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Verb 1

  1. 1. VERBA verb is what conveys the essential meaning of a EXAMPLEclause; The essence of a sentence which showsaction or state of being. The sentence The fish swim in the pond says that something swims somewhere, so the verb is swim. Identifying a verb is an important step The sentence The fish love to swim says in understanding the meaning of a that something loves something, so the sentence. verb is love.
  2. 2. VERB Every verb requires a SUBJECT, that is, what DOES the verb.A verb also requires an OBJECT, that is, what RECEIVES the verb. When James approached third IDENTIFY THE CLAUSE base, the coach waved him home. IN THIS SENTENCE: CLAUSE 1: SUBJECT : James This sentence When James OBJECT : Third base contains two clauses. approached third base VERB : ApproachedCLAUSE 2: The coach SUBJECT : The coach VERB: Wavedwaved him home OBJECT : Him
  3. 3. SUBJECT VERB DISAGREEMENTSubject Verb Agreement is wherethe subject and verb in a sentence The best way to check for agree in number. RULE I subject-verb disagreement is to find the subject & verb RULES that will help you check whether a verb agrees (ignoring all the intervening in number with its subject: words) and say them together. EXAMPLE The phones in my clinic is ringing continuously today.INTERVENING PHRASE: in my clinic; CORRECT SENTENCE: The phones are ringingVERB: IS RINGING (action); continuously today. (in my clinic – ignoreSUBJECT : PHONES. intervening phrase)Phones is Plural, & hence needs a plural Verb.
  4. 4. SUBJECT VERB DISAGREEMENT RULE 2 These words are singular & need a Sometimes it’s unclear if the singular verb: Either, neither, everyone, subject is singular or plural. anyone, anybody, someone, none, each, Remember a singular subject another, everything, little & much. needs a singular verb. EXAMPLES Each day is a new day. Someone is knocking the door. Everyone is here. To check for disagreement, replace the above words with IT. These words are plural: Adjectives when used as subjects are either inmedia, phenomena, data, criteria. singular or in plural form. Example - some, few, many, all.To check for disagreement, replace All of the following can either be SINGULAR or PLURAL, basis the noun that these words with THEY. follows the of: none (of), any (of), some (of), most (of), more (of), and all (of).
  5. 5. SUBJECT VERB DISAGREEMENT RULE 3Phrases like Shaun and Barry are PLURAL, but phrases like Shaun, in addition to Barry,are SINGULAR. Phrases that start as well as…, together with…, along with…, or inaddition to…are INTERRUPTERS which are not part of the main subject. Interruptersbreak the continuity of a sentence. When a sentence has either/or, OR neither/nor in it, then the verb will agree with the subject which is next to nor/or. EXAMPLE: Neither Sarah nor her Mother likes to drink. EXAMPLE: Neither Harry’s friends nor Harry is taking a class today. EXAMPLE: Ice cream or pastries are an excellent choice for dessert.
  6. 6. SUBJECT VERB DISAGREEMENT RULE 4 Normally, the subject comes before the verb, but there may be times, when the subject will be after the verb. These sentences are called INVERTED sentences. EXAMPLE: There are many sheep on the hill. (INVERTED) Verb Subject Some important steps here would be: IDENTIFY THE VERB, ASK A QUESTION “Who or What?”To check for subject verb disagreement in these sentences, first uninvert them. Many sheep are on the hill. (UNINVERTED)
  7. 7. SUBJECT VERB DISAGREEMENT RULE 5 When two or more subjects are joined by a conjunction, it is known as a COMPOUND subject. EXAMPLES: The car and bike An orange and a (Inverted) Available in the school library belong to banana are his daily is The World History reference book andJoshua’s brother. breakfast The Literature reference book. Verb: IS Subject: the World History reference book Subject: the Literature reference book A compound subject usually carries two articles (in this case – THE) or two possessive pronouns (e.g., my, your, his) and is joined by a conjunction. In such cases, the verb is always plural & requires a verb that does not end in ‘s’.
  8. 8. EXAMPLES
  9. 9. Choose the correct form of verb for each sentenceEither the teachers in this school or the principal __ going to make a decision.  IS/ARE When subjects are connected by or, the subject closer to the verb (which is, in this case, singular) determines the number of the verb. 
