KFWE News (Curriculum Night 2012)


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KFWE News (Curriculum Night 2012)

  1. 1. KFWE NEWS2nd Grade Curriculum Night
  2. 2. BREAKING NEWS! 2 Graders nd Are Growing Up Quickly!
  3. 3. Independent and Responsible Learners• Children should bring their homework and yellow folders daily.• They should make sure they have lunches and sweaters (if needed) before they leave home.• They are becoming independent workers and should be completing their assignments on time.
  4. 4. Homework• Review sheets are designed to be completed independently, in about 10 minutes.• Please look over the review sheets to make sure your child understood the directions and completely finished the assignments.• Children should read to an adult every night for 20 minutes and practice basic math facts.• The optional challenge homework is a great activity to do together!
  5. 5. Practice Math Facts
  6. 6. Practice Reading
  7. 7. O Chall engeP Home workTIONAL
  8. 8. BREAKING NEWS!Lines of Communication Are Up and Running!
  9. 9. Blog: “Adventures in 2nd Grade”• Upcoming Events• Volunteer Opportunities• Student-Friendly Websites• Other Important 2nd Grade Information
  10. 10. Notes to Teachers• Teachers are much more likely to remember things that are written down.• Changes in transportation plans MUST be in writing. If we do not receive a note, we will have to send your child home the usual way.
  11. 11. KFWE Special Feature!
  12. 12. Snacks and Water• Snacks should be healthy and easy to clean up.• Reasonable portions, please!• Water bottles with pop/flip tops help eliminate spills.
  13. 13. Birthdays• Cookie cakes (pre-cut), cookies, or cupcakes are welcome. Napkins and paper plates get extra credit!• Please give advanced notice.• Please save balloons, candles, juice, and party favors for the REAL party . . . AFTER school hours.• Invitations handed out at school must include everyone.
  14. 14. KFWE Special Feature!
  15. 15. Math Workshop Warm-Up Mini-Lesson Guided & Independent PracticeWorkstation 1 Workstation 2 Workstation 3 Workstation 4 Small Group Basic Skills like Puzzles, Mind Content- Instruction by math facts or Benders Specific Games Teacher Exemplars Closure and Reflection What did I learn today? How can I use my new knowledge in my life? How did I participate with my group?
  16. 16. MathNumerical Reasoning 148 = 1 hundred + 4 tens + 8 ones 1 25 + 36 61 3 x 5 = 15 1/4Algebraic Reasoning 9 + 7 = 16 7 + 9 = 16Cars 1 2 3 4 5 16 – 7 = 9Tires 4 8 12 16 20 16 – 9 = 7
  17. 17. Measurement GeometryProbability Problem Solving& Statistics
  18. 18. Jill went bug watching every day after schoolfor a week.On Monday, she saw one bug.On Tuesday, she saw two bugs.On Wednesday, she saw three bugs.If this pattern continues, how many bugs willJill see on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, andSunday?
  19. 19. “Novice”
  20. 20. “Apprentice”
  21. 21. “Practitioner”
  22. 22. “Expert”
  23. 23. Language Arts Using a balanced literacy approach, we move from direct teacher-led instruction to independent application by the students. Gradual Release of Responsibility Model Think Think Guided Independent(Demonstration) Aloud Along Thinking Application (Teacher) (Partner/ (Conference/ Small Group Small Group Interaction) with Teacher)
  24. 24. Reader’s Workshop• Students read a variety of genres, with guidance at their instructional levels.• Students summarize, interpret, and evaluate text using numerous reading strategies (making connections, using context clues, analyzing words phonetically, etc.)• Students learn to select appropriate books for independent reading.
  25. 25. Writing Spellin g Pattern Words Oddball Words Traits of Writing Word Choice Ideas VoiceSentence Fluency Organization Conventions Writer’s Workshop Planning Drafting Editing Publishing
  26. 26. Spelling• Words Their Way©• Word Patterns• Word Study Strategies (such as sorting)• Improve Spelling, Reading and Writing• Fast Word Recognition• Application of Word Knowledge
  27. 27. Science Matter & Energy Water and Weather• Properties of Matter • Freshwater vs. Saltwater• Changes Caused by • Water Cycle Heating and Cooling • Temperature• Light, Sound, and Heat • Weather Force & Motion Habitats• Experimenting w/Force • Attributes/Classification• Balancing • Conservation• Rotating • Life Cycles• Patterns of Movement • Biomes
  28. 28. Social StudiesAll American KidCitizenship, rules, laws, government, national symbols, customsMe and My WorldMaps, globes, landformsA Hero in Every HeartTime lines, American history, American heroesShow Me the MoneyNeeds/wants, producers/consumers, spending/saving
  29. 29. Volunteer Opportunities • Guest Reader • Science Labs • Class Parties • Library • Carnival • Field Trip • AuctionTo do any of these, you must re-register on the SBISD website every Fall.
  30. 30. Please come visit your child’s classroom!… and that’s the way it is forthe 2012-13 school year.Thank you for coming andhave a good night!