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  • 1. The launch of chermside.comLocal Business Presentation
  • 2. Basics – Lets Talk Business
    There are 3 ways to grow a business...
    Only three ways
    Increase the number of clients
    Increase the average transaction value
    Increase the frequency of repurchase
  • 3. Basics – Lets Look Closer
  • 4. Basics – Lets Increase each component by 10%
    An increase of just 10% in each component means an overall increase in 33% in Gross Sales
    It’s Exponential!
  • 5. Why Use the Internet to Promote an Offline Business???
    97 percent of Internet users in the U.S. gather shopping information online, with the majority citing that they “shop online, purchase offline.” (NPD Group)
    86 percent of online users use search engines to find local offline businesses. (Kelsey Group)
    More than 73 percent of activity online is in one way or another related to “local content.” (Google)
  • 6. Trade Allies – Our Goals
    We will use the internet & direct marketing strategies to;
    Increase your customer base
    Increase your average transaction size
    Increase the number of repurchases
    Let us show you how...
  • 7. Chermside.com
    In Feb 2010, chermside.com is launching
    Local Residents will be informed about our launch
    They will be offered free membership cards to encourage them to shop locally
  • 8. Chermside.com – Needs Launch Businesses
    We are looking for launch businesses – one from each niche/industry
    Being a Launch business of chermside.com means:
    No Cost to the business – We’ll even cover all the ad design costs etc
    Free Publicity via our website
    A 3-month free trial with absolutely no obligation to commit.
    The ability to run an email campaign to local resident mailing list.
  • 9. About Chermside.com
    Chermside.com will act as a community site including such things as;
    News Articles
    Business Profiles
    Community Announcements & Events
    Suburb Developments
    Real Estate
    And most importantly, what the membership card entitles our members to.
  • 10. Interactive Map of Shopping Centre
    We have created an interactive map of Westfield Chermside
    Participating stores will light up on the map
    Once they are clicked on, the offer they have agreed to advertise will be displayed
    Click on the image to be taken to the Website
  • 11. If your seeing this Presentation – We would like you to be a launch business
    Back to the 3 ways to increase your business
    Increase the number of your customers
    • We are only launching with 10-15 businesses.
    • 12. We are mailing out approximately 6,000 postcards to residents of Chermside & Chermside West
    • 13. This means plenty of additional exposure of your business
    • 14. We expect a minimum of 500 additional membership cards to be issued.
    • 15. In approximately 6 months time we plan on opening it to surrounding suburbs also.
    If the launch businesses fail, we fail – so we will be doing everything in our power to help your business.
  • 16. Average Dollars Per Sales
    You may be surprised but....
    We are not pro-discounting!
    We would much prefer our clients to either;
    Offer free samples
    Selling their products in packages
    2 for 1 offers
    Bonuses or Freebies when a customer spends a certain amount
    Discounts on the Upsell
  • 17. Discounting Doesn't Add up...
    The table below shows the negative effects of discounting. It shows how many additional items you need to sell in order to keep the exact same profit!
    If you don’t know your Profit Margin, most businesses operate between 25% -40%
  • 18. Small Business Can’t Operate on Commodity Pricing
    Unlike most advertising/marketing companies we will aim to move our clients up the graph. Commodity pricing is unsustainable.
  • 19. Number of Repeat Purchases
    Local Residents are much more likely to be repeat buyers based purely on demographics (i.e. higher rate of repeat business from a Northside resident than a Southside resident)
    We will constantly market to them in a very personal manner on behalf of our clients so your business will stay in their mind
    They will not only receive offers from you, they will be educated about you and your business
  • 20. One more thing...
    All our membership cards are uniquely numbered.
    If you copy down the number off the card when the buyer makes a purchase we can offer additional services such as;
    Personalised Postal Mail outs
    Personalised Email Marketing
    You can send exclusive offers to known buyers– especially if you make note of what products they have already bought!
    We can even help you start your own database!
  • 21. It’s all about relationship building
    “They buy because of what you promise, they stick around because they like you.”
    - Gary Halbert
  • 22. So, What's the next step?
    No cost to get started.
    Have a think about your special offer to our members
    All we ask is for your co-operation as a launch – we have some tight deadlines and would like to have your offers, graphics etc taken care of before that date. 
  • 23. Contact Info:-
    Luke Coyne
    0408 638 850