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Zone 34 Strengthening Clubs Seminar - Young Professionals Plan by Joseph Lorenzo, PR Specialist - Evanston, Illinois June 5, 2012

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  • Rotary Young Professionals campaign is a limited market pilot test in the US, designed to target new younger members and enhance development. Reaching a wider range of professionals— Especially those under age 40 who are moving up in their careers—is an important growth opportunity for Rotary clubs across North America. Recognizing this need, a donor couple, both past District Governors, challenged Rotary to develop the Young Professionals Campaign and bring our story to a broader audience. Through their generosity, Rotary is pleased to pilot this innovative social media-focused program in five major North American markets. The cross-functional core team on Young Professionals includes Rotary International representatives from: Communications leadership The Rotary Foundation Membership Development Public Relations and Marketing This program will be tested in 5 markets in the United States – MN-SP, Miami, Seattle, Portland, ME and Houston, TX
  • Clear objectives have been set: To reach this group of young professionals 25-40 Increase awareness, understanding and improve Rotary’s perception among our young professionals target audience Improve participation in local programs and events Boost contributions to Rotary The program also has specific requirements To be measurable and demonstrate a Return on Investment Enable us to build on the local market experience as a model and scale it up nationally—and even internationally
  • Zocalo Group is utilizing SOCIAL MEDIA to help Rotary CREATE SHARABLE CONVERSATIONS that lead to BRAND RECOMMENDATION and ENGAGEMENT. Young Professionals social media program will be reinforced by hyper-localized paid and earned media—because there is strong evidence that a fully integrated approach, with social and traditional, is even more effective than with either approach alone.
  • In addition to connecting with online influencers, Zocalo Group along with staff from RI have created a new interactive Facebook Tab to continue the conversation with Young Professionals. Because rotary.org can be difficult to navigate, we identified Facebook as the ideal place to share Rotary’s story with Young Professionals. A few of the features of the tab include: 6 areas of focus visual information points including simple to understand text about the types of projects clubs work on as well as a way for them to view a 2-3 minute video about a particular area of focus. We have also added 3 ‘Take Action’ buttons to engage our users. Each button takes the user to a specific page on rotary.org In the coming months, we will add local ‘geo targeted’ technology to better engage and connect with Market-specific Young Professionals. Think of this as a Springboard to local content!
  • Measurable results One of the program’s most critical objectives is the ability to prove its effectiveness. Young Professionals builds in measurement metrics · Pre-campaign public image benchmarking · Online engagement metrics to track the conversation · Post-campaign follow-up research
  • Rather than a top down campaign from Evanston, we really wanted to give the local, individual clubs ownership of the campaign. One of our key findings is to train up 1-2 point people in each of the markets to serve as the liaison between the participating clubs and RI. Each market will work together to organize an in-market event geared toward Young Professionals – making this the first interaction Young Professionals may have with Rotary at the local level.
  • We have begun talking with the Seattle, WA, and Portland, ME Markets to start planning. And very shortly, we will be contacting Houston, TX
  • Z34 Young Professionals Campaign

    1. 1. RotaryYoungProfessionalsCampaign Joe Lorenzo Public Relations Specialist
    2. 2. YPC Objectives
    3. 3. Word of Mouth | Social Media Create a sharable conversation
    4. 4. New Interactive Facebook Tab
    5. 5. Success Measures
    6. 6. Leverage strength of our clubs
    7. 7. Minneapolis – St. Paul• 2 district point persons appointed• 42 participating clubs from two districts (5950, 5960)• Online influencers and bloggers identified and engaged• 3 informational webinars completed• In-market event planned for August (Volunteerathon)• Post-survey scheduled for September
    8. 8. Miami• District point person appointed• Met with district leadership• Applications sent to clubs• Informational webinar with clubs TBD• In-market event TBD• Post-survey scheduled after in-market event
    9. 9. Followed by
    10. 10. Miami Media Market ContactDG Todd Dayton(govenortodd@gmail.com)RI Staff(RotaryYPC@rotary.org)
    11. 11. Questions