What is numeracy-definitions


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What is numeracy-definitions

  1. 1. What is Numeracy? Numeracy is…
  2. 2. Numeracy is the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage and respond to the mathematical demands of diverse situations. Australian Bureau of Statistics, Adult Literacy and Lifeskills Survey (ALLS), 2006. Numeracy is…
  3. 3. Literacy also includes numeracy, such as the recognition and use of numbers and basic mathematical signs and symbols within a text. DEEWR, Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Guidelines, 2009. Numeracy is…
  4. 4. Numeracy involves abilities that include interpreting, applying and communicating mathematical information in commonly encountered situations to enable full, critical and effective participation in a wide range of life roles. Queensland Department of Education, 1994. Numeracy is…
  5. 5. In this new light, numeracy is seen as the bridge between mathematics and the real world. Numeracy is an umbrella term that both expands the breadth of the mathematics that is considered and the contexts in which adults use that mathematics. Numeracy is about making meaning of mathematics, at whatever level of mathematical skill, and mathematics is a tool to be used in a variety of applications in both education and life. Tout, D. and Schmitt, M.J., 2002, The Inclusion of Numeracy in Adult Basic Education, NCSALL. Numeracy is…
  6. 6. The ability to use mathematics at a level necessary to function at work and in society in general [i.e.,] to: understand and use mathematical information; calculate and manipulate mathematical information; interpret results and communicate mathematical information. Department for Education and Skills (United Kingdom), 2001. Numeracy is…
  7. 7. Numerate behaviour is observed when people manage a situation or solve a problem in a real context; it involves responding to information about mathematical ideas that may be represented in a range of ways; it requires the activation of a range of enabling knowledge, factors, and processes. Australian Bureau of Statistics, Adult Literacy and Lifeskills Survey (ALLS), 2006. Numeracy is…
  8. 8. To be numerate is more than being able to manipulate numbers, or even being able to ‘succeed’ in school or university mathematics. Numeracy is a critical awareness which builds bridges between mathematics and the real world, with all its diversity. Johnston, B., 1994, ‘Critical Numeracy’, Fine Print, vol. 16, no. 4. Numeracy is…
  9. 9. The ability to read, write and use numbers, to handle information, express ideas and opinions, make decisions and solve problems, as family members, workers, citizens and lifelong learners. Changing Lives: Adult Literacy and Numeracy in Scotland (ALNIS), 2001 Numeracy is…
  10. 10. Numeracy is the ACSF is about using mathematics to make sense of the world. Numeracy assists in dealing with situations that involve the use and application of a range if mathematical skills and knowledge which arise in workplace, personal, training and community settings. Australian Core Skills Framework, 2008 Numeracy is…
  11. 11. What is numeracy for you?... …How do you define numeracy?