Dr. Brenda Kennell presents E-Learning in the Teaching of OT


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This electronic portfolio showcases the work of a faculty member who has embarked upon the e-learning journey, in an effort to better serve today's students. She selected components of her traditional (or face-to face) course, and enhanced them with new teaching tools including, audio, video, and graphics.

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Dr. Brenda Kennell presents E-Learning in the Teaching of OT

  1. 1. Brenda Kennell, OTR/L E-Portfolio Symposium January 22, 2009
  2. 2.  Currentgenerations know so much more than I do about computers and technology But not necessarily as much as we think they do  Skill levels are not universal  I didn’t even know how much I didn’t know Ihave learned so much, but still have far to go
  3. 3.  Teaching philosophy Guide on the Side, not Sage on the Stage   Interactive media tools Delicious  Wiki   Classroom activities Syllabus  Blackboard email and quizzes  Informal Blackboard groups  Assigned Blackboard discussions   Grading techniques Rubrics   Sharing with others
  4. 4.  Implementation in my classes  Sharing with the OT faculty  Sharing with the OT students
  5. 5.  Del.icio.us Posting pertinent articles and videos for students  Posting large documents for students instead of  printing them
  6. 6. Oh My How Nice! This Was Fun and  Made me a Little More Relaxed about the whole Overwhelming Situation! I Look Forward to More Fun Times!       haha i know it ws fun...and it helped  me relax to!! i hope we continue to do fun things like that!       I agree this activity did help break  the ice, but just a little!! HAHAHA!!    Yeah hopefully we will have more  good times like this and it wont be the last!   Well what would we do without  TEAMWORK!!! It was fun working together to figure out the terms :-)    
  7. 7. Quiz Tips Hey guys i find that making note cards   for the lab.. with the information on   ·         Don’t leave blanks – if you write everything has really helped me out.  I something you may get full or partial am trying it for kennells quizes as well.. credit i think that it would be really helpful.. if   ·         Don’t put multiple answers for one any one wants to see waht mine look like question.  If one of them is wrong, you just let me know! will lose points Wednesday, 09/24/2008 7:38 PM by LF    ·         Don’t be too vague     ·         Use proper terminology For the lab midterm this week, I heard    ·         Try to spell things correctly Chris strongly suggest studying all of our old quizzes to help prepare, AND, if a   ·         Label diagrams in the correct area correction was made in red ink, that is   ·         Be specific, e.g. indicate movement the answer they will be looking for- of a specific joint or bone hasta entonces!   ·         If you pull out the pin on a lab Sunday, 09/28/2008 1:25 PM by MW     practical, notify the instructor to put it   back. I tried making note cards to help me         Study Tips study for exams during my undergrad,   ·         Use Primal Anatomy. It is very and found they didn't work for me.  Im helpful. gonna try Lindsay's note card advice for Kennell/Lab quizzes. I made note cards   ·         Study with classmates.  Ask each for tomorrow's quiz, and have been other to explain things. Sometimes studying them. I think they're going to different explanations make things more help. Thanks Lindsay! understandable. Monday, 10/27/2008 11:53 PM by MT 
  8. 8. Sometimes it works… Sometimes it doesn’t…
  9. 9.  Syllabus Post and read  BEFORE class Quiz on syllabus   Blackboard Email  Blackboard Quizzes
  10. 10.  Ice breakers Super students   YUMMY!   Favorite places    Help Desk If you made an quot;Aquot; on the last quiz, or at least on  the identification portion, what do you think was the secret of your succes?, i.e. What made it all quot;clickquot; for you?  What study advice do you have to offer?  Assigned discussions
  11. 11. The course instructor had envisioned the Wiki pages as  being a good medium for the group projects.  The implementation has not been smooth. Discuss what you think about the Wiki page for this project. Offer other possible methods for working on/submitting the group projects.  Give reasons to support your opinion. 113 posts (17 students) Hypothetically - the OT and PT departments of WSSU  are considering a joint program.  A person would attend for 3 years and get both a Master degree in OT and a Doctorate in PT.  Using a SWOT analysis, do you think this is a feasible proposal and why?
  12. 12. ORIGINAL 3 2 1 0 Posting fully addresses module Posting responds to the Posting responds Posting is absent Critical thinking question and stimulates question but does not minimally to the substantial follow-up stimulate further question discussion Posting incorporates Posting is superficial Connection class experiences and not related to and/or discussion specific class Posting reflects Posting is superficial Uniqueness personal experience and void of personal and ideas insight 0 REPLY 2 1 Reply clarifies areas of Reply clarifies only Reply is limited in Interaction agreement and disagreement, in agreement or substance, (“I agree” a thoughtful and respectful disagreement or “Good point”) or is manner disrespectful of others’ views MECHANICS 1 .5 0 Posting is written with no errors Posting is understandable Posting is poorly Readability in spelling, grammar, or but not well-written, with 2 written and hard to punctuation or more errors understand Title is suggestive and There is no title, or it is Creativity reflects the intent and automatic “re:..” content of the message produced by the system 2/3 page (original) Original is <1/2 page Length 1/3 page (reply) Reply is <1/4 page
  13. 13. Inservice re: GOAL course   Brown bag lunch re: Grading rubrics  Creating an OT Department Wiki Page to post photos and news  Teaching other faculty to use WIKI for sign-up lists  Lessons learned from students: What qualities should WSSU OT program look for in  student applicants?  Do you think there should be more or less emphasis on grades and GRE scores?  What personality characteristics do you think a successful student applicant should possess?
  14. 14.  Continue to learn  Learn WITH the students Library training   Don’t be afraid to admit when something doesn’t work  Listen to the students  Share successes