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The plan was to create an e-commerce business. This is what I came up with. A company that eases the process of finding a contractor.

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  • Our company allows users to post description of their projects online, their information remains confidential , however the users location and project requirements are sent to contractors with the necessary expertise in that area of their project. All Contractors are informed of all the projects they are qualified for, and communicate and bid on them via email. The project owner receives the communications and has the option to connect with the contractor of their choice with no obligation. They can base their decision on not only the price of the project, but the various information we supply on each contractor like their rating, customer reviews, insurance and licensing information, level of experience, and portfolio of completed projects.Our website improves the process of selecting a contractor, as it reduces the time and effort needed to find a qualified contractor willing and able to complete your project, at competitive prices. Since many trades operate with high credence, many consumers are unaware of market value for many renovations, in order to gain a fair estimation they must contact multiple contractors to gain quotes, and investigate the qualifications of each contractor.This process takes a lot of effort and is time consuming, however when it is avoided many people end up either overpaying, feeling cheated, and/or unsatisfied. We take the hassle out of the process by advertising your projects to only qualified contractors. With less than the effort it takes to call one contractor. The use of our website makes it possible for project owners to connect with multiple contractors in their area. Since they are competing for your business, customers can be confident they will be paying market value or better.
  • will consist of an internal search engine that will allow users to search for contractors and have access to their information. The website uses the blueprint of a social network website designed to act as the link that eases the contracting process. Each contractor will have their own special profile page that will consist of previous client reviews and ratings. In addition the contractors will be able to showcase their previous accomplished projects on their profile. The internal search engine enables to implement SEO and charge contractors a fee for becoming a sponsored link (most like pay-per-click). We will offer contractors 24/7 help and they will also receive help them customize and edit their profile. It will feature a project submission section where the users will submit their projects and receive recommendations that cater to their project requirements. Through our effective matchmaking system, and other useful content like advising on how to select the right contractor for your job, and how to successfully interview contractors. As well as an directory of all our contractors, and their information. Our site will be highly valued and used by many across Canada.We do not only add value to the people in need of renovations, contractors will value our website as it is an effective platform to advertise and market their skills to the numerous qualified prospects. Since competition in there trade is fierce, many are in need of cost effective advertising to be able to keep price competitive while improving their brand awareness. Considering we will collect and distribute various pre-qualified prospects to them and advertise their easily customizable profile 24 hours a day, with world-wide visibility. Many will see the benefit of upgrading their membership to premium for a low cost of $299 a year, especially considering the costs of other advertising strategies.
  • Bob Motley is 42 year old male home owner who’s a college graduate. He’s a married homeowner with three kids. He works as a Marketing Manger at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Toronto. He’s a big fan sports fan; basketball, soccer, football, baseball and hockey. Bob spends a lot of time at work and spends the little amount of leisure time with his children, his wife and his sports. He wants the best for his family and is very concerned with living conditions.
  • is the leading resource for conveniently finding quality, reliable Canadian contractors via the internet and a free way to connect with contractor home improvementremodeling professionals in their area. Service providers are afforded a high-profile means to promote their business. Strengths:More established and large database of contractors and homeowners.Attractive and User friendly website designAbility to use revenue to invest in recourse to increase profits Weaknesses:Do not screen any of the contractors, and expect contractors to provide accurate informationDo not do any bidding through website, once customer is connected to contractor must still negotiate price with no bases of agreement, with increase process timeLimited use of basic contractor membership features, reduces amount of members joining and upgrading Low brand awareness, considering years of operation
  • Since our target markets are families who are home owners, we can use various tools to approach our future customers. We will divide our marketing strategy into two parts, offline and online. In the offline marketing campaign we will put our efforts into areas such as magazines, local newspapers, radio stations and yellow pages. We will use these tools to drive traffic towards our online campaign. We will also focus on online marketing by improving the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ads on online sites such as and, social media sites (Facebook and Twitter), email marketing (constant contact).MagazinesHomes Publishing Group is one of Canada’s largest home magazines and has an annual circulation of 3.8 million. It is divided into six separate sections, two of them being Reno & Décor and Ontario Design, who also carries their own magazines. These magazines can be found at industry trade shows, home decorating events and design centers. They can also be mailed directly to individuals who request a copy and/or it can be emailed in digital format. The reason why we would place an ad with Homes Publishing Group is quiet simple. Before individuals make any sort of concrete planning, they like to get ideas about the current trends. And these ideas can be found in these magazines. Since majority of the renovations are started in spring and summer, it would be wise to place ads towards the end of winter. This will hopefully put our company in their decision making and also gives individuals some time to decide. Local News Papers Metro News is Canada’s number one daily free newspaper as well as the largest and fastest growing international newspaper in the world. They have an exclusive distribution agreement in Montreal and Toronto subway systems. Apart from street boxes and subway systems, it can also be found in secondary locations such as grocery stores, coffee shops, offices etc. We will place ads with Metro News because it reaches hundreds of thousands of people daily. In Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa it reaches about 977,000 people daily, which adds up to 6,839,000 weekly. We will place ads on Metro News around the same time period as our magazine ads, towards end of winter. This too, will hopefully get their attention and makes us a part of their decision making process.  