How does Hardy Brain Training Work?


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How does Hardy Brain Training Work?

  1. 1. How Does the Metronome Training Work?
  2. 2. Learning Process • The learning process is like the construction of a building. • Most schools are currently implementing academic and remedial programs that only affect the roof. • Struggling students have weak foundations and wall structures, so just fixing the roof is ineffective.
  3. 3. What do struggling students need? • Stabilize the walls and learning foundation by boosting sensory processing skills like: • vestibular and proprioception • perceptual-motor skills • visual and auditory processing skills • actual speed of processing (thinking speed + decision- making speed) Once students strengthen these areas, they can achieve permanent success.
  4. 4. Who Can Hardy Brain Training Help? Hardy Brain Camp Training is designed to help all kinds of students find success. We have experience helping students who are: AND Students who have: ADD/ADHD High functioning autism Asperger's syndrome Dyslexia Learning disabilities Feel chronically tired A little behind in class At the bottom of the class In special education programs Average kids who want to excel Gifted kids not at potential
  5. 5. Why Hardy Brain Training Works when Tutoring Does Not • Hardy Brain Training Program improves the way the brain processes. • While tutoring helps children memorize the information presented in class, often the information is not understood. The Hardy program trains the brain to learn. This allows the students to not only memorize the information, but also apply it.
  6. 6. How Hardy Brain Training Helps the Brain The brain has a variety of timing systems. This program works with the brain’s millisecond timing which impacts: •focus •attention •organization •cognition •reading •math •language processing •auditory processing •coordination •thinking speed •decision making speed
  7. 7. The Equipment •PC computer •Headphones •Foot and hand sensors •Training Software •Master Control Unit Photo with hand sensors????
  8. 8. How Hardy Brain Training Works 1. Child puts on headphones and uses hand and foot sensors. 2. The program sends a tone to the headphones and shows a symbol on the computer screen. 3. The child attempts to clap her hands at the same moment as the next tone is heard and seen. 4. As the child claps and taps to the beat, visual feedback on the screen and auditory feedback in the earphones give exact information about the accuracy of each response 5. After each clap/tap, the computer screen shows the child the current score. Photo with child using the progam-need this from sherrie
  9. 9. How Hardy Brain Training Works: Auditory Feedback The program gives immediate auditory feedback through the headphones indicating the degree of the child’s accuracy. There are five different sounds: • A rewarding sound for high accuracy • A rubber band twang for medium accuracy • A buzzer for low accuracy The sound is held for a few seconds in the child’s working memory and helps her adjust her accuracy for the next tone.
  10. 10. How Hardy Brain Training Works: Visual Feedback The program gives instantaneous visual feedback on the computer screen indicating the degree of the child’s accuracy. There are three different colors: •A green dot appears in the middle of the screen showing high accuracy. •A yellow dot appears off to one side of the screen showing medium accuracy. •A red dot appears way off to the side of the screen showing low accuracy. This information is held for a few second in the child’s working memory and helps her adjust her accuracy for the next tone.
  11. 11. How Hardy Brain Training Works: Feedback Increases Accuracy More accurate timing increases: • Thinking speed • Decision-making speed • Brain organization • Communication This helps students to pay attention better, learn more easily and keep up with grade level work.
  12. 12. Results Typical improvement in 4 to 6 weeks: • One Year or More in: • Reading • Math • Processing Speed • Noticeably Improved – Focus and attention – Organization – Ability to control behavior and impulsivity – Coordination – Communication, auditory and language processing
  13. 13. Research Study worked with boys with ADHD Trained for 15 sessions with the Metronome Technology Findings Statistically significant improvement: •Attention •Decrease in aggressive behavior •Motor control and coordination •Processing speed •Language processing •Reading •Consistency of responses Published in : The American Journal Of Occupational Therapy ADHD Study
  14. 14. Additional Research: Elementary School Level Post test scores showed improvements of: •20% in Letter Naming •18% in Sight Word Recognition • 12% in Math Calculation •10% in Math Fluency Presented by Taub, McGrew & Keith (2005) These 2 studies looked at early reading and math skills. Students took a pre-test, were trained with the Interactive Metronome technology and took a post test.
  15. 15. Additional Research: High School Level Presented by Taub, McGrew et al. High School students trained with the Interactive Metronome technology for 4 weeks and showed the following improvements: Reading Fluency 7% Broad Reading 7% Math Calculation 7% Math Fluency 7%
  16. 16. Comments from Parents About Hardy Brain Training Debby Mensa: “It is like removing a block or removing an obstacle. It doesn’t create something that isn’t there. It just helps them be who they’re supposed to be in an easier way.” George Culp: “If we only got a fourth of the results, we would be deliriously happy.” Diane Solomon: “Here I have this little boy, a year and a half ago who could barely read at a first grade level, and now he’s reading at grade level 5…and I’m not worried about him anymore.”
  17. 17. Hardy Brain Training Contact Info If your child is struggling in school, we would like to talk to you about how our program can make a life changing difference in his/her life. Please contact us at: 805.389.8144