Rotary showcase presentation april 2013


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  • INTRODUCE MYSELFRotary Showcase is RI’s online tool that allows Rotarians and Rotaract leaders to share their projects with the world. While anyone can view the site only member access authenticated users can upload a project including photos and video. Users can comment on projects they find interesting or gain ideas for future projects.
  • or connect through Member AccessOnline tool where Rotarians and Rotaractors broadcast information and share service projects with the worldAdd and join service projects, connect with other clubs and districts, and explore the variety of projects that Rotarians are undertaking
  • The homepage of Rotary Showcase is made up of three main parts. The “add a project” link which I will discuss in a moment, Highlighted projects, and the full gallery of projects.Highlighted projects are selected by staff and rotated monthly to feature work of Rotarians around the world. The projects are selected based on their images and impact data and represent a variety of categories as well as locations. ANIMATIONBeneath the highlighted projects you will see the full gallery of projects that have been uploaded to Showcase. You are able to change the number projects that display at a given time in order to see more or less projects. Additionally, you are able to filter the projects based on Project Category, Location, Status and whether or not the project has Foundation Funding.
  • Add your project to Rotary Showcase in three easy steps to share the work you, your club and your project partners are accomplishing. The project title, short description, location, category and dates (as shown here) are the only required fields to add a project to the site and all located in step 1. In this first step you may also include “tags” or keywords that further describe your project. However, we encourage you to continue to steps 2 and 3in order for other users to gain a complete understanding of the great work you accomplished through this project. In step 2 you can add a longer description and photos. During step 3 include the projects impact data such as cash contributions, in-kind donations and volunteer hours just remember all numbers included as data must be whole numbers only. Additionally, if you don’t have all the information right away you can come back into this project and edit further details.
  • Once you have added your project you will see the project details page. This is the page that any user can see when they click on your project from the homepage, Facebook or other social media site. Users can view available project pictures, begin a discussion on this page as well as share this project. The Impact tracker shows the contributions for this specific project – which will be aggregated with other club/district projects in Rotary Club Central and aggregated on Rotary Showcase for worldwide impact of Rotary.
  • Sharing your project on Rotary Showcase increases the visibility of the work your club or district is undertaking locally and around the world. The site allows you to post your project on various other websites, further increasing the visibility of your work to the Rotary Family and beyond. The simplest way to expand a project’s visibility is to use the automatic Facebook application which prompts you to post your new project on your Facebook page. This posting can then not only be viewed on your Facebook page, but also shared with “friends” and reposted. The Share app, located in the upper right corner of the site (+ share), allows you to post your project on multiple other social media sites such as Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. Lastly, you can link to your project page from your club or district website as well as newsletters.By sharing your work through Showcase you reach a broader audience to generate interest in your projects as well as club membership. Volunteering is a key aspect of what draws people to Rotary, and Showcase highlights this characteristic on the web.
  • While this has been a brief overview of how things currently exist on Rotary Showcase, we are currently working to further enhance the site based on feedback we’ve received from our users. While we currently have over 900 projects uploaded to the site, we do see a need for further assistance on how to construct your project’s story. If you’d like to learn more about effectively promoting your club’s and district’s service endeavors, I encourage you to register for our webinar in November: Share your Impact! How to craft your service story at EPR Login Testing1
  • Rotary showcase presentation april 2013

    1. 1. A New Tool For Clubs
    2. 2. Rotary Showcase• orconnect through MemberAccess• Online tool where Rotariansand Rotaractors broadcastinformation and share serviceprojects with the world• Add and join service projects,connect with other clubs anddistricts, and explore thevariety of projects thatRotarians are undertaking
    3. 3. FocusedSustainableMeasurableImpact~US$100M TRF Funding ProjectsAnnuallyUS$0.5B-US$1B Rotary ProjectsNon-TRF fundedAnnuallyWhat Showcase Captures
    4. 4. Homepage Interface
    5. 5. Adding a Project
    6. 6. Project Detail Page
    7. 7. The Multiplier Effect•Share on various social mediasites•Incorporate a link to yourproject detail page on your clubor district website•Send the project to your friendsand/or prospective members
    8. 8. “Stories matter. Many stories matter.Stories have been used to dispossessand to malign, but stories can also beused to empower and to humanize.”Chimamanda Gnozi Adichie
    9. 9. Questions