Twitter Basics Training


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Twitter Basics Training

  1. 1. Course Objectives0 Account Basics0 Three types of Twitter Communication0 How to Follow Conversations on Twitter0 Making Use of Twitter Lists to Listen to the Public, News Media and Pubic Safety Agencies0 Ways to Search, Research & Monitor Topics on Twitter
  2. 2. Twitter CultureConsider Yourself to be in a Large Party Room with many different conversations underwayPeople You Will See on Twitter News/Citizen Reporters Profession-Based Educators: Those Who Share Articles & Links within Niche Topics Socialites: Talk & Engage with Others Commentators: Those who share what they see Marketing Focused on Brand/Agency/Self Spammers or Bots
  3. 3. How Can Twitter Be Used?0 Watching the News ~ Particularly Breaking Stories0 Situational Awareness ~ Monitoring Communities0 Information Sharing & Sentiment Analysis0 Relationship Building ~ Finding Colleagues in your Interest Area
  4. 4. Twitter Account BasicsAlong the LEFT Side: Along the RIGHT Side:0 Home Basic Info 0 Search Bar Who To Follow Trends Tweetstream 0 Settings & Direct Messages0 Connect Interactions 0 Enter a Tweet Button Mentions0 Discover Activity of Friends Finding People to Follow
  5. 5. Types of Twitter DM or Direct Message:Communication D [Twitter Handle] [Message] Both Users Must Follow Each Other Private: D cherylble Can you bring me the red Direct stapler? Messages Using an @mention: Only people following both can see it if the @mention is at the beginning of the Semi-Public: tweet or those who visit your profile @Mentions @cherylble Can you bring me the stapler? Public Public Message: I wish I had a stapler
  6. 6. When you tweet….aim for 100 characters Read links before you shareLet’s look atTwitter for Shorten Links ~some chatter…. 0 Enter directly into tweet 0 Use a Link Shortener like 0 If using phone, look for “share” button.
  7. 7. Following Conversations0 Look for #Hashtags on key topics0 If you are on, look for “in reply to” under Tweets0 Visit Profiles0 Take a look at Trending Topics0 Fridays between 9:30a-10:30a PST, you can watch #SMEMChat which is an hour long conversation.
  8. 8. User ListsLists Defined: Twitter Users Placed into a GroupYour Choices:0 Create Lists of your own to develop “channels”0 Follow Other People’s Lists0 Current CRESA Lists include: 0 Local Public Safety 0 Local News Media 0 Local Community 0 Others 0 EM Businesses 0 SMEM Collaborators
  9. 9. Ways to Search Twitter0 Twitter Search Bar0 Trending Topics0 Observe Hashtags 0 Local Tags = #ClarkWA, #VanWA, #PDX, #InPDX, #WA0 TrendsMap www.trendsmap.com0 Monitter www.monitter.com0 Tweetgrid: www.tweetgrid.com0 Watch for #hashtags
  10. 10. For More Help on TwitterTwitter Basics Help Area: Asked Questions about Followers: