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Coached Leadership Roundtables for the next generation of global leaders

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  1. 1. Build  engagement,  cohesion,  knowledge   and  commitment  across  gender,      Develop  your  next   generation  executives   generations,  cultures,  and  functions    Capitalize  on  strengths    Dissolve  Boundaries          Increase  Agility      Ignite  and  Connect  your   Workforce          Build  a  broader  customer   base   Coached  Leadership  Exchange  for  Leaders  in  new  ERA   Seasoned  Coaches  lead   Based  on  a  coaching  model   A  passion  for  authenticity,  as  well   participants  through  a  process   grounded  in  positive  psychology   as  the  ability  to  listen  and  learn,   that     and  character-­‐based  leadership,   and  encourage  the  same  in  others,     participants  engage  in  a   are  the  key  prerequisites  for  this   transformational  immersion   unique  experience.      Builds  Bridges,  creates   process.         understanding,    respect     and  communication    across   As  a  coaching  organization,  we   diverse  groups   A  safe  structured  learning   have  mastered  the  ability  to  bring   environment  is  created  where   personal  and  organizational  core    Inspires  and  Unites       challenging,  rich  dialog  can  open   leadership  values  to  life  in    Brings  Core  Leadership   thinking,  connect  diverse  groups,   everyday  behaviors  across   build  teams,  expand  competencies,   cultures,  gender,  and  generations   Behaviors  Alive  for  all   energize  and  renew  while   to  fuel  passion,  build  collective   Constituents   refocusing  participants  for  the  tasks   wisdom,  and  create  sustainable    Develops  effective  next   ahead  the  tasks  ahead   results.     generation  leaders,     Inspires  commitment    Fuels  Bold  Action  to  Create   Results   763.416.4570   A  partnership  of  extraordinary  coaches     ©2012  Cheryl  Alexander  &  Associates,  Inc   Committed  to  bringing  out  the  best  in  People  and  in  Organizations      
  2. 2.     Lorem  Ipsum   ”Because  of  the  Executive  Roundtable   I  bring  my  best,  authentic  self  to   provide  leadership  for  the   organization  in  a  way  that  encourages   and  empowers  the  people  around  me   while  accomplishing  business  goals.   I’ve  learned  to  trust  myself  more;   knowing  and  owning  the  strength  of   the  contributions  I  bring,  which  results   in  a  better  outcome  for  the  company,   increased  utilization  of  my  abilities,   added  confidence  and  strength,  and  in   knowing  I’m  making  a  difference.    I   have  become  much  better  at  creating   boundaries  so  that  my  work  is  better   Comments  from  current     aligned  with  my  strengths  and   interests,  goals  and  values.”-­‐  VP   and  past  roundtable  participants:   Marketing,  Medical  Device  Company         “The  surprise  was  that  I  thought  I   already  had  everything  down   ”The  executive  leadership   regarding  my  leadership  skills  and   roundtable  experience  enabled  me   to  meet,  learn  from,  and  be     style,  but  I  have  never  worked  harder   supported  through  challenges  and   Survey  of  12-­‐month  Impact:   or  thought  more  seriously  about  how  I   lead  and  who  I  am  when  I  am  with   opportunities  by  7  other  amazing   other  people  than  I  did  during  the   leaders,  whom  I  otherwise  would    83%  Experienced  Increased   leadership  roundtable  and  since  then.”   never  have  met.  One  of  the  most   Engagement  In,  And   -­‐  VP  Marketing,  Financial  Services   important  lessons  I  learned  is  that   Enthusiasm  For  Their  Work       we  are  not  alone.  It  is  very  easy  to    70%  Experienced  Increased   feel  like  we  are  on  an  island  and   Commitment  To  Their     have  to  find  our  own  way  by   Organization   ourselves.    This  experience  has   provided  me  with  the  substance    84%  Experienced  Higher   ”The  leadership  roundtable  became   needed  to  be  even  more   Engagement  With  Boss  and   my  anchor  in  the  storms.  For  so  long  I   successful.”      -­‐  Manufacturing   with  Colleagues  across   felt  like  an  imposter  in  my  roles,  and  I   Business  Unit  General  Manager   departments  and  divisions     now  know  what  an  effective,      76%  Experienced  Improved   innovative,  and  inspiring  executive  I   have  become.  This  program  gave  me   Leadership  And  Influence   courage,  strength,  and  the  platform   Skills   from  which  I  take  greater  risks,  step    77%  Are  More  Proactive  In   forward,  and  am  leading  on  a  new   Managing  Their  Career,  And   level.”    -­‐  CEO     Took  On  New   Responsibilities    