  10. 10. She seems to forget that there ___things to be done before she can travel.  ARE/ IS
  11. 11. Amy Grant, together with her teammates, ______ a formidable opponent on the volleyball court.  PRESENTS/ PRESENT
  12. 12. Choose the present form of verb for each sentence!1. French__ proven to be Susan’s easiest subject this term. She brings Ms. June, her class teacher, lunch, and, as her reward, she finishes her essays.a) Havea) Hasa) Will havea) Had
  13. 13. 1. Either the Salsa or the Jive __ Serena’s favorite dance form.a) Isa) Area) Wasa) Were
  14. 14. 1. Not only the audience but also the organizers ___ entranced with the performance .a) Wasa) Were
  15. 15. Identify the subject in each sentence, & choose the correct verb1. Mathematics and Science ___my favorite subjects. IS/ ARE1. Amid the sunflowers & daisies ____ one solitary primrose. WERE/WAS1. There ____ at least a thousand people in the hall. WERE/ WAS 1. None of the cookies ____ eaten. WAS/ WERE1. There ____ hardly a speck of dirt left on the counter. IS/ ARE1. There ____ a pen and a pencil lying on the table. IS/ ARE1. Much of what I hear in those lectures ____ in one ear and out the other. GO/ GOES1. Either Sheila or her friends ____ in charge of bringing the cakes. IS/ ARE1. Jason, along with Harry and Smith, ____ in charge of bringing the cakes. IS/ ARE1. Never before, ____ there been such language heard in a public forum. HAVE/ HAS
  16. 16. Identify the subject & replace the correct form in the blank.1. The earnings from the sale of every auctioned item goes to an NGO. ________ GO1. The company’s sponsorship of child education & welfare programs have garnered many acclamations from charitable groups. ________ HAS1. Every player on both the Mascarenhas and the Brians were at the charity meet after the game. ________ WAS1. There is more than 5 years remaining on his contract. ________ ARE1. The technology behind refrigerators, microwaves, and deep freezers have transformed nearly every aspect of the consumer durables industry. ________HAS1. There has been an auditorium and a toy store in the shopping mall ever since it opened. ________ HAVE
  17. 17. 1. The treatment can resume as planned because neither of the girls are sensitive to Sulphur. ________ IS1. How important is your gym training and your dietary habits to your daily regime? ________ ARE
  18. 18. PRACTICE - IThe following sentences contain either a single error or no error at all. Select the error (underlined) that must be changed to make the correct sentence.
  19. 19. • Because Ryan thought that either accepting or A accepting rejecting the offer were going to upset some B were political party, he decided to delay the vote C political party until after his re-election. No error. D after his re-election If the subject of a verb is an either, the verb must agree with E No error the noun, which is in this case, rejecting. Since this was a singular noun, the verb should be was.• The local dry-cleaning company is one of the A one of the most most professional in the state, so it is professional B surprising that the delivery of our clothes over the last few days have been late. No error. C so D have been late The subject is ‘delivery’, which is singular, so the verb should be ‘has been’. E No error
  20. 20. • Since 2010, the company has spent more on A has spent employee benefit programs than they did in the B more previous 7 years combined. No error. C they did No error. The subject is ‘company’ and it is singular. D combined E No error• Surprisingly absent from the meeting were the A Surprisingly CEO’s arrogance that he typically displays in B were such meets. No error. C that The subject is ‘arrogance’ which is singular, the verb should be D in such was and not were. E No error
  21. 21. • To become a lead ballet dancer, Shasha hopes A will help that her training will help her to become faster B to become faster and more graceful than both of her main C both competitors, each of whom receive more practice time with the ballet team. No error. D receive E No error The subject ‘each’ is singular so the verb should be ‘receives’.• Workers with less personal challenges is A less likely to be more industrious. No error. B is The subject is ‘workers’ which is plural and the verb ‘is’ is C likely singular. The verb should be ‘are’ D more E No error
  22. 22. • Some parents believe that taking vitamins on a A believe that daily basis help reduce a child’s vulnerability B on a daily basis to infection. No error. C help The subject of the verb ‘help’ is ‘taking’, which is singular so D to infection the verb should be ‘helps’. E No error• Despite the fact that they had lived in Spain A Despite until they were 11 years old, neither of the B they had girls are able to speak Spanish nor C until they were understand it very well. No error. D are The subject is ‘neither’ which is singular so the verb should be E No error ‘is’.
  23. 23. • Not until the recent scandal has the newspapers A has printed anything even vaguely negative about B anything the theater group or its actors. No error. C negative The sentence is inverted, as the subject follows the verb. The D its actors proper form of the verb is ‘have’. E No error• Each one of the lions in the circus require a A Each special kind of diet. No error. B require The verb ‘require’ should agree with the subject ‘each one’, so C special it should be ‘requires’. D kind of E No error
  24. 24. • Contrary to what had previously been A Contrary reported, the conditions governing the governing B ceasefire between India and Pakistan arranged by America has not yet been C arranged by revealed. No error. D has The verb ‘has’ should agree with the subject ‘conditions’, so it should be ‘have’. E No error• Neither the experienced nor the fresher, are A nor finding it easy to begin a career in medical B are finding administration because of a shortage of job openings. No error. C to begin D because of The verb should be ‘is’. E No error
  25. 25. • Nelly Smith, who is one of America’s most A who distinguished architects, have designed many B most distinguished famous buildings, among them the Bank of C have designed America. No error. D among them The subject is Nelly Smith (singular) so the verb should be ‘has designed’. E No error• Both major high school soccer teams – each A each eager to dominate this year’s National Soccer to dominate B Competition – intend to review carefully the videos of last year’s tournament. No error. C intend D carefully No error. Both teams ‘intend’ to review the videos. E No error
  26. 26. • The number of phone calls received by the A received by police department after the recent lottery B emphasize scam emphasize the growing concerns of the C growing concerns government, who fear major frauds . No error. D who fear The verb ‘emphasize’ is plural but the subject ‘number’ is No error E singular. It should instead be ‘emphasizes’.
