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  • The average Twitter user has 126 followers The average Twitter users tweets a link at 9am, achieves a 1.17% click through rate (1.4 followers click the link) Over 40% of Twitter users do not tweet anything About 0.05% of the total twitter population attract almost 50% of attention on the channel 71% of the millions of tweets each day attract no reaction 25% of Twitter users have no followers 45% of the mass communications posted on Twitter are nonsense 8% of Americans use Twitter Twitter now has more than 140 million active users, sending 340 million tweets every day Twitter users send over a billion tweets every 72 hours Twitter should see 250 million active users by the end of 2012
  • Email marketing works for a variety of reasons... It allows targeting It is data driven It drives direct sales It builds relationships, loyalty and trust It supports sales through other channels
  • Expanding marketing efforts beyond the local “trade area” Enhancing the capabilities in selling products and services to wider audiences Becoming more effective in customer service Improve the effectiveness of communications with customers and suppliers Become more efficient in internal operations (human resources, purchasing, marketing, and more)
  • Buildyouronlinepresence columbus

    1. 1. Build Your Online Presence Connie Hancock UNL Extension Educator
    2. 2. Online Presence Strategy
    3. 3. How many of you have…….
    4. 4. The Rule of 250The Average person knows at least 250 Those 250 know 250 You have access to 62,500 people
    5. 5. Social Business stats• 1 in 3 small businesses are using social media• 50% of people follow brands in social media• 2 out of 3 social media users believe Twitter influences purchases• 57% plan to increase social media budget• 84% smartphone owners use them for shopping experience • 2 out of 3 will visit a mobile site • 1 out of 2 will share their online shopping experience
    6. 6. Local Search Go to
    7. 7. SearchRestaurants near Columbus Nebraska
    8. 8. Keyword SearchSearch for someone’s business
    9. 9. Place Page• Need Google account – free• Claim your bubble• Verify your location• Edit Place page• Dashboard Information
    10. 10. Google Places
    11. 11. Check all maps• Yahoo! maps• Bing maps• Mapquest• Google maps For help in claiming “bubbles” – go to and click on Resources/Workshop Materials/Online Maps
    12. 12. YOUR WEBSITE
    13. 13. Part of the Blue Print• Owned Media – what you control• Earned Media – reviews• Paid Media – what you purchase
    14. 14. Owned/Claimed Media• Web site• Mobile Site• Blog• Twitter account• Facebook page• Flickr• Youtube channel• Map locations
    15. 15. Website - Builds Foundation• You Control• You Own Channels• Contributes to portfolio• Lays foundation for ‘earned’ value
    16. 16. Website - Builds a Bridge• Connects social experience to destination
    17. 17. Social Media Tools
    18. 18. Create a Consistent Profile• NAP + hours • Name • Address plus GPS coordinates • Phone • + Hours
    19. 19. Facebook • Over 1 Billion posts per day • Average lifetime for a Facebook Page post is 3 hours • Create a Business Page •
    20. 20. LinkedIn• Over 100 million members worldwide• Discussion groups around industry • Market Research • Join Industry or Alumni groups• for-business/
    21. 21. Twitter• 465 million accounts –• 107 million accounts in US – 28.1% of all users• Every day – 175 million tweets• 30% of twitter users have an income over $100,000
    22. 22. YouTube• 1 hour of video uploaded every second • 24 hours of video every 24 seconds • 60 hours a minute • 9 months every 2 hours • A decade every single day • A Century every 10 days• Four billion video views globally every day
    23. 23. eMail• 67% customers give email addresses to receive discounts/promotions• 57% customers say apt to buy a product in a store after receiving an email• 56% U.S. mobile phone owners access the Internet • 85 percent of all U.S. adults now own a mobile phone. • More than 50 percent of mobile users read email on their phones. • 88 percent check email on their phones every day. (Pew Internet and American Life Project (November 2012)• Delivering Relevant Content Remains Key
    24. 24. Pinterest• Pinterest is third most popular social network, behind Twitter and Facebook (in the US)• Pinterest had accumulated 10.4 million users• 80% are female• January 2012 – US average time spent 97.8 minutes• A call-to-action pin description sees an 80% increase in engagement Statistics-That-Fuel-the-Battle-Between-Pinterest-and-Google.aspx
    25. 25. Blogs• An informal, easily maintained method for regularly communicating with your customers• Three Reasons you should blog: • Engage online with Customers • Link Building • Quality Content
    26. 26. Earned Media• Result of owned, paid, and participatory programs o Blog posts o Tweets o Status updates o Comments
    27. 27. Manage Your Reputation• 84 percent of Americans say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions• Check out your ‘reputation’ at…  Yelp  Citysearch  Yahoo! Local  Google Maps  Angie’s List  TripAdvisor  Epinions  Twitter
    28. 28. Paid Media• Represents what we purchase o Display ads, paid search, sponsorships• Can complement, reinforce and polish
    29. 29. Five Tips for Online Presence Have a Complete PictureKnow Why You are Online Be Active Provide Value Be Credible
    30. 30. Know Why You Are Online• Top Three Reasons• Set a Goal for Each
    31. 31. Have a Complete Picture• Check out competition• Spend time each month updating profile• Personalize
    32. 32. Be Active• Commit• Set a Schedule to Update Page • 10 min/day • 1 hour/week • 3 hour/month
    33. 33. Provide Value• Weekly Blog• Specials• Expertise
    34. 34. Be Credible• Profile• Current Information• NO spelling errors• Join Relevant Groups
    35. 35. HOW DO WE DO IT ALL?
    36. 36. Google Alerts
    37. 37. Twitter Search
    38. 38. One Piece – Many DeliverablesWrite content for blog• Blog has RSS feed which goes to feed reader• Announce the blog update on twitter which automatically goes to FacebookCreate a video • Post a link on website • Upload to youtube • Upload same episode to your ITunes podcastTalk about different things - not just about yourself! Makeit interesting!
    39. 39. YOUR WEBSITE
    40. 40. Marketing Strategy• Need a Social Networking/Media Strategy o Research customer o Determine time commitment• Building relationships and reputations• Adding value to conversations relevant to your business.• Analyze o What marketing worked well? o What marketing didnt work well or not at all? o Are there any standout reasons?
    41. 41. Ask yourself• What are your on-line marketing goals?• Who is your on-line target market?• How do you plan to increase your target market?• Which on-line tool/tools will you incorporate in the next 6 months?• What is your call to action?• How does your on-line marketing strategy fit into your traditional marketing strategy?• How do you plan to incorporate this into your marketing strategy?
    42. 42. Three E’s of Social Media• Educate• Engage• Entertain Ten Golden Rules to Internet Marketing
    43. 43. Resources• eXtension Webinars – •• Marketing AgriTourism Online –• Direct Marketing of Specialty Food –• Taking Charge of Your Online Presence – available summer 2013
    44. 44. Contact
    45. 45. Extension is a Division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources atthe University of Nebraska–Lincoln cooperating with the Counties and theUnited States Department of Agriculture.University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension educational programs abide with thenondiscrimination policies of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and theUnited States Department of Agriculture.