  3. 3.   3   HIGHLIGHTED   CAA     CHERYL  ALEXANDER  STEARNS  is  CEO  and  founder  of  Cheryl  Alexander  &  Associates,  Inc  (CAA).  She   and  her  associates  are  catalysts  for  people  who  want  to  thrive  as  high  performance,  authentic  leaders.  After   COACHES   two   decades   of   leading   an   international   executive   search   firm,   Cheryl   was   driven   to   shift   careers   to   become   an   executive   coach   to   help   more   people   reach   their   full   potential.   She   received   training   from   the   Center   for   Character  Based  Leadership,  the  Center  for  Creative  Leadership,  Learning  in  Action  Technologies  (Emotional   Intelligence),   MentorCoach,   LLC     (Applied   Positive   Psychology).     Since   then   she   has   coached   hundreds   of   people   to   new   heights.   In   the   last   8   years   CAA   has   also   become   known   for   their   unique,   group   coaching   programs  igniting  over  a  thousand  leaders  across  generations,  genders  and  cultures.       Cheryl  has  served  on  several  national  and  international  advisory  boards  including  the  Secretary  of   Energy  Advisory  Board  (under  three  Secretaries),  traveled  to  South  Africa  on  a  Presidential  Trade  Mission,   was   a   speaker   at   a   United   Nations   NGO   conference   on   Women   in   Beijing,   and   a   speaker   at   the   World     Economic  Forum  in  Madrid.  She  earned  a  BA  Summa  Cum  Laude  at  the  University  of  MN,  and  studied  at  Nan   Yang  University  in  Singapore.  She  enjoys  travel,  photography,  dancing,  skiing,  and  swimming.       TAMARA   SULISTYO,   as   a   global   effectiveness   consultant,   executive   recruiter   and   career   development  coach,  lived  and  worked  in  12  countries  prior  to  joining  Cheryl  Alexander  &  Associates  in  2003.   In   her   role   as   COO,   Tamara   designs   and   coaches   leadership   roundtables   and   peer   learning   programs,   manages   client   relationships   and   coaches   a   wide   range   of   mid   and   executive   level   individuals.   She   has   worked   across   multiple   industries   including   medical   device,   pharmaceutical,   energy,   state   and   local   government,  financial  services,  sports  and  recreation,  education,  hospitality  and  agribusiness.     Her   education   includes   a   BA   in   International   Studies   from   Vassar   College,   an   MA   in   Intercultural   Communication   from   Arizona   State   University,   a   Certificate   of   Advanced   Studies   in   International   Management   from   Thunderbird,   and   Coach   Training   from   MentorCoach,   LLC.   She   serves   on   the   Board   of   Girls   In   Action.   Tamara   has   a   passion   for   working   with   diverse   populations   across   age   groups,   speaks   the   basics  of  six  languages,  and  is  known  for  rapidly  building  rapport  while  motivating  people  to  be  positive  and   optimistic,   stand   in   their   strengths,   and   make   a   difference   as   authentic   leaders.   She   spends   her   free   time   near  the  water,  in  community  theater,  and  playing  chauffeur  to  her  four  kids.           CHERYL   BURRELL  has  been  a  coach  for  Cheryl  Alexander  &  Associates  for  two  years.  We  all  love  her   fun  energy  as  well  as  her  practical  and  political  wisdom.  She  brings  28  years  of  corporate  experience.  Burrell   was  the  first  African  American  female  business  director  at  3M  Company.  She  was  with  3M  for  25  years  and   Johnson   &   Johnson   Company   for   3   years.   She   held   many   positions   of   increasing   responsibility   including   Asia   Pacific   business   development   for   4   years.    Burrell   also   established   new   global   businesses   within   3Ms   industrial  sector.    One  of  her  most  exciting  projects  was  leading  a  customer  relationship  change  project.           A  dynamic  speaker  and  leadership  consultant,  the  focus  of  Burrell’s  work  is  to  empower  clients  to   own  their  power  by  taking  responsibility  for  their  lives;  both  personally  and  professionally.  She  holds  a  BS   in   Marketing   from   American   University.   Clients   include   Boston   Scientific,   Ecolab,  Leonard,   Street   and   Dienard,   WNBA/LYNX,   St.   