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  1. 1. Visit Cambodia Visit 6 provinces around Tonle Sap:Thousand attractive sitesMillion wonderful culturesAnd billion smiles Enjoy your trip in Cambodia
  2. 2. Royal University of Phnom PenhFaculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Department of Tourism Research about: Tourism Geography around Tonle Sap LakeLecturer: THOUCH SoputhyMember of Group: CHEY Theb SAY Lalin BOU Sivteang BEN Chetra Year 2, semester I Academic year: 2010-2011
  3. 3. You will satisfy strongly all of your want, just visit Cambodia. Cambodia used to be a famous empire in the ancient time, called “Khmer Empire”, ancient time provide unlimited cost of cultural resources such asAbsara dance performance, or Ankor temple and manyother thousand temples. We‟re very pride, not just the cultural resources;Cambodia is the most full or in the other word, rich ofnatural resources. Our property can provide you the good experiencewith the nation or local tradition, views of beautifullandscape, thousand of temples, and funning of transportvehicles or very welcome of our citizen and other service. Best vacation, build closer relationship, networking,finding new, or education, Cambodia can provide youbetter and better. When I was 17 years old, my father had one night tripto forest, unforgotten memory, I was so optimistic, verystrange, and very enjoyable with the nature. How aboutyou? Do you want to relax for building other your needsvery well? Cambodia can provide you all of your needs andthe unforgotten memory with your special.
  4. 4. university college of Social Sciences: (geography oftourism around Cambodia): lecturer: HIN Socheat
  5. 5. Tonle Sap is thelargest freshwaterlake in South EastAsia and is anecological hot spotthat was designed asa UNESCO biospherein 1997.The area is home tomany ethnicVietnamese and numerous Cham communities livingin floating village around the lake.Tonle Sap Lake has 6 provinces around it. Theseprovinces have a lot of attractive sites, rich of culture,food that can satisfy you, all of you want to see, stay,or eat. However, the livelyhood in Tonle Sap are veryimportand to the benefit of culture and resource so we canenjoy like eco-tourism that is a good experience and realpractise. . NASA satellite image . Coordinates 12053N 104004E . Basin countries Cambodia . Surface area 2,700 km2 (normal) 16,000 km2 (monsoon) 1
  6. 6. Siem Reapprovinces: It locates innorthwesternCambodia. Withmany temples are init. In the city, thereare traditional,Apsara danceperformances, craft shops, silk farms, rice paddycountryside, fishing village and a bird sanctuary nearthe Tonle sap lake, temples, and mountains that beinga popular tourist destination, has a large number ofhotel and restaurants for all class. You can go to SiemReap by air(international air port) especially by landthat you can enjoy with many major attraction sitesalong of the place you pass such as beautiful landscapalong the road, Phom Penh, paddy field, paml trees,and if you come by sea rout, you can enjoy with our uniqe coastle beach, or if you go along the river from Vietnam, also enjoy with boast trip.
  7. 7. Now, let‟s go, make a trip to Siem Reap: SIEM Reap attraction sites The first awareness 2 in Siem Reap can be Ankor Wat. The temple of Angkor Wat inCambodia is widelyconsidered one of the wondersof the world and it is a worldheritage locates 7 km fromprovince town. It built at thebeginning of 12th century byking SORAYAK Varman 2(1113-1152). Million senses are in it.
  8. 8. Bakong temple is the most impressive member of the roluos group, sitting at the center of the first Angkorian capital (15 meters tall and 650x850 outer wall). The temple displays a very use of stone rather than brick. Some of the lintelcarvings, particularly on the outer towers, are in verygood shape. Pictureswwque moat and vegetationaround Bakong. SIEM Reap attraction sites Baksei Cham krong temple- a towering 12-meter tallbrick and literate step-pyramid. Built by Harshavarman Iin the early 10th century. Visit to the south gate and flyyour feel especially on the lighting is best in the morning.
  9. 9. Banteang Kdei temple is a mysterious temple. There is no record of why it was built-or by whom- because no marker stone with thatinformation has ever been found. Its name means „Thecitadel of the monks‟ cells‟, but that does not necessarilyindicate its function. What is known is that Banteang Kdeigrew by amalgamation froma small site to alarge centraltemple with its own enclwurewall that protected a largecity. Banteay Samre locate atPreah Dak commune, BonTiey Srey District by CharlesDe Gaulle Road via AngkorWat in 16-kilometer destancefrom the provincial town. You can find out of its signicifient by yourself. SIEM Reap attraction sites 4 Banteay Srei is built largely of hard red sandstone that can be carved like wood. The temple is known for the beauty of its sandstone lintels and pediments. These factors have made the temple extremely popular with tourists. The temple locate 25
  10. 10. km north-east of the main group of temples and it is 10thcentury temple.Baphuon temple was the largest temple of its time and onlyAngkor Wat would surpass it in the following century. Itbuilt in the 11th century (part a city plan of Ankor). It BengMealea was built in middle of the 12th century, with later addition in thereign of the SuryavarmanII with the style of Angkor Wat. 5