniejacques.com
  • 3. Goals Today
    • You will gain knowledge about emerging trends in online communication technologies for building and sustaining relationships
    • You will gain knowledge about social media, what it means and how it’s used
    • You will leave with resources and some ideas around how to implement it
  • 4. What to expect
      • Define social media
      • Who’s using social media?
      • How and why?
      • Worksheet and activities
      • Online Examples
      • Q&A
  • 5. Generation Y
    • is next largest
    • generation
    • after the
    • Baby Boomer
    • generation
  • 6. “ The Trophy Kids Grow up: How the Millenial Generation is Shaking up the Workplace” By Ron Alsop, Harvard Business Review, Nov. 08
    • “ Trophy kids”: behavior shaped by rewards
      • Achievement oriented- standardized tests era
      • Grew up on the computer
      • Are open and more transparent online
      • Demand and generally accept feedback,
      • Give their “followers” what they want (use feedback)
      • Are more environmentally and socially aware
  • 7. Just wait until I grow up… I’m already hardwired for Web 3.0!
  • 8. Social Media is just the online version of what we do everyday!
    • Social Network Sites= cocktail parties
    • Ratings/Reviews= referrals
    • Blogs/ Vlogs/ Microblogs= story telling
    • Podcasts= Record and replay trainings
    • Wikis= encyclopedia, Googling for information
    • Communities/Forums= clubs, groups, associations
    • Interactive Websites= video games or “surfing the net”
  • 9. Traditional Advertising
    • Monologue- little feedback, one sided
    • Dated- breaking news is exciting
    • Impersonal- don’t tell me, engage me
    • Not searchable- if it’s not online, it’s not searchable
    • Costly, reaching less people with newspaper and even with TV as more turn to the internet
  • 10. New Advertising
    • Easy to find top stories, breaking news
    • Searchable using relevant keywords
    • Interactive, user generated content
    • Allows feedback, collective voice
    • Multimedia, engaging, collaborative
    • Access through desktop or portable mobile devices- something most people have today
    • Free
  • 11. Why social media?
    • Sell products/e-commerce
    • Establish credibility
    • Knowledge sharing/announcements
    • Build community
    • Communicate with friends, stakeholders
    • Prospecting
    • Fundraising
    • Contests
    • Monitoring consumers
    • Gain feedback
    • Product development
  • 12. Connectivity is key!
    • Buyer chose me because my profile indicated we were of the same age
    • Met a buyer at a 4 year old birthday party (building community through commonalities)
    • Buyer chose me because we both attended Antioch University (shared common culture )
    • Received a referral from a Boston agent because of an online real estate community we both participate in
    • My niche market is Gen X & Y
  • 13. Developing new relationships
    • Identify stakeholders , establish goals for each of them (consider new hires, volunteers, funders, clients and their networks)
    • Become aware of keywords used in searches related to our industry (Google Adwords)
    • Find out who they influence and who/what influences them?
    • Communicate with them in ways they are comfortable with, build relations
    • Reward them (info, feedback, referrals, acknowledgement)
  • 14. Who else’s using it?
    • Obama (whitehouse.gov/blog/) also (barackobama.com/blog/) also on facebook and Twitter!
    • Dell (building community to provide solutions, advice, how-to’s, discussions, friends through blogs, wikis, forums…reducing customer service costs)
    • Lego’s (Mindstorms fans develop new products - product creation!)
    • PSNH (Youtube, blogs, forums, Twitter..)
    • Churches, Clubs, Nonprofits, Musicians (Facebook)
  • 15. What’s the ROI?
    • Define ROI for you:
      • Credibility
      • Monitor and talk with consumers
      • Test your product
      • Build relations
      • Draw people to you
      • Establish your presence in the eyes of a younger generation
      • If you’re not found, do you exist?
  • 16. Activity
      • Speaker :
      • Your name, Your work/industry
      • 60 seconds:
        • Describe a time when you felt most passionate about something you were doing related to your work.
        • Why did you feel so energized about it?
      • Listener(s) :
      • Ask questions of the speaker (whatever comes to mind)
  • 17. Debrief
    • Listener(s):
    • What peaked your interest about that person’s story?
    • What 1 thing about their story could you connect to?
  • 18. How to use this in social media?
    • Personal stories can help communicate your work ethics and your values
    • Questions asked of you portray online readers’ reactions, thoughts, assumptions, interests
    • Your story is likely a great first blog
    • Keywords used in your story creates searchability
    • It’s simple to write about something you care about
  • 19. Social media culture
    • Don’t sell, use meaningful stories
    • Be aware of your assumptions, biases
    • Connect through content, personality, humor
    • Present yourself regularly and be open
    • Consider your diverse audience at all times
    • Offer 90% of the information to help you drive more traffic
    • Subscribe to content you like, they will reciprocate
    • Let your personality speak!
    • Link, link, link!
  • 20. Downsides of social media
    • Burnout
    • Junkmail/Spam
    • Surprises (+/-)
    • Learning curve
    • Outside comfort level
    • Test of values
    • Takes 3+ months to see some effect
    • Your fears
  • 21. Facing your fears!
    • Going public
    • So much to learn, it’s overwhelming
    • Expose my strategies to others, others may use them
    • Look like a fool, don’t know enough yet
    • Takes too much time
    • There are online predators out there who might eat their prey!
  • 22. What do I need to know to get started?
    • Link, link, link
    • Culture is important to understand
    • Profile pages are key
    • Keywords and tags help you be found
    • Resources to get started
    • Where to go with questions, Google it!
  • 23. Offer a multimedia experience
    • Tips:
    • Consider using a YouTube video to convey a message
    • Start a blog and link to your site to create a face to your organization or brand
    • Participate in a forum, create a profile that links to your site or blog
    • Create news regularly on your site
    • Add a widget to give functionality to your site
  • 24. Where would you find: Ratings/Reviews?
    • Amazon.com (books)
    • Orbitz.com (vacations)
    • E-commerce sites
    • Support sites (rate this answer)
  • 25. Feedback? Where else…
    • Forums (your forum or someone else’s)
    • Blogs (your blog or someone else’s)
    • Surveys (Surveymonkey.com)
    • Polls (Widgets can be added to any site)
  • 26. Where would you find: Social Network Sites?
    • Facebook (40-55 is fastest growing demographic group, Linked by schools)
    • Linkedin (professional site, Linked by resume)
    • MySpace (most popular for musicians)
    • Profile pages are key!
    • Linking is your strategy…
  • 27. Where would you find: Communities/Forums?
    • Communities are networks
    • People have come together because of a common interest
    • They are found everywhere interaction is allowed (YouTube, Support sites, Facebook, Linkedin groups, Mini Cooper fans, Legos website, Sprout Online and parenting sites…)
    • Forums enable people to ask questions and reach others by answering questions
    • They have taken place of customer service people for products of technical natures (computers)
  • 28. What is a blog?
    • Online journal
    • Reverse chronological order
    • Written in more personable approach
    • Personal, Professional, and Organizational blogs exist
    • Easy to start one
    • Ideal for those who love to write and can do so at a consistent pace (3-4x/week or more)
  • 29. How do Blogs work?
    • Strategy:
      • Linkages
      • Keywords
      • Popular issues, topic, question, answer
      • Creates personality for a product/ service/ organization
      • Helps people connect and relate to you
      • Reaches consumers at an emotional level
  • 30. Where would you find: Blogs?
    • Google your favorite hobby, an organization or industry, or common questions and scroll down the search page until you reach an address that looks bloggish…
    • Wordpress.com
    • Blogger.com
    • Blogspot.com
    • Activerain.com
    • Typepad.com
  • 31. Microblog
    • Twitter (most common)
      • Popular among news/media industries
      • Helps spread word fast, crisis announcements
      • Links people together with common interests
      • What is it?
      • A post of 140 characters or less that can be texted or entered by a user online at twitter.com
      • Answers the question: ?
      • People choose to receive it and you can accept them
      • People find you because they are searching for a keyword you use in your posts
  • 32. Where would you find: Vlogs?
    • YouTube (most popular)
      • Videos are transferred from digital cameras, DVD, VHS tapes, and placed on social network sites, YouTube, Websites, Blogs, and in Wikipedia
      • Great for marketing anything because it creates a face and can have great Virality
  • 33. Podcasts
    • Audio recordings
      • Can be posted on a website or blog
      • Can be downloaded to an Ipod and listened to whenever ready
      • Can be listened to from a desktop computer online
  • 34. Where would you find: Wiki’s
    • Wikipedia
    • Some organizations have their own wiki’s on their website
      • User generated content
      • Several experts create shared meaning of a word, phrase, topic or person’s name
      • Include links to other sites, videos, and anything web-based that supports their content
  • 35. Your Holistic Web Presence…
  • 36.  
  • 37. Social Media and Your Business
    • Further Trainings Available in the Following Topics:
    • Brand yourself on the web through the use of social networks and blogging
    • Learn the culture of the Web 2.0 world
    • Research and connect with your niche market
    • Help you overcome the fears of the Web 2.0 technology
    • Examine social media tools being used by professional and large corporations
    • Learn the importance of links and how to strategically create links
    • Develop a social media marketing plan THANK YOU!
    • www.stephaniejacques.com