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    Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Drake C Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Drake C Presentation Transcript

    • 1
      Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio
      Cheryl Drake
      Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2011
    • Personal Statement
      In order to understand my passion for psychology it is important to look back at the multitude of ways which psychology has deeply affected my personal life. My father passed away shortly before I graduated 8th grade. This was a very sudden and unexpected loss and I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I struggled with the loss but luckily my mother knew enough to call my high school to see what services they offered. She enrolled me in a program called S.H.A.R.P. This was the Student Help and Referral Program. Through this program, I was signed out of one class a week to partake in grief counseling with an outreach counselor and a couple other students who had also lost a parent or caregiver. This program had an immense impact on my life and I credit the counselor and those other students for helping me to cope with my grief in a healthy manner. This was when I realized that I too wanted to help others but I was still unsure how to accomplish that.
      My passion for helping others in a large scale first came to light during my junior year of high school. I worked hard to help develop and implement a peer-to-peer program which aided other students in need. I realized that many students may not feel comfortable going to an adult or teacher for personal problems. This program offered support from other peers who were trained to handle matters from disagreements between students to being a listening ear for vents and frustrations. There were clear guidelines laid out for the peer mentors so they would have no questions as to whether or not they were able to handle the situation or if they should gain support from a teacher.
      After high school I was unable to attend college right away. My parents were unwilling to help me financially so I made the decision to work full-time for a few years to save for school. I was aware the statistics about individuals who take years off from school but I knew that my drive to excel would allow me to go back to school and earn my degree. After a few years, I had saved some money but it was not enough so I decided to work full-time in the mornings and attend classes at my local community college. Initially the adjustment was tough but I sought help from a counselor. This resulted in yet another positive experience in the field of psychology and furthered my feelings towards the field. Towards the completion of my Associate’s degree, I became pregnant with my first child and had to take nearly a year off from school and work due to medical complications. As soon as my baby was a few weeks old, I reenrolled in classes and months later I earned my Associate’s degree. I then enrolled at Argosy University to obtain my Bachelor’s in Psychology.
      Throughout my academic career I dealt with many obstacles such as my complicated pregnancy, my husband leaving for 6 months to attend a Federal Law Enforcement Academy, packing my household and moving across the country and even getting pregnant and giving birth to my second child. While life may have been hectic, my drive kept me going and ensured that my grades and family never suffered as a result. This perseverance is applicable in all aspects of my life and due in great part to my internal locus of control and my firm understanding of a variety of psychological theories.
    • Resume
      B.A. Argosy University
      Psychology, expected March 2011
      A.A. Warren County Community College
      Liberal Arts, June 2009
      Substance Abuse Treatment
      Magna cum Laude 2009
      Graduated from Warren County Community College with great honors
      Dean’s List Multiple Semesters 2006- 2009
      The National Society of Collegiate Scholars 2010
      Argosy University Chapter, Honor Society
      Science Club 2006-2008
      Phi Theta Kappa 2005-2008
      National Honor Society for two-year institutions
    • Reflection
      What I learned throughout my academic career has helped me in a variety of situations. My knowledge of interpersonal communication has helped immensely in my personal life. I now practice and understand effective measures of conflict resolution which has been wonderful for my marriage. Understanding the difference between hearing and listening has also been life changing and is necessary for successful employment as a counselor. Furthermore, understanding addiction and dependence has helped me to come to terms with a close individual’s alcohol abuse. Everything that I have learned in my academic career has helped to shape some aspect of my personal life which has increased my desire to continue in the fields of psychology and counseling.
      I am well versed in the core aspects of psychology, substance abuse treatment, diversity, critical thinking and research skills. I plan to further strengthen my knowledge of ethics and enhance my communication skills.
    • Table of Contents
      Cognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy
      Research Skills
      Communication Skills: Oral and Written
      Ethics and Diversity Awareness
      Foundations of Psychology
      Applied Psychology
      Interpersonal Effectiveness
    • Critical Thinking
      There are 7 work samples available in the application located on my LinkedIn profile which can be located in the folder entitled Cognitive Abilities .
      In these samples you can view case studies in which I applied critical thinking and knowledge to individual cases to determine possible diagnoses and treatment.
    • Research Skills
      There is a work sample available in the application located on my LinkedIn profilein the folder entitled Research Skills.
      In this sample, you can view my research paper which focused on the effects of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) on children.
    • Communication Skills
      There is a PowerPoint available in the application located on my LinkedIn profilein the folder entitled Communication Skills.
      This PowerPoint focuses on Suicide and the role of the Counselor in prevention.
    • Ethics and Diversity Awareness
      There are 2 work samples available in the application located on my LinkedIn profilelocated in the folder entitled Ethics & Diversity Awareness.
      The ethics sample contains a full case study outlining breaches in ethics. The diversity sample contains views on diversity.
    • Foundations of Awareness
      There are 6 work samples available in the application located on my LinkedIn profile which can be located in the folder entitled Knowledge of Foundations in the Field.
      This folder contains various works which range in topics from the Psychoanalytic Theory to the different models of addiction.
    • Applied Psychology
      There are 7 work samples available in the application located on my LinkedIn profile which can be located in the folder entitled Knowledge of Applied Psychology.
      These works are a case study which follow a client from intake through aftercare.
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness
      There are 2 work samples available in the application located on my LinkedIn profilewhich can be located in the folder entitled Interpersonal Effectiveness.
      These samples are both PowerPoint documents. The first of which outlines the ways to decrease addiction and the second outlines assessment for suicide risk.
    • My Future in Learning
      I plan to further my academic career by obtaining my Master’s Degree in clinical psychology and then my PsyD. After I obtain my PsyD, I plan to work in both private practice and at a community health center specializing in both substance abuse treatment and grief work.
      I truly hold a passion for learning and plan to continue to take courses for the remainder of my life. I believe that there is always something worth learning so after the completion of my degrees I will continue to take courses which interest me or in which I am unfamiliar.
    • Contact Me
      Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio.
      For further information, please contact me at the e-mail address below.