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  • This is really your broadcast system.
  • But also another shift in how we think of marketing. Most people think of marketing as advertising and traditional advertising is expensive. But marketing is really more about promotion…of you, your business, your expertise and your industry and even your community. Where social media comes in is that by most accounts it is free however it does take time. Therefore it is more of a sweat equity investment than anything else but the rewards are fairly substantial. You can market/promote your business for very little financial investment.
  • While most people would only think of retail businesses such as boutiques or restaurants as being “pinnable” but there are some really interesting surprises. Everyone love pictures even accountants…
  • This is a screenshot of our SUNY Oswego SBDC page.Consistent logoUse the same keywords in your About Us and you do on your website and social media pagesAdd followers and follow peopleCustomize your boards…
  • This is a screen shot of our Small Business Inspiration board.
  • Signs & SymptomsFear of the unknown, fear of making a costly mistake, fear of doing “it” wrong…these fears consume many small business owners. I’m not suggesting a ‘wait and see’ attitude is an effective strategy. To the contrary, businesses adopting this position will find their competitors passing them by. And customers? Well, they’re already online, looking for you. When they don’t find you, guess who gets the business?The DiagnosisAcknowledging you have a problem is the first step in recovering from social media paralysis. Interestingly, some small business owners claim they are waiting for social media to “mature,” so true ROI can be measured. I applaud them for their creative spin on the real reason: social media marketing is downright confusing. It’s also time consuming. If there is one thing today’s mentally and financially strapped small business owners don’t need, it’s one more task in an overflowing day.The CureFortunately, there is a cure. You may be surprised to learn the remedy for social media paralysis does not begin with “build a profile.” No…businesses new to social media are nowhere near ready for that step.The cure begins with a plan. And the plan includes defining goals and objectives, understanding what social media can…and cannot…do for your bottom line, designating a “driver” (more on this next week), developing a Social Media Action Calendar, and other tasks that serve as the foundation for any good social media marketing campaign.
  • Pinterest Presentation

    1. 1. How to effectively use pinterest andother social media platforms for your small businesses.
    2. 2. Social Media- The great leveler• What is it?• Who uses it?• How can I use it for my Small Business?
    3. 3. Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The differences between traditional methods of marketing and Internet marketing lie in effectiveness, ease and cost.
    4. 4. What is pinterest?• Social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more.• Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, re-pin images to their own collections or facebook like photos. Pinterests mission is to "connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting“ via a global platform of inspiration and idea sharing.
    5. 5. says about pinterest“The online pinboard is drivingserious traffic and proving to be apowerful online marketing tool forsome companies.”
    6. 6. Pinners predominately…• are female• age 25-54 years of age• care more about design and aesthetics that then average online user• visit for an average of 16 minutes
    7. 7. The pinterest layout• About us• Picture• Customizable pinboards/categories• Follow and followers
    8. 8. Pinterest’s & SEO Impact• Pinterest is an excellent tool to utilize in regards to driving traffic to your website and gaining online exposure.• Pinterest can be linked to Facebook or Twitter is great for those who want to build their company’s SEO score.• Connect Pinterest to other social media platforms for great linkbuilding and backlinking for your website and its content.
    9. 9. Connecting the dots…Social media platforms:Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter,pinterest, google+, spotify,blogger, Constant Contact ,wordpress, youtube, vimeo,slideshare
    10. 10. Branding Power• Create you about us…be sure to include searchable keywords, your name, vicinity, type of business/specialty• Be consistent with font type, size and colors.• Add logo and/or picture• Use the same voice throughout your social media pages
    11. 11. Social Media Recipe: 1 ½ cups of Facebook for everyday engagement and events. ¾ cup LinkedIn for Business to Business contacts (thinkabout your strategic plan…who you would like to partner with). 3 tbls. Pinterest is to visually sell your products or services and/or to connect and engage.A sprinkling of Twitter (micro blogging) is for the day of the event. Additions to the recipe: ¾ cup monthly or quarterly digital newsletter ½ cup of blogger/wordpress for quarterly events, new hires or seasonal adjustments
    12. 12. TAKE ACTION email with Social Media Calendar in thesubject line and I will send you’re adigital copy!!!