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Social Media for EVERYONE! How to Use New Tools in Innovative Ways
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Social Media for EVERYONE! How to Use New Tools in Innovative Ways


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Social Media can be confusing....but it's 100% awesome when you are using all the new platforms at the right time. Here are some of the latest channels and apps, how you can use them, and be more …

Social Media can be confusing....but it's 100% awesome when you are using all the new platforms at the right time. Here are some of the latest channels and apps, how you can use them, and be more effective in your social media strategy!

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Social Media for Everyone: How to Use New Tools in Innovative Ways Cheryl Yanek @cherylkathleen Director, Librarian Catalyst © Catalyst 2014 1
  • 2. © Catalyst 2014 2 Multiple platforms ensure you are heard if one platform disappears. Think of social media as a filter. Strategically explore to expand reach to new and different audiences. You have a new audience on social media – a broader audience, more generations…it really could be THE WHOLE WORLD! Why?
  • 3. © Catalyst 2014 3 Connecting with internet subcultures. People are multi-faceted, complex, flexible – that’s why we must go to wherever they are on social media. Create more meaningful relationships w your audience. Be “the baker down the street.” How?
  • 4. © Catalyst 2014 4 Look before you leap. Speed pays. Educate others. Be unique. Create community. Step by Step
  • 5. © Catalyst 2014 5 Be loud, be bold Plan to fail. Pick a side. Stick with it. Short & sweet Celebrate your biggest supporters Share your biggest news on social media first Say It Loud!
  • 6. © Catalyst 2014 6 Be authentic and realistic about what to say. Learn where you can grow. Respect (the often grassroots) community. Speak the language. Corporate jargon does not work. Make it personal. Provide value. Louder!
  • 7. © Catalyst 2014 7 Snapchat Reddit Tumblr Instagram Pinterest Vine FourSquare Google + Google Hangouts Specific Tools
  • 8. © Catalyst 2014 8 Snapchat Sources: ; ; ; your-marketing-strategy ; ; marketing-ideas-snapchat/ Campaigns, coupons, contests, and codes Share news and sneak peeks Connect personally Gain new followers with giveaways Brand advocates
  • 9. © Catalyst 2014 9 Reddit Karma rules. Moderators – not you – create rules. Don’t push your message out – interact with your users/fans. It’s all about community. Customer service can work. Sources: ; ;
  • 10. © Catalyst 2014 10 Tumblr Part blog, part FB. Younger audience. Find a new audience in the hashtag frenzy. FUN! Memes, videos, animated GIFs, quotes. FAQs… Longer posts are sometimes okay. Source: ; ; use-tumblr-to-promote-your-business/
  • 11. © Catalyst 2014 11 Instagram Younger & new audience. Tell the visual story! Share insider news, behind the scenes feel. Sources: 10 Instagram Rules Every Business needsto Know BeforePosting
  • 12. 12 Pinterest Establish yourself as an expert visually. Promote yourself visually. Variety is the spice of life. Sources: ; pinterest-for-business/ ; ;
  • 13. 13 Vine YouTube is WAY too long. Educate and amaze…in mere seconds. Bring presentations and instructions ALIVE. Great for contests. Low barrier for entry. More:; promote-your-business.html ;
  • 14. © Catalyst 2014 14 Foursquare Share tips. Create “specials.” Free advertising. Sources: ; ;
  • 15. © Catalyst 2014 15 Underdog. Rank better on your search results. Hangouts are a great way for chat & events. Full of industry influencers. Google Hangouts, Google + Sources: How to Become a Google Plus Wizard;
  • 16. © Catalyst 2014 16 www.FORGOT? Engage in social media on your website. Sources:;;;
  • 17. © Catalyst 2014 17 Next?
  • 18. © Catalyst 2014 18 How to Use the New Tools Fill out all the profile information. Link all your social media – different yet connected. Mobile updating.
  • 19. © Catalyst 2014 19 Buzzfeed & Upworthy How can you leverage? Contribute! Connect.
  • 20. © Catalyst 2014 20 Data Make sure you capture data, analyze it, to build insights to improve interaction and reach. Hard AND soft metrics. Stay on top of metrics.
  • 21. © Catalyst 2014 21 How to use what you already use, but better Start listening a lot more – can’t have a conversation without listening. Create an ecosystem. Be prepared to engage w influencers. Scale globally. Time appropriately. Link shorter/tracker. Embed pictures. Rank to competitors.
  • 22. © Catalyst 2014 22 Next Steps? Don’t do it all yourself. Start bite-size. Experiment personally first. Stay on top of trends.
  • 23. © Catalyst 2014 23 Resources Hubspot Huff Post Social Media Mashable Ragan Smart Brief on Social Media Social Bro’s Blog Social Media Examiner Social Media for Nonprofits Social Media Week Social Media Times Social Media Today
  • 24. © Catalyst 2014 24 Q&A @cherylkathleen