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    Lion project Lion project Presentation Transcript

    • Hello I’m a lion! I’llshow you aroundand teach youabout Taxonomy. Let’s classify
    • FUN FACTS!!!Kingdom is thelargest units of This is Kingdom orbiological Animalia. For this Iclassification. chose a mouse, aAnimals have more jellyfish, and athan one cell. cheetah.There’re more than 1½ million kinds ofanimals alive today.The number ofkingdoms haschanged over time,as scientists havelearned more abouthow species arerelated to eachother.
    • FUN FACTS!!!!! This the second one ofPhylum is the second animal classification we alllargest of the animal call it Phylum or Chordata.classification. For the For our animals we choose aanimal, bacteria, and snake, a bird, and a falcon.archaea kingdoms,taxonomists generallyuse the term Phylum.Phylum is used forclassifying plants.Human beings and allother animals withbackbones belong tothe Chordata. Animalswith backbones arecalled vertebrates.
    • FUN FACTS!!!!! This is the third one ofClass is the third the animallargest of animal classification. This isclassification. Class called Class orhas similar Vertebrata. For thischaracteristics like one I chose a deer, awith Phylum and seal, and a fish.Kingdom. Mammalshave fur or hair ontheir bodies andfeed milk to theiryoung. Reptiles arecovered in scalesand lay eggs.
    • FUN FACTS!!!!Order is the fourth This is the fourth one inlargest of the animal the animal kingdom. It’skingdom. Dogs and called Order orraccoons eat Mammalia. For this Ianimal flesh. They’re chose a leopard, a fox,called Carnivores. and a cat.Moles and shrewseat insects.
    • FUN FACTS !!!!! This is the fifth from the animalFamily is the Fifth largest kingdom. This is called Familyin the animal kingdom. or Carnivora. For this I chose aMost animals have Leopard, a Snow Tiger, and abushy tails. They also Tiger.have short haired tails.
    • FUN FACTS!!! This is Genus orGenus is the sixth Feliformia is the sixthfrom the animal of the animalkingdom. Most kingdom. For this Ianimals can’t breed chose a cheetah, awith other animals. All puma, and a snowanimals are likely to leopard.breed. For exampledogs and cats breed.
    • Fun Facts!!!Species are thefinal in theanimal This is Species orkingdom. Felidae. For this IAnimals in this chose my favoritekingdom do animal a lion.breed.Scientists knowa little aboutorganisms. Mostanimals havethe samecharacteristics.