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Marilyn Monroe Leah
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Marilyn Monroe Leah


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. I did my research project on Marilyn Monroe , I chose Marilyn Monroebecause , She’s my role model .. Because of her quotes and she inspires me tohave confidence in myself. One fact you probably don’t know about Marilyn Monroe: Is that she wasborn as Norma Jean Mortenson. Not Marilyn Monroe!Artifact 1: Collage, on her acting.What I put in my collage is, pictures of her like when she got photo shoots done,and her acting pictures, and other different types of pictures. I Picked the collagebecause, I wanted you to see what her acting life was like and how being famouswas like. And I knew it’d be a lot of fun to do.Artifact 2: Newspaper Article, about her death.I chose the news paper article because, I wanted you to learn more about herdeath and how it happened. Like how she died, and was it suicide? Was itaccidental? Was it on purpose? What I put in my news paper article is, likebreaking news and the date she was born and the day she died.Artifact 3: Obituary.Marilyn’s Obituary was basically, just a regular obituary. Just like anyone else’s. Iput the date of birth, the day she died. Where she was born. Where her funeralwould be held at. And about her family. I did her an obituary because, it seemedfascinating and it felt like to me like I was doing it for the real thing like she justdied.
  • 2. News Article:MARILYN MONROE , DEAD!Famous singer , actress ,and playboy , found dead in her home . police do not know from whatyet , but there guessing suicide .Marilyn “ the blonde bombshell “ always had a rough childhood, she was almost smuthered to death at 2 and nearly raped at 6 . She did not know her father ,but she tried so hard to find him . Her mother paid 25 dollars to an orphanage almost everydayfor them to watch the poor marilyn . She didn’t really spend time with her mom cause she wasnever around . Marilyn started playboy because , she thought it would make her famous , andpopular . but really people that it was nasty and not fare to her body . but she didn’t care whatpeople thought , obviously . But Marilyn make almost 2 million dollars on her films . Marilyn ,had 12 abortions by the time she was 29 . Its not very shocking , because of what she did . Shetried to make her life worth wild . Marilyn Monroe with always be a popular celebrity , just nota living on .
  • 3. Marilyn Monroe , obituary .Norma Jean Mortenson , 36 . Died Sunday , August 5 , 1962 . Passedaway in her Brentwood home , Norma was born in Los Angeles . June1st , 1926 to Gladys Pearl Baker , She didn’t know her father . When shedied , she was a famous singer and sex symbol . Surviving by her pets .She had no children , but had abortions . Funeral service’s will be heldat Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery. At 1 to 4 .
  • 4. Works Cited1: “the official Marilyn Monroe website. “ Marilyn Monroe, n.d. web. 4, Jan2013.2:” Marilyn Monroe, IMBD. “Marilyn Monroe, n.d. web 7, 2013.3: “Marilyn Monroe quotes. – Brainy Quotes. Marilyn Monroe, N.D. Web 7, Jan2013.4: “ “Marilyn Monroe, n.d. Web 7.Jan 2013.5: “Marilyn Monroe -20th century history-about. Com (, MarilynMonroe.)6: Marilyn Monroe, tumblr. Marilyn Monroe , N.D . WEB 7 , JAN 2013