Catherines   University,   St   Paul   Police   Department,   Twin   Cities   Rise;   Jeremiah   Program.Burrell   was   raised   on   the   east   coast,   in   northern   New   Jersey.    Her   passions   include   food/wine,   travel,  reading  and  study  of  Iyengar  yoga.       BERNIE   SAUNDERS,   an   expert   in   The   Artistry   of   Leadership,   works   with   Cheryl   Alexander   &   Associates   as   a   coach   and   creative   curriculum   designer   for   signature   leadership   roundtable   programs.   Bernies   diverse   coaching   background   includes   working   with   CEOs,   factory   supervisors,   and   everyone   in-­‐ between.   This   broad   spectrum   has   provided   him   with   a   wide   range   of   skills   when   supporting   people   to   accomplish  their  goals.       Bernie   is   recognized   nationally   for   his   pioneering   work   in   the   development   of   learning   communities.   Co-­‐author   of   the   internationally   acclaimed   book,   Ten   Steps   to   a   Learning   Organization,   Bernie   is   also   the   author   of   the   personal   development   program   Boundless   Renewal:   The   Power   of   Reflection.   Bernie  has  a  degree  in  Business  Management  from  St.  Joseph’s  College,  and  a  Masters  in  Applied  Theology   from  the  Berkeley  Graduate  Theological  Union.  He  is  certified  in  the  emotional  intelligence  assessment  tool,   BarOn  EQ-­‐i,  and  is  a  licensed  member  of  the  EQ  Network.  He  is  a  Clinical  Faculty  member  at  the  Centre  for   Applied   Leadership,   and   has   taught   at   St.   Catherine   University,   St.   Thomas   University,   and   the   Carlson   School  of  Management.  Bernie  believes  that  life  is  truly  a  work  of  art.  A  photographer,  Bernie  recently  hiked   a  50  mile  section  of  the  Appalachian  Trail.    
  4. 4.     Executive  Roundtables     Who  is  invited  to  apply?   Seasoned   leaders,   high   potential   leaders   and   sponsors   at   all   levels   who   are   ready   to   step   up,   engage,   learn,   lean   into   discomfort   and   offer   support   beyond   their   circle   of   familiar  peers.  Connect  your  vision,  values,  and  goals  to  do  your  best  work,  leverage   talents,   and   inspire   others.   Move   forward   with   heightened   awareness,   new   skills,   passion,   and   impact   supported   by   a   coach   and   a   community   of   supporters   and   mentors.     Topics  are  tailored  to  the  participants.  Popular  ones  include:   • Creating  An  Authentic  And  Powerful  Leadership  Exchange     • Global  Leadership  In  A  New  Era   • Gender  Intelligence:  Where  Neuroscience  Meets  Leadership  Style   • Change  Agility  And  Innovation:  Spotting  Trends  &  Creating  The  Future   • Leveraging  Strengths,  Brand  &  Passion   • Building  social  capital   • Navigating  Workplace  Power  And  Politics   • Leadership  Presence,  Voice  &  The  Power  Of  Story     Why  Executive  Coaching+  Coached  Leadership  Roundtables?   “With   today’s   fast-­‐changing   technology,   increasingly   global,   multicultural,   and   team-­‐based   work   environments,   no  one  mentor  can  possibly  provide  the  guidance,  exposure,  and  opportunities  that  are  so  essential  to   effectively   managing   current   job   challenges   or   preparing   for   future   leadership   roles.”   –   MIT   Sloan   Management  Review       "More   than   50%   of   Fortune   500   companies   use   executive   coaches   and   six   out   of   ten   companies   offer   coaching  to  mid  and  senior  level  managers.  ROI  from  the  study  is  529%."  -­‐  The  Hay  Group     Coached   Leadership   Roundtables   typically   meet   for   6-­‐8   sessions   complemented   by   individual   coaching   between   each   session.   We   have   had   great   success   with   virtual   circles   when   participants   meet  in  person  for  a  full  day  and  again  the  end  of   the   program.       Each   month   new   insights   are    Cheryl  Alexander  &  Associates  Inc   embedded  in  action,  culminating  in  final  individual    8588  Shadow  Creek  Drive,  Maple  Grove,  MN  55311   ROI  impact  presentations.   763-­‐416-­‐4570   Relationships   are   created   that   continue   to     enhance  growth  through  mentoring  and  feedback.   ©  2012  Cheryl  Alexander  &  Associates,  Inc   Sustained   authentic   engagement   grows   as   people   share  experiences,  meet  commitments,  build  trust   and   support   each   other   to   do   their   best   work.     Collaboration  grows  into  value  creation.