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Heald Online Orientation


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  • 1. Heald College Online Orientation Experience the Online Environment 1
  • 2. Logging in to Heald Online Login at: Or 2
  • 3. Login Page User ID: Student ID Number Password: Student ID Number + Last 4 of SSN 3
  • 4. Login Page Technical Requirements • Click on the Tech Requirements • Then click on the Browser Test to check your Browser • The Browser test will check your compatibility with the online environment 4
  • 5. Login Page Browser Test Completed The test will tell you how compatible your browser is to the eCollege Learning Environment. You should get all green checks with the word “True” If something is not compatible you will get a “Red X” and that will need to be fixed or settings will need to be adjusted. 5
  • 6. Home Page Most things you need to know are on this page! The most important info you need to know is to read everything in the Online Class. Did you Read it yet? 6
  • 7. Home Page Home/Courses Tabs Your Class links are found on the Courses tab. Should be your name Your Profile is where you make sure your personal email is correct You can log out from here also 7
  • 8. Courses Tab Page Student Resources MLA Formatting MyITLab Instructions And much more This link takes you directly to the LLRC Home Page Our Confidential Student Support Site for non-academic issues. Resources and referrals. All the Technical Support Numbers and Websites 8
  • 9. Courses Tab Page Click on the Link to Access Online Orientation and then later your Classes 9
  • 10. Inside Orientation Class Make sure you read the new announcements every time you log in. 10
  • 11. Instructor Announcements 11
  • 12. What I Need to Do Read the Syllabus Every class has a syllabus, it tells you what you need to do and by when. The Orientation is no different Read the Course Guide The course guide tells you the functionality of the course. This will tell you the Point structure for the class, due dates and times, Participation requirements, and how to maneuver around in your course. Read the Presentation This is the teachers lecture notes. You need this to do the 5 exercises in the Orientation Module because there is no text book. 12
  • 13. What I Need to Do 13
  • 14. 11 Week Quarter The upper left corner of Navigation Bar: (The grey area on the left hand side of the main page) O Syllabus - Important information regarding deadlines, grading, and Module by Module Outline O Course Guide – This contains the grading rubrics for your class. O Professor Bio - Who the instructor is O Projbenchmark - The Benchmark assignment information (Projects) 14
  • 15. Discussion Threads Deadlines: 1. The Modules are 2 Weeks Long • Week 1 of the Module on Weds you have to complete Main Threads in Discussion and Connections by 10:00 pm • Saturday at 10pm is the end of the week for anything else to be counted for that week. 2. Our Weeks go from Sun-Sat at 10pm. Week 2 of the Module is Saturday at 10pm. 15
  • 16. Sun Read/ Main Threads Post to classmate s threads Mo n Tue Respond to Classmates Work on Project We d Thu Work on Homework Post project Fri Sat 10 pm Post Homework Do Test
  • 17. Grading for the Thread Items 17
  • 18. Grading for the Dropbox Items O In the “Course Guide” see rubric for grading… O Grading is not arbitrary it follows a rubric and is not at all personal, but rather, mathematical in nature. 19
  • 19. Grades are Your Responsiblity O Know what it takes to get a good grade and take responsibility for your grades. O Be your best advocate. 20
  • 20. Plagiarism O Know what constitutes Plagiarism O LEARN HOW TO CITE PROPERLY O If you do not know or “Understand” MLA citation both IN TEXT and REFERENCES PAGE (please don’t feel silly asking). O It is not worth the F or the expulsion. O If you knew everything you would not be going to college in the first place. 21
  • 21. E-ssisstance Blog Resource to Assist with your Online Class(es) • Articles • Free Web Tools • How to advice and Videos • Links to Search Engines • Link to Heald Online • Helpful Hints to study better, and manage your time. • Follow by email and get notices when something 22 new is posted
  • 22. Questions? Your Support Team O Contact Your Campus’ Online Coordinator O Cheryl Gleason 916-414-2763 O O Contact Your Program Director O MA – Tera Brooks O MIBC /MOA– Debra Pepper O PT – Modesto Tomeldan O IT – Lorenzo Lewis O CJ/PL – Sean Miner O BUS/ACT/EN – Zach Reed O AA – Fred Heacock 414-2778 414-2771 414-2639 414-2769 414-2764 414-2633 414-2739 23