Hdfc ads ananysis


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Hdfc ads ananysis

  1. 1. Xcellon Institute School of BusinessIntegrated Marketing Communications Advertisement Analysis –Can’t wait Submitted to: Daisy Ma’am Submitted by: Chetan Panara Roll No: 44 GR no: 86 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad Page 1
  2. 2.  Advertisement: HDFC-Can’t wait Time: 50 second Psychographic segment targeted- Thinkers Target audience- Common people Message Strategy The message theme is the outline of the key ideas in advertising. It is a central part of the creative brief. The message theme can be created using a number of message strategies. A message strategy is the primary tactic or approaches used to deliver the message theme. Can’t wait” Main message advertisement well defined 3 times in the advertisement Message is clear and understandable through visuals and expressions. Xcellon institute Ahmedabad Page 2
  3. 3.  Appeals This advertisement contains appeals of emotions and scarcity of time from customer. Most of advertisements contain Emotions appeals because Emotional advertising can capture a viewer’s attention and foster an attachment between the consumer and brand. Without humor and emotion marketer advertisement can not attract customer. Creative Brief Message: In this advertisement one couple want some electronic goods but salesman tell them to wait , one lady wait for fuel filling but salesman tell her to wait and one family wait for some bank work but here also someone tell them to wait. Than HDFC salesman come and took them into bank and welcomed. Execution Framework The Slice of Life and informative framework has been used in this commercial. . This commercial is attempting to solve the problem of young couple, a lady and family. The costumers want everything right now. This massage 3 times sawn in advertisement first at electronic goods shop, petrol pump and Bank. It explains to the consumers how exactly HDFC Bank understands their world and how exactly it fits into their lives. faster services and its impact on the consumers and Creates positive feeling towards product Spoke person In this advertisement, they have selected normal people. The reason behind not selecting any celebrity may be they wanted to give it real touch. Xcellon institute Ahmedabad Page 3
  4. 4.  Leverage Point Supporting the customers and meeting their needs of faster service and Persuasive communication through source attractiveness in terms of similarity are a leverage point of this advertisement. Products and Services highlighted HDFC Bank has a very wide range of products & services. Working capital Term loans LC & Bank Guarantee HDFC makes a deliberate effort to differentiate itself from the rest. The banks key strength lies in their ability to consistently deliver a superior banking product. Quick and prompt service Improvement in further advertisement Marketer should give More highlighting of the products Xcellon institute Ahmedabad Page 4
  5. 5. Xcellon institute Ahmedabad Page 5