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Team Jaguars
Team members: Edward Palor, Kayla Musico, Michael Forouhari, Jun Hao Chen, Osvaldo Vera, Wesley Zhu

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Isys363 presentation1

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363 Fall 2013 Section #1 Team Jaguars
  2. 2. Introduction • Market for Collaboration tools is vast, but we focused on: accessibility (PC and Mac Friendly), price, and reliability • Expectations: Compatible with Mac and PC, and usable by each group member • The most consistent collaboration tools: Google Docs, Skype, TeamCamp, Dropbox, Producteev, and Basecamp
  3. 3. Choices and Concerns • Our five collaboration tools are: Skype, iLearn, Google+, Producteev, and Dropbox • Concerns: Usability, and Group Familiarity with tools
  4. 4. Skype PROS 1. Offers unlimited minute subscriptions so conference calls will never be cut short or be conducted under a time constraint 2. Allows users to have a direct “face to face” communication with up to 10 (video) or 25 (audio) other users for conference and audio calls all around the globe 3. Very user-friendly: can be utilized any time of the day and can even be accessed through an “app” for smart phones eliminating the need to make costly international calls CONS 1. Only provides resources such as file sharing and user interface, lacking necessary business tools for interaction such as accounting or record keeping 2. Allows for a large number of multiple users at once, but since it is an Internet based application, the larger number of users dictates the clarity of the call 3. Utilizing built in computer cameras and audio systems aren’t proficient for large business meetings. Skype is meant for single user conferences
  5. 5. iLearn (Moodle) PROS 1. Can be accessed with any device that has a web browser and is connected to the internet 2. Can easily find classmates because everyone enrolled in the class is automatically registered for iLearn 3. Has no subscription fee CONS 1. Must have internet access 2. Does not allow for video chat 3. Must be enrolled in the class in order to participate and use iLearn
  6. 6. Google+ PROS 1. Content is easy to share within specific “circles” 2. Great for small businesses: video conferencing, ability to find potential customers/networking 3. When small business becomes more popular, search results start popping up more frequently CONS 1. Lots of competition: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc 2. Since profiles are primarily public, privacy is an issue 3. Not allowed to synchronize with other social networks, unlike Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc
  7. 7. Producteev PROS 1. Ease in signing up (only name and email address required) 2. Simplicity in allowing communication and collaboration amongst team members 3. Ability to organize and rank tasks by importance CONS 1. Inability to control how you are notified about tasks 2. Only free if there are no more than two users in each workspace 3. No longer supports tasks that are recurring
  8. 8. Dropbox PROS 1. Reliability: always available when we accessed the service 2. Ease of use: easiest to use and share files with groups 3. Synchronization: ability to synchronize files effortlessly after uploading the files to our account CONS 1. Collaboration: inability to collaborate on files (the only files that could be synchronized we had uploaded. The files on our computer could not be synchronized with shared users unless we uploaded them first.) 2. File Location: at times, hard to find the location of certain files 3. Low free space
  9. 9. Winner! Google Docs • User-friendly (Compatible with Mac and PC) • All Group Members can work on it at once • Sharing files very easy • Free
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