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How Does Blogging Help My Business?  Two Major Ways Revealed

How Does Blogging Help My Business? Two Major Ways Revealed



How does blogging help my business? What are the two main ways blogging has helped me build my

How does blogging help my business? What are the two main ways blogging has helped me build my
customer base... online? Read more to find out...



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    How Does Blogging Help My Business?  Two Major Ways Revealed How Does Blogging Help My Business? Two Major Ways Revealed Presentation Transcript

    • How Does Blogging Help My Business?   gg g p y Two Major Ways Revealed By Cherie King The Work@Home Advocate www.TheWorkAtHomeAdvocate.com
    • Sometimes I think people don’t believe me when I tell  them that I built my business through blogging :/ them that I built my business through blogging :/ But it s TRUE! But it’s TRUE!
    • I blogged consistently for 90 days about health &  I blogged consistently for 90 days about health & wellness‐related topics, recipes, etc.
    • Now did I miss a day here and there, I’m sure I did…  did i d h d h ’ did can’t remember. But the point is, after that initial blogging blitz, I  started noticing an influx of traffic, then leads and  then it was customer after customer after customer and has CONTINUED to be that way months and  months after the fact!
    • The results below are for the month of September, 2013…
    • So how does blogging help my business? What are  gg g the two main ways blogging has helped me build my customer base… online?
    • 1. Rapport blogging allowed and allows me to not  1 Rapport – blogging allowed and allows me to not only gain exposure to my products, my website and  my brand; but it also allows me to build rapport with  y ; pp my audience and become someone they can rely on  and trust for valuable information.
    • I’m not just constantly pitching, pitching, pitching to  ’ j l i hi i hi i hi them… I am sharing health and wellness tips and  other information with them. other information with them y And when you do the same in YOUR business…
    • … it will help you to build credibility with YOUR target  i ill h l b ild dibili ih audience, whomever it may be! This concept is discussed in greater detail in Modules  ( p) , (Steps) 2, 3 & 5 of the 5‐Step Formula. Which you can  p y access by going to www.BuildYourBusinessOnline.info
    • 2. Backlinks and “link juice” to my company website – and that, in turn, has caused my COMPANY  a d t at, tu , as caused y CO REPLICATED WEBSITE (and if you’re in MLM/Network  Marketing you know just what I’m talking about) to  get on the FIRST page of Google! 
    • And if you’re asking yourself, “What heck are back links  and what the heck is link juice??”, I answer that in  d h h h k i li k j i ??” h i more detail in Module 3.
    • So if you are in a Network Marketing company with a  f company‐replicated website or even if you have a more  traditional type of business with a website associated  yp with it, then you can gain exposure and backlinks to your  site as well by following what is taught in Module 3 of  the 5 Step Formula at:   the 5‐Step Formula at: www.BuildYourBusinessOnline.info
    • Now, if you have not yet checked out the “5‐Step Formula  to Getting More Traffic, Leads and Sales in Your Business…  Online“, then go to www.BuildYourBusinessOnline.info to  sign up for it and once you’re in, pay special attention to  i f i d ’ i i l i the Modules I named above if YOU, TOO, want to start  seeing more growth in your business through blogging! seeing more growth in your business through blogging! To YOUR Success, To YOUR Success
    • Thanks for viewing! Th k f i i !