  27. 27. PRACTICE - IIFor each question select the best answer from the choices given & fill the corresponding circle on the right side.
  28. 28. • Gulliver’s Travels, like other children’s stories A B C D E have elements that can only be fully appreciated by adults.b) like other children’s stories have Gulliver’s Travels is ac) like other children’s stories, has singular subject & the verbd) a children’s story, like others, has ‘have’ is plural. So the verbe) is like other stories for children in that they have should be ‘has’.f) like that of other children’s stories, has also
  29. 29. • Claims about the negative effects of the genetic A B C D E alteration of fruits is more rumor than documented fact. The verb must agree with theb) is more rumor than documented fact. subject ‘claims’, which isc) are more with rumor than of a documented fact. plural. Option E is correct.d) is more of rumor than documented fact.e) is more of a rumor than a documented fact.f) are a matter of more rumor than documented fact.
  30. 30. • Exhausted from a day of climbing up steep, rain A B C D E soaked rocks, the group of trekkers were relieved upon the final reaching of the bus.b) group of trekkers were relieved upon the final Word ‘group’ is singular, so reaching of the bus. the verb should be ‘was’.c) trekking group became relieved after they got to the bus.d) group of trekkers was relieved to finally reach the bus.e) trekkers were relieved after the bus was finally reached.f) group was relieved after the trekkers finally reached the bus.
  31. 31. • The recent increase in the number of applications to A B C D E management schools have encouraged multinational companies, many of whom had bemoaned the lack of potential executives and managers, to recruit more people. The subject ‘increase’b) have encouraged multinational companies, many of whom is singular, so the had bemoaned verb should be ‘hasc) have encouraged multinational companies, whom many encouraged’. had bemoaned ofd) has encouraged multinational companies, many of them had bemoanede) have encouraged multinational companies, many of whom bemoaningf) has encouraged multinational companies, many of whom had bemoaned
  32. 32. • Neither of the boxers was aware of the massive A B C D E injuries they had suffered because each was so intently focused on defeating the other.b) Neither of the boxers was aware of the massive No error. Subject ‘neither’ is injuries they had suffered singular so the verb ‘were’c) Neither of the boxers were aware of the massive should be ‘was’ injuries they had sufferedd) The injuries suffered by the boxers who were not awaree) Having suffered massive injuries, neither of the boxers was awaref) Despite the injuries suffered, neither of the warriors was aware
  33. 33. • By the time the play had finished, neither Keith nor his sons was able to stay awake because of the boredom caused by the play’s inferior story.b) neither Keith nor his sons was able to stay awake because of the boredom caused by the play’s inferior story.c) staying awake was an impossibility for Keith and his sons because of the boredom caused by the inferiority of the story.d) neither Keith nor his sons were able to stay awake because of the boredom caused by the play’s inferior story.e) Keith & his sons was unable to stay awake because of the boredom caused by the play’s inferior story.f) the play’s inferior plot had made it impossible for neither Keith nor his sons to stay awake. When using ‘neither, nor’ the verb should match in number the subject A B C D E that follows ‘nor’. ‘daughters’ is plural, so ‘was should be ‘were’.
  34. 34. • The queen, together with the members of her A B C D E entourage, are scheduled to attend the opening ceremonies.b) together with the members of her entourage, are The subject, ‘queen’ is scheduled singular. The verb shouldc) together with the members of her entourage, were agree in number with the scheduled subject. Hence the verbd) along with the members of her entourage, are should be ‘is’. schedulede) together with the members of her entourage, is scheduledf) being together with the members of her entourage, is scheduled
  35. 35. • The Harmony Club host dinnertime shows on A B C D E compositions ranging from classics to world music.b) The Harmony Club host dinnertime shows on compositions Club is a collective noun andc) The Harmony Club host dinnertime shows on takes a singular verb, so compositions, ‘host’ should be ‘hosts’.d) The Harmony Club hosts dinnertime shows on compositionse) Dinnertime shows on compositions being hosted by the Harmony Club,f) Dinnertime shows on compositions hosted by the Harmony Club,
  36. 36. • The positive effects of workouts, including fit A B C D E muscles and regulating body weight, has been broadly established. The subject ‘effects’ is plural,b) has been broadly established so the verb should be pluralc) is being broadly established too.d) have been broadly establishede) has been broadly established far and widef) have been established broadly