Renren Games Feb 2011


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Renren Games (OPI Games)is the leading webgame developer and operator in China

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Renren Games Feb 2011

  1. 1. Company Profile 2011
  2. 2. Index• About Oak Pacific Interactive• About Renren Games (OPI Games)• Game Portfolio
  3. 3. About Oak Pacific Interactive
  4. 4. Overview Oak Pacific Interactive (OPI) is a leading internet company in China, providing Web 2.0 services such as Social Networking, Gaming, and Online entertainment. Found: November, 2002 Employees: 2000+ (January, 2011) Headquarter: Beijing, China Renren Games (OPI Games) (SNS) Main Brands: (Social e-commerce site) (Entertainment Portal) Official Site:
  5. 5. CEOMr. Joe ChenBusiness Background:• CEO of Oak Pacific Interactive since 2002• Senior Vice President of, 2000-2001• Chairman of the Board & CEO of, 1999- 2000Educational Background:• MBA, Stanford University• M.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology• B.S., University of Delaware
  6. 6. Milestone Feb 2011 OPI Games renamed as Renren Games Jan 2011 The first Real-Time web-MMORPG “Note of Ghoul” is released Oct 2010 OPI Games unveiled its first Client base MMO Project “Tumo” Jan 2010 OPI Games ranked No.1 web game developer in China Aug 2009 is reborn as Apr 2008 OPI raises $430 million dollars in funding Oct 2007 OPI acquires Jun 2006 OPI Games established Jan 2005 ranked No.1 online community in China Mar 2004 OPI acquires Nov 2002 Oak Pacific Interactive founded
  7. 7. Investor Relationships • April 2008, SOFTBANK Corp. led a group of investors including SBI and JOHO Capital, providing $430 Million in funding. • March 2006, Oak Pacific Interactive received US $ 48 million in funding from global investors led by General Atlantic. In addition to GA, the group included Doll Capital Management, Technology Crossover Ventures, Accel Partners, and Legend Capital.
  8. 8. About Renren Games
  9. 9. Overview• Renren Games (OPI Games)Leading Browser-based game developer andoperator in China Web game companies market share in China 2010• Games under developmentTomb Robber; Light of Past; Millionaire Legend; Others FanchengDynasty Chronicles 2.0 and 2 Client base 3D MMOprojects. Renren Games Jiuwei• Games in OperationNeverland Online; Dragon Slayer; Empire Craft;Millionaire Legend; Age of Ocean; Dynasty Legang KLChronicles; King and Conquerors and Cat Tales• Employees500+ experienced gaming professionals
  10. 10. Organization Chart Development Studio Operation Teams Web Game Overseas Business Dept. Development Studio A Marketing Dept. Web Game Development Studio B BD Dept. Web Game Development Studio C OPI Games OPI Games Technical Support Dept. Web Game Development Studio D Server Maintenance Dept. Web Game Development Studio E North American Market Operation Dept. Client base 3D MMO Project Management Development studio Team
  11. 11. Global Business • Licensing in-house • Publishing in-house developed games to developed games by global partners. self-operated game portal globally Game Game Licensing Publishing Co- IP Development Cooperation • Open to co-develop • To use famous or good projects with overseas IPs to design online partners for China game products Market
  12. 12. Market Coverage Countries / Area Covered North America Russia Germany Poland France Spain South Korea Japan Indonesia Hong Kong Macau Taiwan • Renren Games owns the largest webgame market share in China mainland, Taiwan and North America.
  13. 13. Game Portfolio
  14. 14. Game Titles Game style covers RPG, Strategy and Simulations. Both Browser base and Client base high quality MMOGs!
  15. 15. TUMO (2011) (Client Based Title , temp name) • Based on the Chinese Confucian classic “Collection of Mountains and Seas” • CBT (Chinese version) on September 2010 • OBT will be on the 1st quarter of 2011
  16. 16. Tomb Robber (2011) (temp name) Game features: • Real Time web-MMORPG • Amazing visual experiences • Explore in Mystery Tombs (instances) • Crafting system (logging, fishing, metallurgy etc.) • Team work focus • Player Killer • Equipment forging
  17. 17. Light of Past (2011) (temp name) • Classic Western-fantasy web MMO • A brand new RPG experience • Enormous world for exploration • Heroes cultivation • OBT (Chinese version) on 1st Quarter 2011
  18. 18. Dragon Slayer (2010) Game Features • Side-scrolling web MMORPG • Fantasy background • Over 20 areas, 100 maps • Pet combination system • Combo Attacks • Hundreds of quests
  19. 19. Millionaire Legend (2010) http://sz.imop.twGame Features• Web-based Business Simulation Game• Fully functional secretary system• Beautiful Flash graphics• 4 different industries to master• Strategic trade wars
  20. 20. Age of Ocean (2010) Game features • Web-based exploration/strategy game • Massive trading system • Large-scale sea battles • Develop Prefects and Navigators to direct your fleets • Multi-faceted player interaction
  21. 21. Dynasty Chronicles (2010) http://dc.hithere.comGame Features• Web Strategy-Warfare Game• Historical events and characters• Numerous quests• Strong tactical component• One-on-one duels between generals
  22. 22. Neverland Online (2009) Game features: • 2D turn based Web-MMORPG • Beautiful oriental-style graphics • Crafting system • 5000+ quests • Full social networking functions • Pet cultivation • 100+ maps • 10+ Instances
  23. 23. Empire Craft (2009) Game Features • Web-based fantasy SLG • 3 distinct races: Human, Elf and Orc • Command up to 300,000 soldiers • Engaging tactical battle system • RPG-style instances • Jointly-run Union Cities
  24. 24. King and Conqueror (2008) Game Features • Web Strategy-Warfare Game • Greek Mythology Setting • Epic Storyline • Guilds PvP • A Great Hands-on Experience
  25. 25. Cat Tales (2006) • 1st web-game product in China, released in 2006 • Various game elements: RPG, cultivation, strategy, etc. • Fantasy storyline with added chivalry and fairytales • equips users with opportunities to develop their own worlds in the game • Game design embraces appealing content that tailors to different users’ preferences
  26. 26. Honors & Awards Neverland Online Empire Craft Dynasty Chronicle Millionaire Legend Dragon Slayer Chinajoy’s Best Top 7 Web China’s Most China’s Most China’s Most Web Game 2008 Strategy Games Anticipated Web Anticipated Web Anticipated Web & 2009 2009 Games 2008 Games 2010 Games 2009 Top 6 Web-based Most Valuable Chinajoy’s Top 10 MMORPGs 2009 Web Games 2009 webgame 2010 Most Valuable Web Games 2009