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Regression Testing

  1. 1. Use Case: Regression Testing of Mobile Content for QA Use Cases for Keynote MITE Use Case: Regression strings in the MITE desktop Testing of Mobile Content for environment. Consistent testing is QA achievable across any device without the worry of device To stay fresh all Web sites, available. including those on the mobile Web, drive a process of continual change. MITE gives QA engineers detailed The need for upgrades, fixes, and test results that not only help to new versions at times seems to be quickly access mobile content, but the only constant. As a result, QA also to validate it. When MITE runs engineers need to continually test a test, the results will include: and validate new release candidates before they can go live. The QA • Source code - XHTML code of the team has to perform regression mobile site with any and all testing of mobile content across syntax errors and warnings different devices in extremely short time frames to ensure that your • Access Time – the time to customers remain happy and download each page of the mobile satisfied. site • Size – the total size or weight of One popular approach is to provide each mobile page downloaded in QA teams with real devices for bytes manual testing. But real devices are expensive and typically only • Total Elapsed Time – The time to available from either operators in download each page along with small private device labs or, by the required resources needed to renting time on publicly available display it devices. Regardless of the • Headers – the request and approach, manual testing can get response headers sent and very expensive. Additionally, received by the device manual testing suffers from quality due to variation in test process and • Redirection – the list of URL the lack of test consistency across redirections taken with each page the different devices. Although the • Content-Device compatibility – need for manual testing may never details on the compatibility of be eliminated completely, it is each page object with the possible to augment manual testing device’s capabilities with automated regression testing across as many mobile devices as possible. With Keynote MITE, QA teams can access any of the 1,600 device profiles and 11,000 user agent
  2. 2. 2 About Keynote Because MITE has a script recording • Search in Page – to search a function QA teams can fully page for particular content Keynote Systems (NASDAQ automate testing tasks for rapid "KEYN") is the global test and • Wait SMS – to wait until an SMS repetition. Record different test measurement company is received to process it cases and execute them across any for mobile communications device profile saving considerable MITE will not only improve the and online business re-testing time. The results can quality of regression testing for performance. then be saved as a Project and mobile, but will also save As an independent and trusted shared with different groups to considerable time and money. In third-party, Keynote provides highlight and quickly solve bugs. short, more testing is possible, in IT and marketing executives less time, at a lower cost. The with an unbiased view All MITE scripts are recorded as added productivity will allow into their Internet services Visual Basic (VB) script. If QA validation of mobile content on from around the world. For Engineers are familiar with VB more devices than ever before over a decade, we have been scripting, they can edit test scripts resulting in greater confidence in providing measurement data to add additional conditional logic end user satisfaction. and testing capabilities that and validation checks. allow companies to understand Download your copy of Keynote MITE comes with many popular and improve their customer's MITE today at: mobile functions that are often used online and mobile experience. in testing mobile applications. Click to learn about other Keynote Systems, Inc. Testing becomes even more MITE Use Cases 777 Mariners Island Blvd. thorough by adding conditional checks into MITE scripts. These Overview and Interactive Site San Mateo, CA 94404 functions include: Testing • Click on Link – to follows link Prerelease Mobile Site Validation • Click on Name – to follow the Application Support link using the name of the link Carrier Deck Placement Verification Common Short Code Auditing © 2009 Keynote Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.. The trademarks of Keynote Systems, Inc. include Keynote®, DataPulse®, CustomerScope®, Keynote CE Rankings®, Keynote Customer Experience Rankings®, Perspective®, Keynote Red Alert®, Keynote Traffic Perspective ®, Keynote WebEffective®, The Internet Performance Authority®, MyKeynote® , SIGOS®, SITE®, keynote™, The Mobile & Internet Performance Authority™ and all related trademarks, trade names, logos, characters, design and trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Keynote Systems, Inc. in the United States and other countries and may not be used without written permission. CS1047