Radio StationsEvanov Radio Group is one nation’s most popular broadcasting company. Although in an era of radios being a fading trend, and competing with major media’s, they remain a competitive giant. Evanov Radio Group owns numerous radio stations such as Z103.5, The Jewel 88.5 and many more. They cover channels from Toronto to Orangeville to Ottawa to Newmarket and many more locations across Ontario. The reason we why we choose to run our ads through this company is because of their variety of radio stations available. It has the capability reach the individuals who don’t read magazines or local news papers simply because they drive to work instead, and this gives us the chance to reach those individuals. We will run the ads towards the end of winter season.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)In order to drive traffic to our website, one of the things we will need to improve is our SEO. In order for this to be successful, a high quality website is needed along with setting up analytics programs in order to measure results. This can help us decide if change or improvement is required in order to attract more traffic and returning visitors. With that being said, we hope our site comes up in the search engines with the highest ranking possible. The reason why this is so important is simply because a well executed website can provide publicity, exposure and possibly revenue for our company.  Metronews.caApart from having mentioned that Metro News is the largest and fastest free growing newspaper in Canada and internationally, they also offer a wide range of solutions to connect with visitors from its online website. Their website attracts 570,000 unique visitors monthly. The reason why we choose to run our ads through is because it can target our future clients both on paper as well as the online platform. We live in a world of technological advancement, and this being another trend we must adapt to.Social MediaFor this online section of marketing it is all about building our presence. We will be using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs. With these tools, we want to share exclusive content, such as showing before and after pictures/videos, we want to ask/answer questions and give it an overall deeper relationship with our customers. Our goal is to have a consistent voice and encourage people to share and like our posts, URL’s, pictures and blogs. We would recommend customers to share their stories, which will hopefully drive word of mouth marketing on our behalf. Reason behind using social media is simple. Every company, large or small, who wants a bigger piece of the market share must adapt to the likes of social media. After all, Canadians spend more time on the Internet more than any other countries in the world. An average of 2,500 minutes online a month to be precise, which equals to almost 42 hours.Constant ContactIn short form, this is email marketing. Email newsletters are fast and inexpensive and can therefore be sent more regularly. It costs very little to start up and what you get in return for it loyal customers. With this email marketing tool, once an email is sent to your customer, it will avoid all the spam filters and will directly go into his/her inbox. They will be more encouraged to act and send you a response. This can lead to further referrals and spread the word of mouth. All in all, we will be using this marketing tool to keep customers comings back by staying in touch with them on regular basis and it is more effective than regular emails.

    1. 1. By: Florind Metalla
    2. 2. WEDO4U.CA? Connect users to contractors for their renovation needs Eliminate the hassle of searching for a contractor Educate users on prices, trends, and hiring tips Provide an advertising platform for contractors
    3. 3. Key Features Project Submit Button Contractor Profile ◦ Comments ◦ Reviews ◦ Ratings ◦ Insurance ◦ Licensing Information Internal Search Engine Matchmaking System Contracting Sections Tips Latest Trends & Styles
    4. 4. Meet Bob Motley 42 year old male College graduate Married home owner with 3 kids Marketing Manager at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Big sports fan Wants the best for his family Workaholic
    5. 5. Strengths Weaknesses Cost effective  Established Competition Reduces time and effort  Growth will be needed to be World-wide 24-hour a day, 7- able to cover expenses and day a week visibility generate revenue Superior marketing capabilities Expertise in business and the  Amount of contractors and construction industry project owners growth is Lack of strong direct dependent on each other, must competition from online establish both to be successful resources All contractors licensing is verified by employees, ensure quality of service to project owner’s SWOT Analysis
    6. 6. Opportunities Threats Public demand for more  Increasing amount of home convenient and more affordable owners doing their own means for business and renovations, limiting the need homeowners to connect with for contractors contractors  Competition starting a price Increased use of Internet use war, and/or reproducing our for the purposes of locating value added features resources and conducting  Internet security becoming business online more crucial, as many Limited advertising budgets businesses rely on information associated with small to resources to remain successful medium-sized businesses Swot Analysis (Cont’d)
    7. 7. Competitive Analysis ◦ Leading resource for conveniently finding quality, reliable Canadian contractors via the internet Home Service Club of Canada ◦ Bonded & insured Toronto contractors Ontario Contractors ◦ Nonbiased/nonaffiliated/non-ranking database directory of contractors
    8. 8. Marketing Strategy Offline Marketing: ◦ Magazines  Reno & Décor  Ontario Design ◦ Local News Papers  Metro News ◦ Radio Stations  Evanov Radio Group  Z103.5  The Jewel 88.5
    9. 9. Marketing Strategy (Cont’d) Online Marketing: ◦ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ◦ ◦ Social Media  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  YouTube  Blogs ◦ Constant Contact
    10. 10. THANK YOU!