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Social media essentially functions to allow people to make their voices heard, but unfortunately for businesses the things that their customers have to say may not always be what they want to hear. With that in mind, more and more businesses are turning to use social media less for promotion and marketing, and more to add valuable customer service. This is a guide on using social media effectively for customer service.

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The social customer

  1. 1. Understanding the Social Customer Cherylann Smith Digital Innovator @mylifescape #enterprisetech
  2. 2. Social networks. Sean Parker – Napster. We live on the internet. Changing the customer experience in a meaningful way.
  3. 3. Welcome to the world as we knew it.
  4. 4. The way we share has changed. Instant sharing. A hunger for participation.
  5. 5. Social media mix h"p://­‐perfect-­‐mix-­‐social-­‐media-­‐customer-­‐service/  
  6. 6. 50% of customers actively seek customer service support online 74% expect that social media will become a major channel in the future. 43% said that a direct response to their complaint or question is most important on social media sites 31% expect the site to be a direct channel to customer service support. 29% of Facebook users expect a response within 2 hours 81% of Twitter users expect a same day response. 
  7. 7. h"p://­‐customer-­‐service-­‐infographic  
  8. 8. h"p://­‐customer-­‐service-­‐infographic  
  9. 9. h"p://­‐customer-­‐service-­‐infographic  
  10. 10. Who is the Social Customer? Has a lot to say. Is hyper-connected. Has a following. Influencer. Expects super-fast response. Producer of information. Empowered.
  11. 11. Gone are the days, if they ever existed that you could control your company reputation or conversations.  
  12. 12. The role of new media is all about connections. You don’t have to put your brand online.
  13. 13. Social Conversations + Customer service delivery. What do you have that differentiates you from your competitors?
  14. 14. All you have, is what people are saying about you.
  15. 15. #TheCustomerIsAlwaysHeard
  16. 16. Catch the wave. Observe. Listen. Plan. Monitor. Engage. Record. Respond. Share.
  17. 17. Social media efforts should always be an intuitive, natural extension of current brand strategies, strengthening brand identity and driving customer affinity.
  18. 18. How do you use Social Media? The platform + technology must be used to be more human.
  19. 19. Response time vs. Resolution time
  20. 20. Listen. Mentions of the brand or products #CompanyName. @CompanyName. Company Name. #ProductName. ProductName. Support related words: help, assistance, not working, broken, #fail. Specific Facebook or Twitter.
  21. 21. The old way of working will continue to produce the same old results, which no business today can afford. We need to think, act, and find solutions with the speed and agility of the change that surrounds us.
  22. 22. Social is not a department. It’s a behaviour. It touches all parts of your brand and needs to be taken seriously. #nomonekybusiness
  23. 23. #Crisis. There’s nothing like a crisis to define who you are. Complaining customers can be good for business.
  24. 24. Listen to me. Respond to me. What’s taking so long? Help. #BrandFail
  25. 25. Is this the face of your customer care?
  26. 26. Or is this more like it? #bleh
  27. 27. Have the right people on the job. Tone. Brand voice. Brand promise. Enable. Empower. Make sure your social media messaging is consistent with your brand image.
  28. 28. Trained on how to engage with customers + handle conversations. Fully informed about the company, industry and competitors. Understands social and communities.
  29. 29. #BrandKillers #BrandFail Inconsistent experiences. Empty promises. Broadcast. Slow response rate. Unprofessional.
  30. 30. #brandfail
  31. 31. #brandfail
  32. 32. #branplus
  33. 33. #BrandWins. Informational. Supportive. Relevant. Listen + Respond.
  34. 34. Use the tools out there.
  35. 35. Use the free tools available. h"p://   Compiled  by  @MikeWronski  @mylifescape  
  36. 36. @Nike @NikeSupport “We’re listening. Seven days a week.” h"p://"er-­‐customer-­‐service-­‐report/  
  37. 37. MTN: Y’ello
  38. 38. KLM #integration #ashtag In April 2010, Dutch airline KLM was thrown into the jaws of social media head first thanks to the Icelandic ash cloud that covered Europe and grounded flights across the continent for nearly a week. Moving quickly, KLM earned credit by creating a rebooking tool for Facebook within 24 hours and created a "multi-functional" team across customer service, marketing, PR and operations. For the world's largest airline, this forced integration was just what they needed to build a highly sophisticated view that social media belongs belongs everywhere across the company. When they recently launched 24/7 support on Twitter and Facebook, they did it through a highly engaging “Live Replies” campaign in which they responded to tweets with a small army of staff in an airplane hanger holding up signs. h"p://­‐customer-­‐service-­‐brands/  
  39. 39. Let customers know how and when to reach you. Set customer service expectations by ensuring your brand's social pages display a statement about the page's purpose, including the hours in which the page is actively monitored and a timeframe in which customers can expect a reply.
  40. 40. Create experiences. Build trust. Be honest. Respond timeously. Reward loyal customers. Identify and engage with your influencers.
  41. 41. The ability to be human will define success vs. failure.
  42. 42. Thank you This presentation is available on slideshare h"p://   Let’s talk. Questions? @mylifescape #enterprisetech
  43. 43. Cherylann Smith @mylifescape #DigitalCrunch cherylannsmith Let’s talk. Questions? I am a passionate, innovative big picture thinker who can connect digital and social to all other aspects of the client business to drive growth opportunities. @mylifescape #enterprisetech
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