Strategic Partnerships to Infuse Technology in Student Affairs

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This presentation will be delivered at NASPA in Chicago, March 09, 2010 by a team of Student Affairs and Academic Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

This presentation will be delivered at NASPA in Chicago, March 09, 2010 by a team of Student Affairs and Academic Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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  • We used:BlackboardGoogle docsFacebookVoicethreadsFocus on Facebook, voicethreads and google docs. Quick overview of student/instructor resourcesPLANAssigning homework can be customizedCheck to see if you have clickers and incorporate the software into your training/lesssonUtilize google docsCreate wiki’s or blogs to encourage feedbackGive up some of the control in the sessionAssign students to be note takersAssign a googlerEncourage students to post and review discussion questions for the class
  • Talk about hidden instructor resourcesHelpful ResourcesHighlight opportunities to weblink into this as well.
  • This is a hyper link. Show DemEncourage students to post and review discussion questions for the class
  • This is a hyper link. Demo
  • What happened:Group projectsInstructor comfort variedEdits could be madeInstructors could access from homeDepth of responses (Journaling)Wordle is About Us page of NASPA- a bit about wordle and integrating these things.


  • 1. Strategic Partnerships to Infuse Technology in Student Affairs
    Stephanie Cheney
    Beth Farrow
    Joan Giblin
    James Levesque
    Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • 2. Key Points
    Identify common issues in Student Affairs
    Explain key partnerships we established
    Discuss applicability to your campus
  • 3. What is a WIT?
    Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Urban location (Boston)
    80/20 gender split
    Technical Institute
    Population 3600
    1700 residential (mostly 1& 2 years)
    Apply to a major
  • 4. What are your challenges on your campus right now? Why are you here at this session?
    (Hidden Slide)…just ask the question
  • 5. Our Challenges
    Summer Contact
    Refinement of curriculum
    Target specific groups
    Desire to Deliver a Quality Program
  • 6. Technology Integration
    What is Academic Technology
    Laptop Initiative school
    How was the partnership formed
    What is an LMS and how does it work
  • 7. Academic Technology
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10. Student leadership training
    Jim Levesque, Director of Student Life
  • 11. Resident Assistant
    Peer Educator Advancing Knowledge
    Community Standards Board
    Admissions Representative
    Career Peer
    Orientation Leader
    Orientation Assistant
    WOW Team Leader
    WOW Program Assistant
    Engagement Coordinator
    100 students
  • 12. Our Problem: Time
  • 13. Other Problems: more division involvement, connection needed between selection and training, prevent attrition and keep motivation high, $ do more with less
  • 14. Our Solution: Online Modules
    June 19
    May 15
    June 2
    July 7
    July 24
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21. Our Results: Inconsistent Participation(n=115)
  • 22. Our Results: Deeper Reflection
    “Many of the questions in the quizzes really made me think... and look back on past experiences and how I have now become a better person for no longer having those who made me question right from wrong still in my life. I feel that learning to stand up for what is wrong took me a little while to grasp because I didn't want to lose friends, but now through student leadership I have learned that your true friends wont make you question their actions or your own, and won’t allow you to put yourself in those types of situations. I feel that having the biggest support system of my fellow student leaders have helped me grow and become a better person, and I know I would not make them compromise their values, just as they would not make me.”
  • 23. Our Results: Cost Savings
    Meal Costs
    (17 days)
    (11 days)
  • 24. How do you manage this on your campus?
    What needs have you identified?
    Do you utilize technology? How and why?
  • 25. Alcohol education
    Beth Farrow, Coordinator of Wellness Education
  • 26. Our Problem: Multiple Alcohol Education Needs
  • 27. Our Solution: Differentiated Curriculum
    • Alcohol Education for students 21+
    • 28. Wet Suite Registration
    • 29. Health & Safety Violations
    • 30. Provide relevant content
    • 31. Assess knowledge gains
    • 32. Personal reflection and discussion prompts
  • Benefits
  • 33. Reflection
    “I have already changed and am making better decisions everyday. I have become more focused on school and doing my best rather than worrying about what my friends want me to do. The friends in my life that are making bad decisions and who are not bettering my life, I am slowly beginning to distance myself and spend more time with the people who have the same outlook on life as I do. Mainly, I’ve turned my focus to myself and my school work to better myself emotionally and physically as I move forward”.
  • 34.
  • 35.
  • 36.
  • 37. How do you manage this on your campus?
    • What needs have you identified?
    • 38. Do you utilize technology? How and why?
  • First year seminar
    Joan Giblin, Director of New Student Programs
  • 39. Our problem: Organizational Chaos + Empty Vessels
    1000 new students
    41 instructors
    1 standard curriculum
    1 person office
    No additional money or resources
    Students sitting passively in class
  • 41.
  • 42.
  • 43.
  • 44. Greater Group Collaboration
    Instructor Comfort Varied
    More Freedom for Instructors
    Choices within lesson plans
    Student produced work
    High evaluations for course overall
    Web based
  • 45. your house
    Do you have an FYS/Orientation?
    How do you capture attention? How do your students learn during FYS/Orientation?
  • 46. your house
    How do you use technology on your campus?
    How are partnerships encouraged and leveraged?
  • 47. Future Projects + Possibilities for Us
    Voice Threading to recruit Student Leaders
    Virtual classrooms to run webinars for anxious parents
    Interactive maps + web-enabled scavenger hunts
    LMS Review
  • 48. Photo Credits
    Paper Clip:
    Empty Chair:
    Raised Glasses:
    Beer Pong:
  • 49. Stephanie Cheney
    Director, Training & Development | Twitter: scheney
    Beth Farrow
    Coordinator of Wellness Education
    Joan Giblin
    Director of New Student Programs
    Jim Levesque
    Director of Student Life