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Alive project on one advertising
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Alive project on one advertising


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. A LIVE PROJECT ONONE ADVERTISING & COMMUNICATION SERVICES LTD. Interaction with Mr Shital shukla Business Head One advertising &communicatio llimited Submitted by: Chetan Panara Roll No:44 Gr no: M00086 Submitted to: Pro. Daisy Kurien 1 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 2. About advertising agencyVision:“To provide total communication solutions to brand”A Creative resource pool to clients and advertising to the consumer in a waynever heard , read or seen before.Mission:“To provide total Communication solutions for the brand at the Right Place, atthe Right Time , at the Right Price”One Advertising and Communication Services Pvt. Ltd. Was founded in 3 May, 1995.It is sister company of Intas Pharmaceutical company.One started to workwith outside client from 2001. Ms. Vibhuti Bhatt as CEO of the company. 2 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 3. Advertising agency organisation structure agency organization chart Board of Directors [Chairman/CEO ] President [CO O] Other M arketing Strategy Office Management Communications ReviewBoard [Personnel, Services [Managment Accounting, [PR, etc.] Committee] Legal, etc.] Account Mgmt. Creative Research Media Dept. Director Exec CD Director Director Management Associate Project Associate Supervisor Creative Managers M edia Director Director Account Creative Research M edia Executive Group: Assistants Supervisor Asst. Account CopySpvr. & Art Supervisor Media Media Executive Copywriters &Art Directors Planner Buyer Bo d st r a ca P in rt A a sts n ly Po u n r d ctio Po u n r d ctio Tafic rf  Primary Service of the advertising agency 3 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 4.  Complete a marketing analysis Develop an advertising plan Prepare a creative strategy Create advertising executions Develop and implement a media plan Handle billing and payments Integrate other marketing communications Functions of full-service agencies Account management o Liaison between agency and client o Responsible for understanding...  The client’s business  The client’s marketing needs  Strategy development o Representing client point of view within the agency 4 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 5. account management Account Mgmt.  account management director Director  management supervisor  account supervisors Management. Supervisor Account  account executives Supervisor  assistant account execs Account Executive  account coordinators Asst. Account Account  traffic Executive Coordinator Traffic Creative department The creative department is responsible for creating and producing the print and broadcast advertising. 5 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 6. creative department Strategy R eview  executive & group creative B oard directors E xecutive C reative D irector (E CD )  creative director C reative  associate creative director D irector (C D)  copywriters A ssociate C reative D irector (A CD )  art directors C reative  broadcast producers  print production managers G roup:  traffic coordinatorsC opy Spvr. & A rt Supervisor C opyw riters & A rt D irectors Broadcast Print Production Production Traffic 6 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 7.  Media planning and placementThe media department has two main functions - planning and buying. Theplanning group handles more strategic marketing and media issues. Thebuying group handles media negotiations and implementation. media department Media • media director Director • associate media directors Associate Media • media supervisors Director • media planners Media Supervisor • media buyers Media • media analysts Plan Media MediaPlanner Buyer Analysts 7 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 8.  Research Department interpret market environment o Gather and analyze research data. o primary and secondary techniques determine consumer needs/perceptions o understand problems advise how ads can meet strategic goals o help find solutions research department R esearch D irector • research director • research project managers Project M an agers • research assistants • outside research specialists R esearch A ssistan ts Outside Research Suppliers 8 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 9. Client List of adverticing and communication ltdGlenmark Pharmaceutical ltd. FantaThe Economic times HDFC bankWyeth Cipla Pharma.K.Girdharlal Reliance freshSandhi cement Astron research ltd.Bollywood bites Dyota Numandis AccordShah patel & co. Vasu healthcare ltd.Neesa Leisure ltd. AmbicalVivante foods ChamundaPulpy Orange Department of GujaratGruh Finance limited Coca-colaKinley Diet cokeReliance communication LimcaGalderma Thumps upLambda Maaza Sprite 9 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 10.  Job aspects for MBA Advertising Agencies generally prefer those individuals who have a creative bend of mind, can think independently but work well in teams. If you are interested in pursuing a career in advertising, you must be highly goal driven and work well in time pressures. Since this industry is very competitive, you must be willing to give your best at all times to make a successful career. Creative Department Jobs within an Advertising Agency - The creative department is responsible for brainstorming, planning and combining ideas to create the actual advertisements. Art Director: is an artist with strong visualization & drawing skills. This is the person who oversees the work of graphic artists. In some smaller agencies, the Art Director takes the complete responsibility of designing and converting ideas into awe-inspiring visuals within an ad - from ad layouts, to storyboarding and compilations. Business / Client Servicing / Account Services - Jobs with Ad Agencies - This department plays a major role in generating business and handling various accounts of Advertising Agencies. Account Manager: The Client Servicing department forms the link between the client and the advertising agency. The Account Manager is the face of the ad agency and is responsible for clearing understanding the clients needs and expectations. Once this is done, it is the Account Managers job to communicate to his agency what the client needs from the agency. This makes the job of the Account Manager very crucial. The Account Manager must be a level headed person with strong communication skills and a pleasant personality. Research & Media Planning Department - Careers within an Advertising Agency - This department is responsible for picking out the best combination of media tools for broadcasting the advertisements. Media Planner: selects an optimum mix of media vehicles that will provide maximum visibility to the ads resulting in maximizing sales of the clients products. The media planner must have a thorough 10 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 11. understanding of the clients products, target customers and their buying patterns along with knowledge of each media vehicle.  Researcher: The market research department / executives are given the responsibility of researching and studying consumer buying patterns and behavior. This individual must be able to analyse data and information resulting from customer surveys and other analytical studies.Agency Client Relationship : They permeate every aspect of our lives – both personal and business. There aregood ones and poor ones. Some we look forward to and others wetolerate.Client-agency relationships are one of the most complex in the businessenvironment, requiring a substantial level of collaboration to be effective. If thetrend continues, by 2010 clients will search for a new agency every 4 years.Clients continue to cite the same reasons for terminating their relationship withtheir agency. Most of the time, these issues might have been resolved if theywere acknowledged and addressed earlier.  Turnover – New marketing director  Lack of interest/understanding of client’s business  Strategy and creative linkage unhinged  “Outgrown” the agency  Understaffing and inexperienced personnel  Changes at the top  Research scores consistently below norms  Creative intransigence and arrogance  Loose attention to budgetsThey evaluate and improve client-agency relationships through:  Relationship Audits  Counseling  Contracts of Expectations  Monitoring and CoachingSteps taken for Agency – Client Relationship: 11 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad
  • 12.  Give the agency the opportunity to be totally absorbed in your product, people, and culture. Create an environment of experimentation and be prepared to pay for failure. Be wary of change for change’s sake. Treat the agency people well. Keep approvals simple and disapprovals kind. Be honest. If you don’t like something, say so. Be specific. Don’t ask for a new execution simply because this one “doesn’t do it for me”. Be kind. Think of the commentary as if you are evaluating the person. Make the agency responsible for the advertising and give them the authority it needs to do it. Make sure the agency makes a fair profit. Perform evaluations of each other at least annually, and even more often in the beginning of the relationship. Clients must promote open communication and seek feedback to ensure the relationship continues to meet the expectations of all involved and endures over the long-term. 12 Xcellon institute Ahmedabad