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  • Have you ever thought about, the why? Now actually this is a powerful question. It helps you to know the fundamental of everythingWhy is AIESEC here, why are we doing exchange, why are you going on exchange, why!If we can clarify the why, then we will know what to do nextBefore you think about y you go on exchange, lets get to know why AIESEC is here in the first placeI think you should already know, 6 individuals started this organisation after World War 2 because they think that the reason of war is the misunderstanding between countries. They hope to solve this problem, so they started AIESEC. That’s the why at the time. Is this still the same now?
  • But how? How does this still relevant to us?
  • We might have wars, yes, might not, but we still have a lot of problems.We need a fundamental solution
  • We need leadership.
  • What is leadership? Here are some answers I found through internet.They all sound so big, but it is not the only defination
  • How this work normally and in AIESEC
  • How this work normally and in AIESEC
  • Think about it, what kind of people, what kind of leaders do you want to be.Before you think about these two questions. You need to know more about yourself.
  • My story: hk to uk to hk (self awareness)
  • I have a quote to you
  • What you are passionate with?
  • Maybe these questions may help you think further the why, beyond surface reason like polish your CV, like simply expand social network.We want more then thatSmall wrap up: You did not just happen to be here, you were chosen. So hope you can make your journey fruitful and meaning and unlike another.
  • And develop your own leadership journey from that!
  • [1314][ogx][gip] icps lead

    2. 2. Something about me… • Cherry Yuen • Working in AIESEC Hong Kong • Director of Global Exchange Programme – Basically every of your experience relates to me… • 4th Year in AIESEC already
    3. 3. LEAD AIESEC Hong Kong Session 2013 - 2014
    4. 4. WHY Why did we exist? Can exchange really be a solution? Peace & Fulfillment of humankinds potential How does exchange relate to Peace & Fulfillment of humankinds potential?
    5. 5. How does that relevant to us?
    6. 6. There are still a LOT of PROBLEMS
    7. 7. We need LEADERSHIP.We need a fundamental solution.
    8. 8. And we believe Leadership can be developed.
    9. 9. What is Leadership?
    10. 10. “Three essentials for leaders in the new context of the world: business frameworks, conceptual skills and human skills. Business frameworks are the knowledge to understand complex management through viewpoints such as strategy, marketing and operations. Conceptual skills are the ability to analyze the multi-stakeholder situation and decide what needs to be done. Human skills are the ability to be who you are to get people involved and lead them. But most importantly in the center of those 3 essentials, a personal resolve - Kokorizashi - a Mission of your life.” - Yoshito Hori Chairman of Globis University Member of the WEF Agenda Council on New Models of Leadership
    11. 11. Outer Journey Inner Journey Leadership Development
    12. 12. Exchange Self-Reflection
    13. 13. We hope to develop leaders with global perspectives who care about the society
    14. 14. 1st Step of becoming a leader
    15. 15. Understand yourself Get prepared for your inner and outer journey
    16. 16. What do you want to be?A Simple Question
    17. 17. “Self-awareness is the central to being a successful leader.” Kouzes & Posner
    18. 18. Who am I
    19. 19. What do you want to be?
    20. 20. Some questions for you… • What do you want to improve about yourself? • How will this experience help you to explore and discover your potential? • What do you want to gain from this internship? • How will you change after this experience? • What kind of person you want to be? • How can you develop leadership through your exchange experiences?
    21. 21. Hope you will enjoy the unknown challenge ahead 