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    Research Research Presentation Transcript

      Francesca Harland
    • Objective:
      To make a music video of a artist or band of your choice.
      To design a CD cover & poster for the chosen video.
    • Music Videos
      Three different types of music videos.
      This type makes the video into a story. There’s a beginning, middle and end to the video and usually portrays the meaning of the words by the telling of a story.
      A series of images that portray a deeper meaning to the lyrics.
      The band or the artist performing in the video.
    • Deconstruction of Music Videos
      Eminem – Beautiful (Performance & Abstract)
      • Emotive
      • Passionate
      • Shows that the artist sings for a reason
      • Shows hidden meanings behind the lyrics
      Kate Nash – Foundations (performance & Abstract)
      • Uses stop motion to portray the break down of relationships.
      Death Cab for Cutie – Crooked Teeth (Narrative)
      • “You cant find nothing at all, If there was nothing there all along” Video’s narrative seems to reflect the lyrics.
      • Use of childlike imagery makes the songs meanings more immature.
      All American Rejects – Gives you hell (Narrative & Performance)
      • Issues in society?
      • Humorous
      • War of stereotypes
      All American Rejects – It ends tonight (Performance)
      • Emotive
      • Simple
      • Contrast to the fun nature of “Gives you hell”
      Arctic Monkeys – Leave before the lights come on (Purely Narrative)
      • Desperation
    • Questionnaire
      50 people were asked to complete my questionnaires into the type of music video, they as the audience wish to see. These are the results.
    • Graphs of the questionnaire
    • Graphs of questionnaire continued
    • Analysis of results of questionnaire
      46% of males answered the questionnaire, this would mean that the music would be majority female target audience. However, as the amount questions was answered by both male and female was nearly equal then, the video shall be targeted at both genders.
      68% of the people asked in the questionnaire were aged between 16 and 20. As these questions are majority catered for their opinions of how a music video should be, this shall be the target audience’s age range.
      The majority of people asked decided that the music for the music video should be rock as 30% of people choose this genre. Although, I shall still explore sub-genres to create a wider music range.
      I shall do a combination music video as 50% of the participants in the questionnaire wanted. This means that I can use both the abstract method and the narrative to create the music video, as the participants commented this to be what they wanted.
      60% of people wished for the actual artist not to appear in the video.
      My music video shall be the length of 2-4 minutes, as 49% of participants, wished it so.
    • Elements I am considering on using, in my music video of the deconstructed videos
      I am not going to use only one type of technique for my music video. This means that it shall be an abstract/narrative piece.
      I shall use video stop motion to portray a wide range of media techniques, these shall either be written/drawings or objects.
      I shall either show the break down of a relationship or the wrongs of stereotypes in society.
    • Idea’s for music of my video
      Originally I was going to do a video for a local band, but their lack of help and contact made me decide to do another artist.
      My first ideas
      All American Rejects – Mona Lisa.
      As a love song I would have shown a narrative of a couple leaving their lives to either move in together or runaway together. The lyrics reflect the need for only each other “All I need is next to me” and would have highlighted the couples need for each other and only them.
      Bowling for soup – Pictures He Drew.
      My idea for this song was highlighting the stereotypes in society. Following the story of four teenagers the video would and would highlight the change that happens in a modern teenagers life, and their need to stop hating and to become “a much more beautiful person” in the future.
      Dashboard Confessional – As Lovers Go.
      The lyrics narrate a romance of a couple, and their fun of becoming lovers then, eventually falling in love. The video would show this by the change of the couples body language and how they cannot be apart. They eventually realise they love each other by being apart from each other and the pain of this.
      Death Cab for Cutie – We Looked Like Giants.
      For this video I would use abstract images to reflect the imagery in the song, as it shows a juxtaposition of love and loss..
      Mika – We Are Golden.
      As this is a very upbeat song I would have done a majority performance video – a girl wishing to be a dancer walking down the street with headphones in dances and performs this song. In her mind the people around her are dancing along with her and joining in on her enjoyment, but in reality she dances poorly and the spectators are laughing at her.
      LIGHTS – Pretend
      Shows a young couple in a break up, the girl is shown to be sad and looking regretful. The boy is shown to have moved on. The storyline is that the girl needs to move on from the relationship and come to terms that it is over between them.
    • Focus Group
      I asked 10 students, aged 16-20 years old a series of questions.
      Questions were to determine which song I should use for my video.
      I also asked their opinions on what the story line should be.
    • Feedback of focus group
      I played each of my chosen songs to all of the focus group, then pitched the ideas I had for the music video.
      • The focus group decided that I should use the song Pretend by the artist LIGHTS.
      • They gave me feedback on my choice of storyline and said my original was too “unimaginative” instead they commented that I should to a friendship story rather than a romance. As that was what they felt the song was relating too.