Hullett Memorial Library Overview 2011

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  • 1. Hullett Memorial Library Hullett Memorial Library Raffles InstitutionRaffles Institution
  • 2. Hullett Memorial LibraryWelcome all new teachersAn Introduction to the HML Raffles Institution
  • 3. Hullett Memorial Library OVERVIEW History Resources, Facilities & Services History of the Hullett Memorial Library, the oldest library in Singapore. Rules & RegulationsRaffles Institution
  • 4. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY HML named after R.W. Hullett (1870-1906) Renamed as HML in 1923 during the centenary celebration of the founding of Raffles Institution in 1823. The idea of Dr Lim Boon Keng and Sir Song Ong Siang.Raffles Institution
  • 5. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY FOUNDERS Sir Song Ong Siang Dr Lim Boon KengRaffles Institution
  • 6. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORYBras Basah SchoolHML was only a small room adjoining the principal office.Collection : 1400The library was renovated and upgraded after WWII. Raffles Institution
  • 7. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORYOfficially reopened again on the 4th May 1950 with acollection of about 4000 books. Raffles Institution
  • 8. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY Simple and spartan reading room of yesteryears.Raffles Institution
  • 9. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY Pupil librarians’ work roomTeenage Periodical Corner Raffles Institution
  • 10. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY At Grange Road CampusThe move to Grange Road took place on the 3rd August 1975 Raffles Institution
  • 11. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY The Library occupied the top floor of the Science LabRaffles Institution
  • 12. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY The library loan counter at Grange RoadRaffles Institution
  • 13. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY The move to Bishan in 1990Raffles Institution
  • 14. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORYRaffles Institution
  • 15. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORYRaffles Institution
  • 16. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY ytes/zone2/index.htmlRaffles Institution
  • 17. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY ytes/zone2/index.htmlRaffles Institution
  • 18. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY ytes/zone2/index.htmlRaffles Institution
  • 19. Hullett Memorial Library HISTORY Raffles Chair (English-Regency work of 1810 to 1820) There is one item of furniture that sums up the impact of the neoclassical more than any other: the Raffles Chair. Its name is generally explained by the idea that its use was popularized during Raffles brief rule as Lieutenant- Governor over Java, to 1816. So prevalent is the Raffles chair, in surviving images and photographs of the second half of the 19th century, (and in todays homes) that The basic design of the Raffles chair is usually credited to the brilliant English designer Thomas Sheraton who published his most influential designs between 1794 and 1803. A chair which has a similar profile to the Raffles chair does appear on plate 33 of Sheratons Drawing Book of 1794. The basic shapes is of thin arms arching down, forming a scroll that sits above a vase-shaped dowel. The line continues down to the straight, tapering reeded front legs. The shapes are heavily ornamented, but Sheraton ytes/zone2/index.htmlhtem will serve as patterns "the mere outlines of any of either for painted or mahogany chairs, by leaving out the ornaments for the mahogany."The Raffles chairs typically have a strong horizontal back rail, with horizontally oriented cross bars usually quite high above the backof the sear. Most importantly, the broad rail usually projects beyond the sides of the seat, and takes a concave form to welcome the sittersback. Importantly too, the rear legs are swept sharply backwards.It is clear that the Raffles chair is a later development; its curving, extended back and swept-back legs reflecting the explicit influence ofdesigns revived from ancient Greece.Outside of Java, the models most similar are American designs of 1815 and the heavier English-Regency work of 1810 to 1820. Raffles Institution
  • 20. Hullett Memorial Library History Resources, Facilities & Services What you can find and do in the library Rules & RegulationsRaffles Institution
  • 21. Hullett Memorial Library THE LIBRARY Circulation Counter Central Study Aisle Around the Area Reading LibraryRaffles Institution
  • 22. Hullett Memorial Library THE LIBRARYInformation Counter – LoaningTecHIVE ProjectLaptops, of Corners Reference RoomExam Papers, and Movies Surfpool Raffles Institution
  • 23. Hullett Memorial Library History Resources, Facilities & Services Procedures for loaning books and equipment / Rules & Regulations Proper Conduct in the LibraryRaffles Institution
  • 24. Hullett Memorial Library RULESIT Resources are strictly for school work.No non-work related sites & activities•No Games (iPhone, PSP, DS)•Music / software downloads•Personal Weblogs• Social Networking sites (Facebook, Myspace)•Personal email•MSN Messenger•Entertainment (YouTube videos)• Pornographic Websites Raffles Institution
  • 25. Hullett Memorial Library RULESIT Resources are strictly for school work.No non-work related sites & activities Raffles Institution
  • 26. Hullett Memorial Library RULESBe considerateExercise good sense of otheredness• No handphone use in HML• Use of notebook strictly at the central aisle only.• Return books back to trolley.• Tuck in chairs after use.• No food and drinks• No PE attire. Raffles Institution
  • 27. Hullett Memorial Library RULESBorrowing of Books1. Users must produce their Ez-Link card when borrowing or returning2. Books are allowed to be borrowed for a duration of three weeks.3. There will be a penalty of 10 cents a day for overdue books.4. Users are responsible for all loans issued out under their names. Loans are strictly non transferable. Raffles Institution
  • 28. Hullett Memorial Library RULESBorrowing of Books1. It is the responsibility of the users to return/renew books on time.2. Books must be returned when recalled for year-end stock check.3. Users borrowing privileges will be suspended once books are overdue.4. Users must report the lost of their Ez-Link card immediately to the Admin office.5. Users must report lost of library books to the staff at the Loan Counter immediately.6. For lost books, users will be charged the cost of the book, $5/- processing fee and the overdue amount. Raffles Institution
  • 29. Hullett Memorial Library RULESConduct of Users1. An orderly environment must be maintained for the benefit of all library users. Those causing inconvenience to others will be asked to leave the library.2. Users must be appropriately attired in school uniform even during holidays.3. School T-shirts with white pants is allowed. Raffles Institution
  • 30. Hullett Memorial Library RULESConduct of Users4. All books taken out from the shelves must be put back in their original places.5. There is to be no littering, eating or drinking in the library.6. Chairs are to be tucked in properly after use.7. Pupils caught vandalising, stealing or defacing library property will face disciplinary action. Raffles Institution
  • 31. Hullett Memorial Library THE ENDRaffles Institution